The Power of Creation – Chapter 187

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“Ah, ah, ah, ah!” Elena makes cute little mews each time you slide your dick into her tight little hole.

“Is… is… it okay?” You ask.

“Mm… please, don’t hold back.” Elena gives you a reassuring smile, even as tears run down her eyes and her cat ears are lowered in discomfort.

Holding on to her cat tail which still continues to try to lash in your hands, you continue to plow Elena’s backdoor, which is just as tight if not tighter than even Maleficant’s micro pussy. Of course, as ass tends to go, it’s the sphincter that applies most of the resistance, and her inner colon is merely warm and welcoming. Then again, given Elena’s small stature, even that doesn’t give you much room, and you’re only able to get half of your dick into her asshole. The shaft sticking between her buns almost takes up the same width as the cheeks on either side. As a result, your massive meat monster truly resembles a jumbo-sized hotdog slabbed between some hot dog buns that can barely contain it.

At first, she claws at her sheets, even causing significant damage to the bed, tearing them up as she paws the surface in front of her in anxious pain. You remember a time where she clawed your back in a similar manner, although these sheets didn’t have the same high defense of your body. It doesn’t take long until the sheets are in shambles with cotton stuffing and feathers floating everywhere.

Out of pure curiosity, you put the tip of her tail in your mouth, and suck on the end.

“Raaawwwr!” Elena’s sphincter immediately tightens painfully around your cock as her head rears up.

Her claws seem to paw at the air, which she seems trapped in a semi-arch, your dick forcing her down while the electric feelings shooting through her body cause her to rise up.

“Se-sensitive!” Elena manages to get out after some painful gasping.

You finally release her tail and she collapses back down the bed in a huff, letting out a sound like a wounded animal. Your dick, which had been bent up with her stomach as she reared up suddenly, finally realigned itself back into poking deep in her colon. Elena’s tail swings back and forth angrily, slapping you on the chest back and forth like windshield wipers until you finally grabbed it again and hold it down.

You continue to plow Elena’s butt a little more cautiously now, and after a few minutes the painful grunts finally begin to change into moans, and she starts purring pleasantly. Naturally, her purr affects her whole body, and if you look closely enough you’d see that even her butt is vibrating. Although, she is so petite and skinny that nothing on her body would ever jiggle. Naturally, the vibrations transfer to your cock as well, and soon your anal is accompanied with a pleasant internal massage.

“Ah, ah… sweetheart… I’m about to cum! Please, make me cum with my asshole. Please!”

Of course, you can’t resist Elena’s begging, hopeful voice, and your oblige, only picking the pace slightly as you penetrate her ass, a hand on each cheek while you hold down her tail with a thumb and forefinger. Naturally, the light vibrations and tight feeling of her hole are enough to bring you to satisfaction, so when Elena begins to orgasm, her claws digging into the bed, her sphincter tightening on your cock, and a rhythmic pulsing as juices rush out of her pussy desperately clamping around a cock that isn’t there, you shoot a warm load of fluid deep into her butt.

“Ah, I feel it, even in my butt!” Elena cries out, continuing to cum for several minutes as your cock throbs in her ass, filling it with warm white stuff.

You finally pull your dick out of her ass, which slips out with a pop, and a streak of semen squirts out of her butt along with it.

“So, how was it?” You ask politely, giving the gentle, loving Elena extra care.

If this had been anyone else in your harem, they might have fainted at seeing how kind and gentle you treat her. Certainly Snow White, Tiana, and Nala, the three who had received some of the most violent treatment… would cry their eyes out at the sight.

“Sweetheart… I came! I really came!” Elena is incredibly excited, turning around and kissing you on the mouth, her tongue immediately exploring yours as she hugs your excitedly.

As it turns out, Elena was deeply worried that she wouldn’t be able to enjoy anal. She wanted every hole to be open to you, so this had been such a concern for her. However, finding herself not only able to tolerate anal, but even cum as a result of the pressure exuded by your massive cock, Elena is elated and thus through herself at you.

Although she is as flat as a board, you still lightly grope at her nipples, and she moans as she kisses you, her eyes closed as she enjoys the feeling of her body against yours. As it turns out, with both of your lower halves uncovered, your dick ends up finding its way between her legs, and her pussy lips are now wrapped around the shaft. Her knees aren’t as long as yours, so the cock pushes up between her legs, holding her knees off the bed slightly.

In fact, your cock is so hard at the moment despite cumming, and this little pussy cat is so small and light, that if you stood, Elena would be carried up with you, her entire body weight supported by your cock. She could literally ride your cock! However, you preferred if she rode your cock another way, and with a slight movement of your hips, instead of her pussy on your cock, your cock ended up sliding into her pussy.

She lets out a little moan, but still aggressively kisses you as you begin to rock your hips again, fucking her from the front this time. Her claws return and she grabs on to your, holding you to her as if she never will let you go. You remain in a kneeling position, but Elena puts her legs up around you, and soon she is riding your cock, being completely supported by your weight as you kneel on the bed. However, with your stats, this is absolutely no problem at all. Grabbing her ass, you decide to aid in lifting her butt up and down, each time slamming her pussy against your cock. You found yourself not even having to move at all, rather, Elena has become one giant, full-bodied fleshlight, which you pound graciously as she scratches back and lovingly kisses you.

When you finally finish after she cums several times and your creampie her twice, she still is clinging on to you, not wanting to let you go. However, after putting Elena over your knee and giving her a light spanking, she finally lets up. However, even as you escape the room and shut the door on her, Elena is on all fours, her tail lashing, her front lowered as if she might pounce on you at any second.

Despite being so innocent and loving, once Elena has you alone, she is as insatiable as Ariel or Medusa. She turns out to be an exceptionally clingy lover who never wants to let you go and has an unstoppable sexual appetite. You’ll need to keep that in mind for future confrontations.

As you sigh, leaning against the door to make sure it remains closed, your remaining upper clothing having long been torn off by her claws, you shake your head with a laugh. At that point, you see a pair of golden eyes watching you at the end of the hall. Turning, you realize Rapunzel is still there, crouched at the end of the hall on all fours. Her bushy orange tail doesn’t lash about like Elena’s. Rather, it is straight up and bent over her back. It looks like it was being pulled up by an invisible hand to bare her ass. It gives the impression that she has her ass up intentionally and is presenting it, exposing her holes for your molestation at any moment.

“Squeak?” Rapunzel turns its head, looking at you curiously before licking its wrist innocently.

“How long are you going to keep up the act?” You ask, glaring at the squirrel as anything but innocent.

Rapunzel suddenly jerks, her eyes looking up at you with a shocked expression. A moment later she lowers her head and then stands up on her feet, rising normally without effort.

“How’d you know?” She asks in a laid-back yet high pitched voice.

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