The Power of Creation – Chapter 189

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“So, what do you guys think about this?” You ask, putting the letter of invitation down on the table you’re sitting at where you gathered all of your girls.

“I think you tried to rape me! You may be a prince, but I’ll never forgive you!” Ursula snaps.

“Tried! He did rape me!” Maleficant adds. “It’s still sore! To think my virginity was stolen by this loli-pervert!”

“He… made me pregnant…” Moana moaned, still holding her tummy as if she couldn’t believe it, while Pocahontas, the only other pregnant woman, patted her head comfortingly.

“Are you girls still on about that? That was like two sex scenes ago. Get over it!” You bark.

“In that case,” Mulan speaks up. “I don’t like how that squirrel monster is clinging so close to you. You’re my master. Only this great one is great enough to be by master’s side.”

“Oh… Mulan is so cute when she says… ah my nose!” Mushu starts trying to speak but Mulan quickly stops her with a backhanded fist, although even as Mushu rubs her nose she seems oddly happy that Mulan touched her.

“I’ve already explained, your master is now my owner.” Rapunzel acts fairly pompously towards Mulan, even though she’s on the ground rubbing her cheek on your leg as you sit at the table. “Aren’t you just some animal he rides around on? Mounts should sleep int he stable.”

Mulan’s face flashed red in anger. “This great one is a powerful dragon! And the only pet master needs! Well, other than Tiana…”

“Hey! I am not a pet! I am his second bitch! That is totally different from you plebeian animals. Why, he made me a second home where I can go to find my own peace of mind or when he locks me outside the house by accident.”


“It was an accident!” Tiana cries out, “Has he built any of you a house?”

“Is she referring to the doghouse he put out on in the backyard?” Mushu whispers to Mulan.

“Hero made a place so you can play in the backyard, he really does like you Tiana!” Ariel responds innocently with excitement.

Tiana blushes as the two girls hold hand excitedly. In that moment, Tiana feels a little closer to the top bitch and the two girls hug in their mutual excitement. Tiana even quietly tolerated it when Ariel slipped her some tongue and rubbed her ass too enthusiastically. It shows her as a true friend to Ariel when she didn’t even react to a certain something poking her down below.

“In your war against our sisters.” Grimhilde interjects while glancing down at the letter, her serious tone finally quieting down the previous levity. “It would be useful to be in good standing with the humans. Even if you can’t get their support, you at least don’t want them to attack you from behind.”

“Yeah, but is this ‘Great Kingdom’ really so important?” You ask suspiciously.

“Of course, hero-san.” Aurora speaks up. “The country that summoned you, my country is one of four border countries. Two border the demon realm while two border the demi-human realm. The Great Kingdom is the land that glues these border kingdom’s together and makes up the human realm.”

“Errr… realms?” You raise an eyebrow.

Aurora shrugs. “Riun sits in a no man area otherwise known as the outlands. To our east is the realm of demons, that’s all the demon controlled land, broken up into seven countries.”

“My country is one of the border demon countries, along with Gothels.” Grimhilde adds.

“To the north are the demihumans. They don’t have countries so much as tribes. The dragons were up there somewhere. So are the dark elves. Each demi-human tribe functions independently, so the land is considered fairly wild and untamed. And to the west of the outlands is the human realm. That’s where we came from. Besides the four countries that border the wild realm of the demihumans and the dark realm of the demons, there is the Great Kingdom. These five Kingdoms make up the majority of human realm, but make no mistake, the Great Kingdom is nearly ten times the size of the other four Kingdoms. They take advantage of the other kingdoms being at risk of war to profit and grow.”

“Okay… so I’m invited to watch some kind of tournament?”

“Not exactly. You’re invited to participate in the tournament to gain recognition.” After seeing your dark look, Aurora sighs. “Hero-san, it’s like this. Every five years the human realm’s great nation holds a tournament. The outcome of this tournament is what decides the allocation of resources towards protecting the borders. Basically, how much The Great Kingdom will support the border kingdoms. It is exactly this reason that my husband had summoned you. He had hoped to increase his power in the next tournament with a hero. By inviting us, the Great Kingdom is offering us the chance to be acknowledged as a border nation.”

“We’re just one city though?” You scratch you head.

“Errr. not exactly, Rookie.” Kida cuts in. “The area of the outlands is actually quite vast. Since you rebuilt Riun, I’ve been sending out Adventurers on patrols throughout the outlands using funds from your treasury. After the dragons moved here, they’ve also been keeping surveillance while keeping the local wildlife in check. There are in fact three cities and fifteen small villages that have recognized you as their lord. Riun is merely the largest and thus the capital. Based on our performance at this tournament, the human realm may official acknowledge us as our very own Kingdom.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait… let me get this straight… I have a treasury?”

