The Power of Creation – Chapter 190

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So, as it was decided, Kida, Snow White, Mushu, Rapunzel, and Merida made up the team that would be in the competition. Sebastian was coming along with Daisy and Dinah to be your official servant staff, and Tiana was coming along as your official escort.

Although Sebastian and Tiana had been forced to flee the human realm due to poverty, they still had connections and no shortage of knowledge about the human realm. As much as you hated to admit it, the snobbish Tiana was probably exactly the kind of person you’d need by your side to deal with the royal formalities. Even if you could bring Ariel, her sheltered lifestyle and exuberant personality would only stick out like a sour thumb during formal events.

Up until this point, you had actually not had to deal with all that many people in any kind of social situation. You aren’t even sure how comfortable you’d be talking to people outside of your harem. Is there a spell that will make you a smooth talker? Probably, but you’re not sure how comfortable you are using experimental magic on your own brain. That seems like a dangerous direction to go down. Are you still you after you alter your own mind? It’s also the same reason you don’t mess with your harem’s minds and memories all that much, other than playing around with their reward center and sex drive, you’ve very rarely actually screwed with their brains directly.

After sending out a reply accepting the invitation, you realize there is still a good week before you need to head out. In reality, your invitation arrived pretty last minute, almost like an afterthought. It probably spoke volumes to how much the Great Kingdom saw you and Riun. If you were a normal person, it’d take nearly two weeks of extremely hard riding to reach the location of the tournament. To actually go, they expected you to drop everything and race over there, barely making it on time, sweaty and tired.

Naturally, that was only if you were a normal person with normal abilities. With your stats that allowed you to run faster than a horse, you could probably just run there in a few days, nevermind the instant teleportation abilities you could use whenever you wanted. However, since you were heading there anyway, you decided you had to head there in style. You’d been in a fantasy world for a while now. You’ve already encountered dragons, demon lords, and demon gods. However, there was one distinct staple of certain fantasy stories that didn’t appear to exist in this world. You’ve decided to fix this discrepancy.

The week travels by rather quickly. You spend some time with your girls. You make sure your new countries infrastructure gets set up properly. You help integrate Medusa and Ursula’s armies into your own growing forces. Ursula keeps her distance from you, still upset over being molested sexually by you. You decide to leave it for another time, as you still have plenty of women who are happy giving you affection. That last night you cast a little tentacle magic, and attack all of your girls as a going away present. Naturally, Jasmine, Ursula, and the girls going with you are left untouched. You plan to spend some extra time with them on the journey.

That’s how you ended up standing by a river that flows by Riun the following morning unjoined by the rest of the harem. They were all left too sore and tired after a long night of tentacle play.

The area you’re standing is very close to the area where your army had engaged in a rapid breeding program and where you had fucked a skyhole a few weeks ago. During the battle, certain destruction magic had unearthed a water vein and the result was quite a bountiful river suddenly forming next to Riun. It was bountiful because the excess life energy during your demon god battle, just as it had accelerated the age of your daughters, also made this river excessively fertile with life. It is already full of fish, birds, and more. There are also some rumors that woman who swim in it come out more youthful looking, so it became a popular spot for village women to bath.

Even as you stood there, there are various attractive women of all shapes and sizes playing in the water without clothing on a little downstream from you. Their beauty is top notch, and as they playfully splash each other and giggle, they truly look like mythical water nymphs at play, just asking to be caught and ravaged. Of course, they were being watched by the local men, who enjoy the show of watching their women play in the river naked.

Occasionally, a man would beckon one of the women, and she’d prance out of the water before he pulls her to the sandy ground and had his way with her right there. The sound of moaning, gasping, and the light wet noises of balls slapping against pussy could be heard all along the shore.

Your influence on Riun has become absolute, and even your public displays of affection have infected the people of Riun. Sex as a taboo had been abolished, and it is no longer strange to walk down the street to see a man plowing his wife over a park bench. The local park is litered with couples lying in the grass, fornicating like rabbits. This river beach is also a popular spot to find couples fucking in public.

The women have become incredible attractive and insatiably horny, and no longer mind be ogled at. While many women remain loyal and monogamous to their man, their sex drives that demanded it 4-5 times a day is difficult for many of the men to keep up with. A very large portion, especially among the younger girls, have adopted a free love approach, and no man in Riun has difficulty finding a woman or two to fuck when they are feeling aroused. And since the attitude on public sex loosened, they don’t even have to wait to get home to satisfy their lust.

It should go without saying that the morale in Riun is through the roof. Even with your massive harem off limits, the woman are beautiful, youthful, and insatiably horny… and the men, as long as they show all women proper respect, would never lack for pussy from a woman far more beautiful than their station would normally allow.

