The Power of Creation – Chapter 21

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Ariel and I watch as cream leaks out of her mother.

“I hope I get a little sister,” Ariel says excitedly.

You give a nod, “If it happens, it happens.”

The Queen glares up at you, but after experiencing all 9-inches hard and fast, she is in no position to talk. So, she collapses back down on the bed. However, you see the sexual lust on her face, and you know that despite everything, she has genuinely enjoyed the experience.

“Shall you take mom again? I really want to see her covered in your cum.”

“Eh? But we’re done, hero-san can’t possibly go again.” The Queen puts on a worried look.

“Ah, well, actually, I’m ready to go again,” You point down to your dick, already back to full size.

Aurora puts on a fearful look, “I can’t take it again. It was too much.”

Ariel pouts, “I really want a little sister!”

“This kind of thing…” Aurora shakes her head.

“If you’re so determined, Ariel, do you want me to use magic to make sure she gets pregnant with a little sister?” You ask.

“Ah, yes, hero is the best!”

“What! No! Hero-san, you can’t do this. Please, hero-san!”

“Put your mother in doggie for me so I can get real deep. This time she’ll definitely get pregnant!”

Ariel isn’t listening as her mother argues, but you also notice that her mother doesn’t put up any resistance either. As Ariel rolls her onto her stomach and then forced her legs up onto her knees so that her pussy, still leaking out her own womanhood and your cum, is wagging in front of you, all of her protestings is merely verbal.

Her body seems to be telling you something different. There is a spark of excitement in her eyes now, a certain degree of anticipation as she gets into position, and her pussy is much wetter than you’d expect from a woman who isn’t excited by this.

“Ah, does Aurora want to make her daughter a little sister with the hero.” You tease.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Aurora spat back, “I haven’t been able to have children since Ariel. I’m not even sure I can get pregnant.”

You twist your lips. “Then why did you put up such a fight when I came in you earlier?”

“I thought I could get hero-san to see some sense, but you and my daughter have gotten completely out of control.”

“I’m sorry,” You shrug, “Actually, the words I want to here out of your mouth are ‘ah’.”

“Ah? Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh.”

You slam all 9-inches into her as deep as you can go, and she lets out a little scream as you begin to thrust into her without reserve. Her body twists and throbs with the feeling of your penis, but after a few moments she is pushing her butt back, almost unaware she was doing it, helping you thrust into her harder.

“Ah, ah… hero-san… ah… damn you… why do you always feel so good.”

“Mm, that’s because I’m much better than your husband.” You say, and she starts nodding before she could stop herself with an angry look on her face.

Meanwhile, Ariel is watching this time, fingering herself as she looks at the pair of you fucking in front of her.

“Still, this is far as it will go, ah, ah, I can’t get-“

“Pregnant? Ah, well, I can bring people back from the dead, I can certainly make you pregnant. Feel glad, my queen, you’ll be the first girl in this world to bare one of my children.”

“Yes!” Ariel says although the excitement might have come from her fingers working over her clit.

“Ah… ah… hero-san… it feels so good. Your dick is so big, ah, it makes even my pussy feel tight.” Aurora moans into a pillow. “Can you promise me?”

“Promise you what?”

“Mm… promise me you’ll take care of me and my baby, both my babies, for the rest of your life, even if you leave this world?”

“Of course, what kind of man do you think I am?”

“Then do it, impregnate me, fill me up with your cum hero-san!”

Your hand rests on her ass and it glows for a second, and then a moment later you thrust one more time deep into her, your cock swelling and exploding inside her.

“Ah, I feel it, it’s entering my womb. You’re making me pregnant, ah, hero-san…”

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