The Power of Creation – Chapter 222

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“C-come in!” after you finish sodomizing Selena and leaving both holes leaking with cum, you head of to Keri’s room.

Keri seems like a very nervous girl. She has big hair, a mole on her cheek, and a skinny appearance. There is nothing particularly desirable about her. Her breasts are average. Her body is on the less than curvaceous side. Even her face is merely okay. Nobles have better lives than commoners, so she is decked out with makeup and a nice dress that makes the most of her body. Her cleavage is maximized by the dress she wears. She even appears to have shoulder pads on to give her a more authoritative look. At least her boobs don’t look to be padded as they are only a B-size.

Overall, she’s probably the least attractive woman you’ve banged in this world. If she wasn’t wearing makeup, her level of beauty might even be under the baka maids before you altered them, back when they looked rough, dirty and scarred. That’s not to say she’s not pretty, she’s just merely pretty. The problem is that with your harem the standards have been set way too high. When every woman is a knock out beauty, and your town is filled with youthful hotties, this forty-something average woman looks pitiful. What used to be a lucky find in your old world is barely passable in this one.

For once, you start doing some of the upkeep before you fuck her. Since instantly changing her appearance would be too noticeable, you hide the changes behind a sensual massage. You work her back, butt and thighs, while steadily improving her skin, lifting her butt, and removing her varicose veins. She makes moaning noises as you squeeze her butt, and even though she’s not knockout hot, she still gets your blood flowing as you help improve her own circulation. She still has that slutty MILF appeal, especially when her toes curve and her mouth lets out sultry, moaning noises.

When she rolls over, you start attacking her breasts, making them rounder and perkier while squeezing them tightly.

“Ahhhhhnnnn…” She squeals, her legs kicking as her nipples become sensitive to your touches.

When Keri orgasms, just through the use of massage, a little bit of lewdness gushes from her pussy.

“Please, I can’t wait for it anymore, fuck me!” Keri begs you.

Her words and her glistening pussy are just too tempting, so you get on top of Keri and line up your cock.

“So… so big!” Keri gives you a flushed look, pleading for you to penetrate her with your big cock.

You slide it in, taking her pussy for the first time.

“Nnnnnnaaaaa! It’s inside!” Keri cries out ecstatically.

Like the other noble women, Keri’s lips immediately attack yours, her arms wrapping around you as she tries to take as much intimacy as you’ll offer her. Of course, you remain firmly dispassionate with these women. They could all seriously fall in love with you if you gave them too much affectionate. So while you kissed Keri, you didn’t do much more than pump your hips while she rubs herself against you.

“I’m going to cum… can you cum with me?” Keri looks up at you tearfully.

“Se-seriously?” You can’t help but raise an eyebrow.

While you have perfect control, and could cum in Keri at any moment, she wants you to cum now? It’s been less than a minute, so doesn’t this hit your pride as a man a little if you give her what she wants.

“I-I can keep going!” You insist, picking up the pace. “Just cum a few times and then-“

“N-no!” Keri pouts. “Cum in me when I cum. I want to have a mutual orgasm. P-please look in my eyes, I want to see you as you cum into me!”

This bitch… Keri is surprisingly demanding. Where the other girls sort of just let you take the lead and enjoy whatever ride you give, Keri seems to want to control things here.

“Please, I need this. I can’t last any longer. Let’s cum while looking at each other’s eyes! Th-then kiss me while you’re still inside me growing soft…” Keri blushes.

She’s making even more demands! Even though Keri is making all these demands now while you fuck away, the way she asks is quite sweet. Clearly, she’s relaying exactly the sexual kinks she has. Most women will just expect you to figure it out, or worst, get angry when you don’t do it the way she wants it. In a way, Keri’s behavior of informing you exactly how she wants this to go down could be called the proper way all women should behave.

Thus, you don’t have the heart to spoil her wants and like a certain burger restaurant, you decide to give it to her her way.

“N-now! I’m cummmmmmiiiingggg!”

You freak out for a second realizing while you are considering her demands she is already starting to cum, unable to resist that feel of your hard thrusting dick. Of course, you naturally open the flood gates, and as she restricts around your cock, you fill up her womb with hot stuff.

“Ah… I feel it… I… your cumming in me! Please, make me pregnant!”

You freeze at that last part, but it’s already too late, so you keep sending in the baby batter. Meanwhile, you meet her eyes as you cum. As she stares at you lovingly with her mouth slightly a gape, her expression very intimate, you can only look back awkwardly. Finally, as you allow you dick to soften, you kiss her on the lips. Perhaps you should go back to fucking your women. These married girl’s thirst are becoming a bit more than you can handle.

The door bangs open, and a person walks in. “Ah, wasn’t that refreshing. So, Keri, how did… oh!”

You immediately pull your lips from Keri’s and turn in surprise. A noble man, Keri’s husband, is standing there right at the door!

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Here is Kida’s portrait, although you’ve already been introduced to her behind with my previous ero image.