Of course, this didn’t prevent the occasional bad apple, but the men are their own greatest enforcers. No man is willing to risk losing this perfect Utopia, and so when a man chooses to act up by taking more than a bite of pie, trying to advance on a woman who isn’t interested, or otherwise acting selfish, the entire male population descends on them with absolute fury, and they quietly disappear never to be heard from again.

You work swiftly, your hands waving as you put together several magics and gather resources, assembling them on the river near a makeshift dock. While you work and enjoy the sounds of playful women and occasional sex, you can also hear the grunts and shouts of five women going at it behind you.

That would be Kida, Snow White, Mushu, Rapunzel, and Merida who are battling amongst each other in practice for the tournament. They needed to work on cooperation and teamwork skills. Kida tries to function as the team leader, but she is often challenged by Snow White and even Mushu, both arrogant women in their own right. However, despite all the infighting, the women are steadily becoming better as a team. The thing that united them the most is you. Even if they didn’t like each other on a fundamental level, they are all your women and thus they have a unity in that respect.

“Rookie, that’s a mighty fine ship, but this river let’s out in the south gulf, it won’t carry us all the way to the Great Empire.” Kida mentions as she notices you putting the last final touches on a massive ship.

The ship actually is almost as wide as the river, so even from a sailing standpoint, Kida doesn’t really understand how it’ll sail. Of course, she isn’t a sailor, so she knows very little about ships and decides to give you the benefit of the doubt. On the other hand, you built this ship sparing no expense, and while the outside resembles a massive classical Galleon, the inside has all the commodities of a private cruise liner.

“It’ll get us there, all aboard!” You respond with a chuckle.

Even though the girls didn’t know how it would move, they are still impressed with how majestic and beautiful your ship is. As they board, they can’t help but be silent in awe. If this ship was sailing on the ocean, it’d truly be considered the king of the high seas.

“What will you call this ship?” Tiana asks excitedly, glancing around over the deck and waving down at the beautiful, naked women bathing a little ways down the river.

“I’ve decided to name it after my second bitch. I’ve named it for you, Tiana.”

“Oh…” Tiana’s eyes go wide as she finds you suddenly standing very close to her. “I-“

Tiana finds herself unable to speak. To think of her and make such a magnificent ship, it is exactly the kind of gesture that touches this woman the most. Her heart starts beating rapidly, as she looks into your eyes, and she finds herself falling just a little more in love with you.

“That’s why I’ve officially named it, Cumdumpster.”

“You…” Tiana’s face went from happiness, to confusion, to a wry look, anger, and finally embarrassment.

However, if her face didn’t become slightly more flush, her heart beat even faster, and a glint of absolute crazed lust appear in her eyes, she wouldn’t be Tiana. You could truly tell she is broken when a beautiful romantic gesture tugs at her heartstrings equally to a severely demeaning insult.

Once everyone is boarded, you make you way to the giant wheel in front. “Ready to embark!”

After calling out, Sebastation stands by your side while all the girls, including the two baka maids, wave down excitedly, yelling out their goodbyes to villagers of Riun. Whether they were naked, clothed, or in the middle of coitus, everyone smiled and waved back. That was their lord’s women, their lord’s ship, and it was being piloted by their lord. They had nothing but the most absolute dedication and love for them, which bordered on worship. Thus, it comes as no surprise to the people bellow what happens next.

“Sir, we really don’t seem to have enough river for this boat. Perhaps you should shrink it a little?”

“Sebastian, where we’re going, we don’t need rivers.” You flip down a pair of sunglasses.

A second later, the entire ship starts to vibrate like a engine is turned on. Massive spikes erupt from various holes on the deck, and as soon as they hit the max height, they spread out into massive fans that spin with a hum. The girls all make alarmed noises as the ship starts to moan and groan, but shortly after it rises out from the river. After realizing this ship wasn’t a boat at all, the girls look back over the edge, continuing to wave excitedly as they are lifted off into the sky.

“Welcome to the first ever airship!” You declare while laughing.

“And to think, you named the first airship ever after my daughter. I’m truly touched.” Sebastian wipes a tear from his eye.


You had said that as a joke. Once again, this guy seems to be happy with you putting down his daughter. Well, as long as his daughter is by you side, Sebastian will be happy. To be the escort of you, the potential King of a new nation, it is already a great honor. Why would he have anything to upset about? You shrug. Well, as long as he’s happy. The Cumdumpster it is! You set a course, your Cumdumpster flying toward the Great Empire. They’ll never know what hits them!

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Fun fact #213 – Even if it was crewed, The Cumdumpster actually contains no seamen.