The Power of Creation – Chapter 221

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With Selena as your next lover and a full day of fun activities scheduled, you can only set up to meet with Ariel later tomorrow. You still didn’t trust this woman who wore your girl’s face, and perhaps if you set the meeting up on your terms, you can at least be on top of things. The Ariel impostor looks slightly disappointed, but only for a brief moment. A lot of her expressions look just like the woman you know and love, so it’s kind of difficult to deal with.

Part of you wants to hate her, but then wouldn’t that be hating something that looks like your Ariel? Suffice it to say, if you did accidentally double Ariel, you plan to have both. Perhaps this Ariel is attracted to you because the other Ariel is attracted to you? Either way, your main squeeze just got a twin sister, so shouldn’t you be happy? At least, that’s what you tell yourself.

You make it to Selena and she sneaks you into her room. Before long, you find yourself able to distract your issues as you plow Selena as she’s bent over her bed.

“Ah… Gods… it’s so big!” Selena moans.

Selena seems to enjoy it a lot more than the previous time. You had brought the size back down to ten inches. She didn’t seem to realize the difference. Big enough that it feels like she is being torn open all feels the same after the size gets to a certain point. However, she’s stretched enough to tolerate this size now, so rather than pain, it is all pleasure on her end. Selena cries out as you thrust into her blindly, using her body to forget your own thoughts.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

Your balls slap against her butt. Your hands grip and kneed her ass as you take enjoyment from her tight pussy. The woman herself moans and cries, clawing at the bed as she enjoys wave after wave of orgasm. You finally blow a load inside her, keeping it more manageable than the bukkake you left her friend Britney.

When you finally finish with Selena, she turns around and kisses you. All of the married women seem like that. Where a lot of your harem girls like the hard pounding fucks, these women demand a little bit more intimacy. As married woman who have tasted intimacy in the past, and aren’t getting it now, thus they’re much more prone to wanting to kiss and hold you. Selena even seems like she wants to cuddle a bit. Since your mind is distraught and you have time before you have to meet up with the untasted Keri, you find yourself lying on Selena’s bed while she cuddles up against you lovingly. Her hand even grabs your sticky cock, her fingers lightly rubbing the head. Occasionally, she brings her fingers to her mouth and licks them, as if wanting to fondly remind herself of the taste of your cock.

Noticing you lying there with a furrowed brow, Selena finally speaks up. “Are you having any problems? Want to talk about it?”

You shrug, not sure how to answer, but a question pops out instead. “What do you know about Ariel?”

“That prize girl?” Selena raises an eyebrow in amusement. “Do you fancy her, even though you have me?”


“I don’t mind. I know you’re not mine to begin with.” Selena says that sadly, but then shakes her head with a smile. “I heard that she was one of the most beautiful women in the human realm, and that rumor turned out true. I also thought I had heard she was dead, but that turned out to be a rumor. It was just his wife who passed away, I guess, the poor man.”

You snort, “Yeah, poor.”

Selena ignores your sarcasm. “There is little to know. He had kept her sheltered most her life. Now, suddenly he wants to give her away. It’s a little strange, isn’t it? To hand your entire nation to whoever wins a silly competition?”

You had to agree. You remembered not too long ago suggesting that if you defeated the demon lord, then you’d get Ariel. That had been met with almost open hostility by this king, and you were a hero from another world. Now, that same king is giving up his daughter for anyone who can win a competition? The person who won Ariel wouldn’t even be the one fighting, but the noble who has the best fighters. It was definitely suspicious.

“Do… do you love Reginald?” You don’t know why the question came out, but remembering Ariel causes you to remember what Reginald had told you right before.

“Love?” Selena didn’t seem at all surprised by the question, perhaps answering it for a lot of the men she had previously swapped with. “He’s just a lower noble without any power. I was young and basically sold off to him to broker a trade agreement. Ever since, he’s never seemed all that interested in me. In fact, he seems more interested in trading me away than enjoying me. Do I love him? Maybe… but it doesn’t matter how I feel, he clearly has never felt a thing for me.”

Selena even sounded a bit bitter as she said it. The emotion in her voice told you that her feelings for Reginald are complicated.

“He said he fancied his brother’s girl, the queen…”

This time Selena raises her head. “He told you? Why… that man… he’s going to get himself hanged if he keeps up with this stuff. The past is the past. I’m his present, I just… I just wish he’d acknowledge that!”

Selena genuinely seems angry, and with that you realize that she genuinely does care about him. As to her being a spy, you already used magic to check. Selena is clean… well… figuratively. Her pussy is still leaking semen and she is sweaty and smells of lustful desires.

“Even though my husband doesn’t have a dick large enough to satisfy me, if he remained loyal, didn’t swap me away, I would stay by his side. I wouldn’t even mind if he kept a few mistresses, they all do it… just as long as he accepted me.” Selena’s words seem to herself this time, like she is just asserting her own wants and desires out loud for the first time. “However, that’s just wishful thinking! Right now, I have your big dick, and you are the man I want to lie with. Would you like to stick it in my ass?”

“Ah… well… since you’re offering.” You put thoughts of Reginal behind you as you take his wife in the behind.

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