The Power of Creation – Chapter 20

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You don’t waste the opportunity and push it into her. While not as tight as her sixteen-year-old daughter, Aurora still has a pussy that presses hard against your dick, resisting as you slide it into her.

“Hero-san, Ah! You’re so big! How can I even be this full?”

“Ah, mom, that’s the feel of a real man!”

“I-is this what your mother has been missing?”

You start moving your hips, pumping her tight pussy with your piston movements while Ariel continues to play with her breasts.

“Mmm, yes, see, mom? Doesn’t it really feel good?”

“Oh baby, I feel so filled up. How can a cock feel this good? Ah! Daughter, what are you touching!”

Ariel has reached down and is touching her mom’s clit. Before meeting you, she really didn’t know anything, even masturbation was something she had only achieved by accident. However, as soon as you showed her how, Ariel quickly has explored her own body and figured out every way to trigger it to climax as erotically as possible.

Aurora has much the same build, and just like her daughter, has very similar spots. Thus, Ariel has become a teacher, showing her mom all the sexually stimulating parts that her own mother has never figured out. She slips a finger into her mom, who is already stretched with your dick. Her tightened pussy can barely accommodate the feeling of the finger.

Ariel rubs her mom’s clit while you continue to pound into her, the wet thwacks resounding as you claim her tight pussy as your own.

“Ah, hero-san, ah!’ she moans pleasantly, although her own eyes seem to wear quite a bit of disbelief.

It is as if her eyes have been opened. She didn’t realize prior that sex could feel this good. The intensity of this moment has raised her understanding of sexual pleasure up. She spent her entire life thinking things could only be so good, but now realizes that is but a fraction of what she could have been doing her entire life.

As her pussy cums around your hard cock, shock is truly the only thing she can feel. Perhaps her daughter is on to something. Perhaps her entire life before this moment is a lie.

However, with your steady piston movements, her tight pussy, and the machinations of Ariel, this intense sex can’t occur forever.

“Ah, I’m going to cum.” You moan.

“Th- ah, yes… pull out and cum on my tits, that would be fine.”

You let out a laugh. “Not a chance, I’m going to cum deep in your pussy, you can feel it filling you up.”

“Ah, no, don’t do that hero-san, I might get pregnant.”

“Ah, too late. I’m cumming!”

“Wait, no pull out, pull out!”

She tries to pull away, but you held her legs and Ariel has her hands on her pussy. Ariel spread her pussy lips so that you can slide your dick as deep into her as you can. Your dick swells and you cum deep into the Queen’s pussy as she tries to fight back.

She finally stops fighting when she feels the hot liquid deep inside her, and she knew it was too late.

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