The Power of Creation – Chapter 188

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“You can talk!?” You exclaim.

“What do you mean, I can talk!” Rapunzel shoots back. “You’re the one who told me to stop acting?”

“I meant stop the innocent act after eating out my asshole! Aren’t you just a fucking squirrel?”

Rapunzel started to shout something back, but suddenly froze, realizing only now that she had just revealed herself when she didn’t even have to. After seeing your powers around the house the last week or two, she had come to the conclusion that you are exceptional in every way. So, when you pointed out she was acting, it came as no surprise to hear that you had already determined her identity. It never even occurred to her that you had meant something else.

Meanwhile, you mask your surprise quickly and start to think about it. Rapunzel has been pretending to be an animal all this time when really she has a normal level of intelligence. To you, that means that she must have some other agenda. However, there is one piece of the puzzle that you just can’t figure out.

“Why did you bite my balls?” You ask.

“That’s the first question you want to know!” Rapunzel bulks in shock.

You didn’t ask who she is or why she is there. Instead, you just want to know about the ball thing.

“Well, it’s an important question!” You declare.

“You came in my face! I was startled!”

“That’s not even a good answer! Why were you licking my butthole in the first place?”

“I was grooming you. It’s a sign of affection. You should have taken it as a compliment!”

“That’s an even worse answer!”

“Look, my master sent me to watch over you…”

“So, you’re a spy!”

“I was just a squirrel!” Rapunzel protests before pouting. “You’re the one who made me this way.”

“You… give me a good reason I shouldn’t throw you to my goblin army!”

“AH! Please… don’t throw me away! I can be useful. I’ll work for you!”

“I already have maids.”

“But how about a personal maid? They spend their time cleaning the house, but you should have a maid to personally service you!”

“Service me? How!”


“You… I already have girls that’ll do ‘anything’, you’re just redundant harem member. Get lost.”

At this point, Rapunzel leaps down at your feet, grabbing your leg. “Nooooo…. Please, don’t abandon me. I’m just a little squirrel, all alone in the world.”

“Go back to your master!”

“I don’t remember master!”

“What the hell does that mean!”

“I…” Rapunzel thinks for a second and then sighs. “I was a spirit animal. I functioned as master’s eyes and ears. I was sent to watch you… but I got a little hungry, so I stole some food. Then, you got really angry and cast that spell on me. When I turned human, my connection with master was lost. I only know that she was looking through my eyes, although I don’t remember much about master personally.”

You look down at the girl clinging to your leg with a furrowed brow. “If what you’re saying is true and you were just some spirit squirrel thingy, then why are you talking?”

“Ah… that… well, even as a spirit squirrel, that technically classifies me as a low-level monster. When you forced me into a human form, you did something only S-class high-level monsters can do. In a word, you forcefully evolved up by six levels. With my increase in class, I also increased my intellect. I’ve now evolved into the S-class monster called a Ratatoskr. Ratatoskrs are believed to be extinct now, but we used to messengers of the world tree. Because of my connection to the world tree, I was able to gain all this knowledge automatically when I evolved.”

“World tree?”

“You see, back five thousand years ago, during the age of the fairy, there was magical tree called the Yggdrasil. When man-”

“Woah, Woah, Woah. I’m going to stop you right there. That sounds like way too much lore and backstory for a sex novel and my readers don’t take kindly to that kind of stuff, let’s change the subject. Why didn’t you reveal yourself earlier if you gained some intelligence?”

“Ah? Oh, well, you seem to have some hatred for rodents. I was frightened you’d kill me!” Rapunzel responds tearfully, “But after that dreadful cat took me in I began to realize how powerful you are. In a way, you created me, so I can only be your servant and pet. After observing you for some time, I’ve decided to become you servant. I cleaned your body to show my subservience. You lead, and I will follow. Use me as a soldier, a bodyguard, a knight, a mate, I do not mind anything, just please don’t discard me!”

“Lead yourself, Elena is the one taking care of you, I already have too many girls to give airtime to. I don’t need to add another flat-chested, clingy animal girl!”

“That… girl… she… touches me in places. I don’t like it. I think she is bisexual.”

“Well, she grew up a man, so naturally she probably takes some interest in the same sex.”

“Is that why she does those things to me!”

“You… stop destroying my perfect image of my beautiful Elena waifu!”

“She may be all pleasant to you, but all the attention you don’t give her she takes out on me! Don’t you know that cats go into a prolonged heat? When she gets worked up, she remains worked up all day! She goes feral! Starts hunting me and having her way with me!”

“Hmm… so Elena has that side of herself too. On that note, it seems like she’s coming.”

“Oh, no! Don’t tell me you got her worked up again!” Rapunzel jumps back in fear.

You step to the side and quickly cast a spell that makes you invisible to Elena just as the door opens, watching curiously how your pussy acts when you’re not around.

“Heeeeey…” Elena pokes her head out the door, immediately locking onto Rapunzel, who is frozen on all fours.

Elena is flushed in the face, her breathing ragged, looking both incredibly aroused, but also like she might be tipsy. She stumbles out of her room, giving a mischievous smile as she looks down at the shaking Rapunzel.

“Sweetheart left me again, but its okay… I love him so much, you know? However, Rapunzel, you’ll give me company, won’t you?” She says flippantly, stumbling forward almost like a zombie.

“Squeak!” Rapunzel responds with a clear sense of rejection that Elena completely ignores.

“Come here little one, it’s just skinship, I just want to pet you for a bit. I’ll let you pet me in return. How does that sound?” Elena asks as she continues to move towards Rapunzel.

It’s clear the kind of ‘petting’ she has in mind. With a panicked expression, Rapunzel shoots you a desperate look. You shrug with a smile, and the intelligent Rapunzel already realizes that Elena can’t see you and that you have no intention of saving her. With another angry squeak, Rapunzel turns and flees on all fours. However, a second later, there is a loud cat meow and Elena, also on all fours, begins to chase her, her tail wagging excitedly as her prey runs down the hall.

With Rapunzel’s tail up and on all fours, her pussy is practically presenting itself, and Elena’s eyes lockdown on their target. As a squirrel, it turns out Rapunzel’s major advantage is wide open spaces and the ability to outmaneuver her opponent. Indoors, Elena’s speed advantage quickly overtakes Rapunzel. A few moments later she leaps on Rapunzel and tackles her to the ground. Rapunzel’s simply dress is immediately discarded, and Elena is feeling up the struggling Rapunzel in a way that resembles Mushu when she gets her hands on Mulan.

“Hehehe. Your chest is flat like mine.” Elena mews as her hands work all over the embarrassed Rapunzel’s body while purring and rubbing her cheek against Rapunzel affectionately.

“Squeak!” Rapunzel protests back, although you seem to understand what she was saying, ‘Leave me alone! You don’t even have a chest!’.

“Sir…” the sudden nose breaks you from observing what Elena does in her free time.

Maybe one of these days you should sneak on all of your girls and see how they spend their free time when you’re not around. You’d bet they all had a secret side to them if you explored enough.

“Y-yeah?” You ask, doing your best to hide your erection from Sebastian, who treated the scene of the two women starting to engage in some heavy petting as if this was a common occurrence.

“You have a letter, sir. It’s an invitation.”

“Invitation? By who?”

“The Great Kingdom, sir… the humans, they’ve started to take notice of you.”

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