The Power of Creation – Chapter 215

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“Sir Reginald has asked for all of the guests still in the mansion to join him for lunch,” a servant explains. “After lunch, he’d like it if you could all head to the tourney together. He’d like to show you to be his guest.”

“Ah! I’m cumming!” Hilary says tearfully through the crack in the door. “I mean, I’ll come, I’ll definitely cum!”

“Very good.” The servant responds, merely rolling their eyes as the girl looking through the crack timidly, her head is strangely bobbing in and out while she looks on tearfully, her face flushed and her mouth closed tightly.

The servant finally turns away, only thinking what he already knew, that nobles are a strange lot, and it isn’t his place to ask questions. As the door finally closes, cutting her off from the outside world, the poor girl turns back pitifully while letting out an unrestrained moan.

“Ahhh… nnn…aaaa…. You bad boy… to make me… make me… answer the door, while you do that from behind!”

“Ah, well, if you want me to stop.” you stop rocking your hips for a moment.

“No! No… please… keep doing it! I’m about to cum again!”

“Eh? Didn’t you just cum now?”

“Again! Again! Don’t stop!”

You start your hips again, just to give relief on the poor girl’s flustered face. Soon, sexual pleasure encompasses her face again, a loose smile appearing as she pants like a dog. She’s bent over still in front of the door, holding the doorknob while you plow her from behind. One benefit of such a light and small-chested girl is that she’s limber and able to keep up in this standing position, which might start to hurt the back of a larger breasted woman. She’s probably be offended if you told her that though.

“Ah, Hnn… Ahnnnn… harder… right there… right there… Hilary is a dirty slut. Fuck Hilary’s dirty pussy!”

When she gets really aroused and close to cumming, the girl has a habit of using her name in the third person and talking about herself in derogatory terms. You aren’t sure if this is something that arouses her, or something that her husband makes her do in the bedroom and comes from habit.

Suddenly, the doorknob starts to turn. Hilary had forgotten to re-lock the door when she opened it earlier. In a panic, Hilary who is holding onto the doorknob stops it with both hands.

“Ah! Who-who’s there!” Hilary once again tries to straighten her voice as someone attempts to push their way into the room.

“Hilary? It’s your husband? Are you okay?”

Hilary’s face immediately panics, her eyes widening as she looks back at you desperately. You casually smile, continuing to plow Hilary. You refuse to be interrupted with another one, so she’ll just have to figure it out on her own. Of course, you use a spell that keeps the noise from coming out, so even though your dick is making the thwack thwack into her wet pussy, the sound doesn’t leak from the door. As she looks at you, you pick up the pace, and her eyes roll up in her head for a second as she shutters from yet another orgasm. However, when the doorknob turns a second time and the door tries to open, she recovers quickly.

“W-wait! Don’t come in!” Hilary shouts.

“Hilary? What’s going on? Are you alright? Let me in the door this instant!”

Hilary shoots you a furious glare as you smack her ass, not noticing that the sound isn’t transmitting as she puts her finger to her mouth. Her hand once again weakens on the door as another wave of euphoria shoots through her body, her perverted liquids leaking down her legs. The door starts to open, and as Hilary lunges to close it, you give a particularly hard thrust, causing her to stumble forward and slam the door in her husband’s face before he can see anything.

“Hilary, open the door this instant!” The noble on the other end is getting angry.

“Ah… no… no… I’m cumming…” Hilary moans into her hand.

“What? You’re already at the door, what is going on Hilary?” The man demands.

“H-Husband… I’m sorry… but… but…” Hilary looks like she’s about to cry when an idea hits her. “But… I’m on my period!”

“Eh? You’re… that…”

“Y-yes! It’s a heavy flow day! And I ruined the bedsheets! There is blood and it smells really thick. I don’t want my husband to see such a sight!”

Her excuse is too good, your own dick finally stuttering to a stop as you give a gross look at the image in your head. Hilary shoots you another glare, pointing down at her ass while mouthing the words “You better fuck me right now!”

You let out a soft chuckle, picking up the pace once again.

“Ah, alright honey. I’ll meet you at Reginald’s lunch. Please take care of that shortly…”

“It’s fine, honey, just send a maid… in… um… five minutes, no, make it ten minutes.” She shoots you a flirty look and sticks out her tongue.

“Yes, dear. Oh, and by the way, what do you think of that new gentleman that came in last night, the one who dined with his tournament team.”

“Bigdick-sa- I mean *cough* Tiana’s man?” Hilary shot me back a worried look as I continue to plow her little tight behind. “Did husband bet on them?”

“No! No… a team of women winning the tourney? Ridiculous. They’ll be knocked out of the preliminaries for sure. However, I heard from Reginald they’re amendable to… swinging. Reginald said the woman he had was quite amazing in bed. Would you be interested in perhaps enjoying this noble man’s company?

Hilary gave a wry grin while closing her eyes, her hand tightening on the doorknob for yet another orgasm while your pacing doesn’t slow at all. Her mouth opens as she let’s out a silent orgasm. Immediately, she gets up and gestures to have you take her against the door. You grab her tiny form and lift, raising her up on your cock, and soon her ass is pressed against the door knob, you thrusting into her against the door while her husband stands a foot away on the other side.


“As to that… doesn’t husband listen at all!” Hilary cries out, the new position quickly bringing her to new sexual heights. “I’m in the middle of my period? Do you think he’d want me bleeding all over him!”

“T-that’s right! Damn!” Hilary’s husband curses with a disappointed voice. “Well, if you recover quickly, let me know. I really want to taste that woman.”

“I bet…” Hilary mutters under her breath before her eyes widened and her mouth opens in surprise as you quicken the pace yet again. “Ah! AHhhhh….”

“Honey, what was that?”

“J-just cramps!” Hilary responds miserably, but in no place to remonstrate you as you hit her in just the right spot. “I’ll join you as soon as I’m done!”

“I love you, sweetie.”

“Ahh…. I love coc-… you too!” Hilary blushes at her near slip.

Finally, the husband leaves and you restore the sound. Locking the door again and tossing the little Hilary onto the bed for more of a pounding.

“Ah, we only have a few more minutes!” She cries out.

“Haha!” You laugh, your eyes darkening. “That’s all the time I need.”

Ten minutes later, a maid knocks on the door. “Your husband requested that I come here to clean up a mess, something about woman’s issues.”

The door is unlatched, and creeps open with a light push, so the maid thinks nothing of stepping inside. When she sees the sight, she gives a gasp. Hilary is lying on the bed naked, and she’s covered nearly head to toe in semen. White stuff leaks out of her cunt, her asshole, and her mouth. The woman herself is awake, but making satisfied moaning sounds, still in the throws of a final climax.

“Oh, my, this truly is a mess!” The maid declares.

To think a husband would so shamelessly mess up his own wife and leave her there for the maid to clean up! That lecherous man saying it is a woman’s issue to clean up all his cum is despicable! The maid helps the noble woman to change the sheets and wash off all the dirty mess, meanwhile thinking something she already knew to be true, nobles are truly a strange lot and it isn’t her place to ask questions.

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