The girls all look at each other with slightly exasperated looks before Aurora puts on another smile. “Why don’t you let us ladies continue to worry about these kinds of things. All you need to know is that you should accept the invitation. After that, you’ll need to pick out a team to represent Riun and it’s associated territories. The strongest warriors in the land are who you need to pick.”

You puff up your chest and flex you arm. “Well, naturally, that would be me th-“

“You’re the lord, you can’t be one of the champions.”

“Geh!” You breath out like you just got hit in the stomach and then let out a long sigh. “Very well. Hey Kida, who do we got that is strong in the Adventurer’s guild.”

Kida grimaces a bit. “Most of the local adventurers don’t even approach S class. If you want to win this thing, S is a minimum. I wish Guild Master would return from their sabbatical, but in the meantime, I think I would be the strongest in the guild.”

“Oh, yeah, I guess you’re kind of strong.” You chuckle, even as Kida finds herself sighing and unable to retort.

“This championship sounds like my kind of thing. I’m in!” Snow White declares.

“Although I just had a baby, I have recovered quickly and I feel like I would also be able to perform well if daddy allows it.” Merida speaks up as well.

“I’m a dragon knight as well, it’d be criminal if I didn’t fight for my new lord!” Mushu pushes forward, her breasts accidently shoving Mulan forward, causing her forehead to smash into the table.

As master’s pet,” A voice comes from your leg. “I will happily fight for master. It’d take several S class humans to fight one S class monster.”

“Is that enough?” You ask.

“Teams are typically made of five, so yes, that should be sufficient.” Aurora nodded.

“C-commoner,” Tiana suddenly steps forward with a firm resolve on her face. “As a future lord, it’ll be your responsibility to talk with the other kings. Parties, banquets, and such. I can be your escort to these activities. Y-you’ll need me to show you the proper etiquette of nobles!”

“Yeah! I can go too! I haven’t been to a formal party in forever!” Ariel adds excitedly.

Aurora grabs Ariel’s shoulder and shakes her head sadly. “As much as I’d like to join hero-san as well, your father might be there. It might become troublesome if he noticed his long-lost wife and daughter in the company of another man.”

“Ah… that’s right… daddy,” Ariel’s eyes went vacant for a second and then she snaps out of it as quickly as she entered, her usual smile returning instantly.

There was likely a darkness in her heart from when her father chose to discard her. Although Ariel is always upbeat and friendly, a least part of that is a mechanism to push away the trauma of losing her father in such a cruel way. At some point, you might need to find a way to reconcile her with that old geezer, but you aren’t sure how. Memory manipulation and mind alteration would be the easy way, but you’re not in the habit of creating mindless resolutions.

You stand up and pull Ariel, whose eyes only appear slightly wet despite her smile, into your arms. For a second, she looks surprised, but after a moment her eyes close as she holds you closely, the forced smile slowly loosening until it begins to feel genuine. The rest of the girls watch as you embrace Ariel in the middle of the room. Rather than feelings of jealousy or envy, an indescribable feeling of warmth touches each of their hearts. When each of those girls are feeling at their worst, would you embrace them in the same way? They all thought so.

It’s you who suddenly breaks this heartwarming scene when you suddenly growl at Ariel in a irritated voice. “Ariel… I’ve told you before to put that thing away when you’re around me.”

“Oops… sorry… I got excited.” A certain pressure poking your leg quickly vanished.

To ensure this sort of thing never happens again, you cast a spell. To Ariel’s chagrin and every other woman’s relief, this is the day Ariel lost her penis privileges.

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I’ve gotten back the first ero picture. This event occurs back in chapter 4 depicting Ariel shortly after you strip her and hit her with the orgasmo magic. Wasn’t that so long ago? Please note the picture is drawn by a different artist in a different style than the portraits, more inline with a light novel feel.

<Trigger Warning>

I’ve been informed that you guys have a refined J/O pallet, and the only way you can obtain sexual gratification is to view images drawn with soft blur lens involving perfect hourglass figures rounded out like fucking balloons. I’ve been told the artist I use draws in “90s manga” style, whatever that means.  Some of you will be upset and unappreciative that I’m spending money out of my own pocket to enrich the story. I thought we could all just enjoy pictures of naked women, but apparently that’s impossible. Consider yourself warned.