The Power of Creation – Chapter 214

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As to her boobs, they truly are the softest things. Your hands squeeze and kneed and twist them to your own delight, and this slutty girl cums with ease on your ten inch monster dick. Are these girls really so sexually starved? They seem incredibly easy to please! She is cumming by the third stroke and then doesn’t stop. However, she is biting her hand to keep from screaming, her guttural moans coming out muffled between her lips.

You didn’t really care for secrecy, but you suppose she doesn’t want to get caught either by her husband or someone who is like to tattle to her husband. However, it takes a real dimwit to not be able to hear the sound of her pussy gushing every time your hips slammed down, even from the hallway. Like Selena before her, this slut is cumming like a fountain. These human women are very gushy once you start banging them. Well, if you haven’t already tasted Ariel and Aurora, you might start to think this is the norm for all noble human women.

Knock. Knock.

“Ah, shit! That’s my servant’s warning. My husband is returning!” The woman exclaims. “Get off!”

“I’m about to!” You tease.

“Oh, you incorrigible rogue!” The woman grabs your face and squeezes your cheeks tightly while kissing your lips, whimpering as your still thrusting cock hits her in just the right spot. “I can’t be caught again, or my husband threatened to leave me and then I’d have nothing. Unless… you want to take care of me from now on?”

“I’m out, I’m out!” You slip your dick out, pull your pants up, and are standing by the side of the bed before she can react.

The woman quietly laughs, as she pulls up her underwear and pulls down her frilly dress which you had raised up. “You are truly amazing. I’ve already cummed on that big penis of yours a dozen times. To think you can keep going for twenty minutes straight. Selena didn’t tell any lies! If I was twenty years younger and single, I would have run away from home to be with you. If I had a daughter, I’d offer her to you!”

“Fumu… well, even though you came… “ you frown, looking down at your cock still rock hard.

“Ah… this… I am so sorry.” The woman throws herself at you, taking your lips while her hand grabs your crotch, holding it as if she didn’t want to let this big monster that satisfied her so much go. “I will make this up to you, I promise. The tournament will take a while, my body is yours whenever we have time, please use it!”

She is a more mature married woman, having all the eloquence and sultriness of a noble. Her words hold a bit of power in them, and unlike the young virgins you’re used to, there is a certain thirstiness deep within her that is more feral and arousing than any of the girls in your harem. Where Ariel and the other girls want sex all of the time. These noble women need sex. They have been left sexless for so long, that it has become a thirst penetrating their very bones. It surpassed anything shallow like desire, and approached basic necessity.

“I’ll take you up on that. I won’t give up until you drink my cum!” you declare.

Those words seem to excite the woman even more, and soon her hand is stroking your cock through the pants while she gazes up at you lovingly. “My name is Britney, by the way, if you need to send me a message, please use my servant.”

“Alright, Britney, I’ll eat your pussy another day.”

“The door handle started shaking. “Ah! We took too long, my stupid servant didn’t give us enough warning! Why does my husband have to last so shortly!”

“No worries,” You open the window and jump on the windowsill with ease. “I’ll be fine leaving though here.”

“Ah!” Britney gives a surprise, but then leaps up and kisses your lips one more time, even with her husband at the door, she seems reluctant to give up your cock.

You push off disappearing just as the door opens. Britney, meanwhile, snaps at her husband until she finally kicks him out the door. He scratches his head with confusion, not sure why his beautiful wife is so upset. She doesn’t smell the sex on him, does she? Of course, the room smells thick of sex, but he thinks it is himself, so he leaves while worrying his wife has caught his transgressions. Meanwhile, turned on by her final exchange with you, Britney masturbates furiously while smelling the sheets for your scent and recalling the feel of your big cock pounding into her.

You end up landing smoothing in the courtyard where no one could see. Wiping yourself free of dust while wearing a grin, you start walking back to your rooms. However, you barely make it a dozen feet when there is a sudden tap on your shoulder.

You turn to see a woman. She’s a small girl, not loli, but small in form and chest, with golden hair, green eyes, and a mousy experience. She isn’t tall and lanky like an elf, but short and scrawny. If you recalled, she is also another one of the women who went out drinking with Tiana last night.

“H-h-hi… you’re Tiana’s man, right? Sh-she t-told me last night… that you’re very big. I-is that true?”

You gave a wry smile, suddenly afraid of where this was going. “Ah, I guess so.”

“M-m-my husband went to the tourney earlier to make bets. He’s always such a gambler. L-Lost half our fortune. If my daddy’s business didn’t make so much money, we’d be in the poorhouse right now!”

“Okay…” You respond helplessly.

“M-my name is Hilary. I-I was wondering if you’d like to stop by my place. Perhaps… we c-could head to my room. You could show me a thing or two?”

You let out a sigh checking your clock. There’s still time!

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