The Power of Creation – Chapter 226

*Trigger warning: This chapter gets dark. But I promise by Friday you’ll be laughing again. If you really can’t wait, I can release the next two chapters early, but you wont get another release until Monday, so decide in the comments below.

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With a wave of your hand, the two nobles on either side of Ariel burst into flames.

“Ahhhh! Ahhh! AHHHH!” The men scream as they flail around.

Ariel herself let’s out a shriek, scattering back to the head of the bed while desperately trying to shy away from the heat bursting out within the room. However, the fire burned hot, and it was only thirty second before the flames extinguished, leaving behind only two piles of ash. Ariel finally puts her hands down seeing the dead people. She lets out another shrill scream.

“Ahh! A Murderer! Guards!”

You begin to advance on her, deep rooted anger and hatred bursting forth from your body. To see Ariel like that, your mind has lost all reason.

“No!” Ariel’s eyes are terrified. “Please… stop… you can’t…”

Ariel tries to flee from you as you come up on the bed, shying farther and farther away until her back can’t move any more. However, you keep coming, red hot hatred filling your veins. How dare she steal your girl’s face! How dare she then tease you in such a brutal and hated fashion. Hate! You fucking hated this bitch!

Without a word, your burning eyes bore into her soul, while Ariel swung her hand, trying to scratch you. With your skin, it was impossible for someone of her ability to hurt you at all. Soon, your hands wrap around her neck, and you start to squeeze. Using magic to purify her of any trace of the other men, your dick pops out, and you immediately shove it into her slutty hole. Unlike your Ariel who had grown used to the feel of this monster, this girl’s eyes open and she cries out out as it tears her open.

However, with you on top of her, she can’t even struggle if she wants to. She is frozen, staring at you wide eyed as you start to pump your hips into her, raping this slutty whore for all she is worth. As you thrust away, you find yourself squeezing tighter and tighter. Soon, her face turns red, and the extra stimulation seems to cause her pussy to tighten around your cock satisfactorily, but you feel little happiness here.

You keep staring at her as her face grows redder and redder, your dick pounding away, fucking the life out of this bitch. Your hate seems to only grow more. Every thrust brought thoughts of her banging other nobles. Soon it isn’t just her. You imagine Grimhilde, Tiana, even Snow White. Every girl is cheating on you! You hate it! You hate this feeling! This was all this fucking noble’s faults.

“C-c-c-c-can’t br-br-“ That is all she can get out as her eyes start popping.

Still, your hands grow tighter and tighter. The tighter your hands get, the more her pussy seems to swell. You find yourself cumming just as the life leaves her eyes. There is finally a low gasp as you shoot a load into her. It is the kind of load that would have made a baby, had the woman been alive to take it. Regrettably, her life ends right there. No sooner did you stumble off of her than another shout catches your attention.

“You monster! What have you done to my daughter!” The king who summoned you saw this mess and charges towards you, even though he is old and frail and looks like the sword he pulled out would knock him over just from the weight.

You knock him to the side, causing him to fall unconscious. A moment later, guards start rushing in, so you kill them too. Meanwhile, the corpse on the bed grows colder and colder. The world feels like it is trembling. No, it is trembling.

There is some kind of earthquake, but you don’t think you started it. Rather, you’re still focused on your own wrath. You’re hateful. You hate this all. It’s not just the bitches’ fault, it’s this entire human realm. It is these bastards who run around swapping partners. It is these bastards who freely fuck anyone and everyone. It is these bastards whose wives are all whorish cheaters. They had corrupted Tiana, sheltered Ariel, left Aurora wanting. You hated humans. All humans!

“Fuck the human realm.” You mutter just as you kill the last guard.

You teleport your girls back to the mansion, but as for the city, it explodes in a mushroom cloud with you as the center. You collapse as the feeling of a 50 Megaton blast shoves you to the ground, but you barely even feel the intense heat and destruction. As to the married women that you had been enjoying for the last few weeks. None of them remain.

When the smoke finally clears, you stand in a giant crater where the Capital once existed. On the outskirts of the crater, there are a few buildings left standing, but not many. In a flash, a million some people are dead, with you standing at the epicenter. This is when you notice that despite the explosion being finished, the ground is still shaking. In fact, the tremors are getting worst and worst. The sky has also turned red, and the sun looks black hanging in the sky.

“What the fuck?” You murmur in a daze.

Suddenly, there is a buzzing in your ear. It is magic, someone is trying to use some kind of magic on you. You think of blocking it, but instead, your state of mind is simply not giving a fuck, so you let the message through.

“M-my love! What have you done?” The words suddenly came through crystal clear, it is Grimhilde’s voice talking.


“The world, my love, the world is ending!”

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