The Power of Creation – Chapter 18

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“A-ariel, have your boobs grown bigger?” the Queen is flustered when she get dragged into the bedroom all of a sudden by Ariel and you.

“Mm, yes, they are as big as mom’s now, do you want to touch them?”

“T-touch them? You’re my daughter, what is wrong with you?”

“They feel good to touch, I just want mom to make me feel good too.”

Aurora turns to you. “Hero-san, what have you done? Why is my daughter acting this way?”

You shrug. “I haven’t done anything. She’s been sheltered her whole life. By the time I took her away, she was so desperate to experiment, that this is how she ended up.”

I say this as Ariel tries to rip off her mother’s clothing. She is pulling up her dress while Aurora is trying to maintain her modesty by keeping it on.

“I have already figured out that you plan to violate me, hero-san, but can we do this without my daughter present. I’ve already given my body to you, so you can do with it as you will, but my daughter…”

At those words, Ariel puts on a pouting face and gives you a pleading look. It is clear that she doesn’t want to be left out of the fun.

“Actually,” you say. “I have my own plans. I don’t plan to violate you at all. Can you go lie on the bed? I won’t touch you.”

“R-really?” Aurora squares her shoulders, a confused look on her face, but she does as she is told.

“Now, Ariel, strip and get in position.”

As Ariel rips off all the clothing you made for her, Aurora gasps and put her hands to her mouth. “Hero, what are you making my daughter do.”

“Well, you wanted to know what I’ve done to your daughter. I’m going to show you.” You pull out your dick, and the massive thing springs loose from your pants fully erect.

“By the gods, that is humungous, you can’t possibly expect that to fit in a woman.”

“Just watch,” You smirk as you line your cock up with her pussy.”

It slips right in, and within five strokes you manage to get it all the way to the balls. In front of her watching mom, you start plowing Ariel from behind in the doggie position that she adores. Her mom can’t turn away, her eyes glued on your dick as it slams into her daughter’s pussy.

“Ah, hero, yeah, look at me, mom, see, I made it all fit!”

As Ariel goads her mom, Aurora’s mouth is slightly open, and she is stunned speechless as the sound and smell of sex starts to permeate the room.

“Harder, harder, hero, I can’t have enough of your cock!” Ariel screams.

You oblige, grabbing a fist of hair from the back of her head and pulling it painfully. You slap her ass several times. The first resounding slap causes her mom to jump in surprise, but as you spanked her and she moans pleasurably, her mom’s worried expression finally starts to calm down.

The queen is silent during this event. The sound of balls slapping against ass was the only thing that could be heard. However, if you listen closely, you’ll hear her breathing slightly ruggedly, watching her daughter get plowed by a giant dick from behind is doing something inside the queen, and she is becoming sexually aroused.

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