The Power of Creation – Chapter 227

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“My love, tell me what you did…”

“I…I killed Ariel…” Your voice sounds hoarse, as the ground shakes you fall to your butt, suddenly feeling lifeless.

“…” There a pause for a second. “My love? Ariel is right here at the mansion. She’s busy trying to get Nala to play “What’s in Your Mouth?”, but Nala doesn’t want to play because Ariel always wins.”

“I-it’s only because what Ariel puts in my mouth isn’t what I expected!” A voice shoots over the magic call.

“N-no… the other Ariel… the cheating skank Ariel…” I murmured, even though I knew without context that it made no sense to Grimhilde.

“You… that would mean… my love… what you did…” Grimhilde seemed to struggle coming up with the appropriate words. “I think I know what happened. The woman whom you killed, her name is C-“

You block the magic, no longer feeling like listening to Grimhilde talk. Lying back on the ground and looking up at the red sky while the ground under you shakes, you’re a single living person in the epicenter of a massive crater that once was the capital city. Naturally, this situation is all kinds of fucked up. How did you end up in this kind of place, anyway? What did it all matter? Ariel… she… she…

“She’s back at the mansion…” Grimhilde’s words finally come crashing home.

You teleport home, strait into Ariel’s room. Ariel is there holding a limp sausage.

“I was just shoving my sausage in her mouth, she didn’t have to cry and run away.” Ariel mutters.

At this point, Ariel realizes she’s not alone and spins to see you standing there. Instantly, a smile explodes on her face. She races over and throws her arms around you, discarding her sausage, and kissing your cheek. However, when you don’t respond, her look immediately turns serious.

You struggle to look at this Ariel without seeing that scene again. Even though their bodies were slightly different, the thought of Ariel cheating on you relentlessly cycles through your brain over and over again. NTR… NTR… you fucking hate NTR! Why did this fucking stupid novel had to get all dark and shit!

As you mind thinks these things, your hands find their way around Ariel’s throat. You begin to squeeze. It is just like before. This Ariel, that Ariel, it felt the same. Her life was in your hands, and you could squeeze it out of her. Ariel looks you in the eyes with tears, and you start to squeeze. Then, suddenly a beautiful smile forms on her face. It wasn’t anger. It was surprise. It wasn’t even fear. Just pure acceptance.

“It’s okay… hero. If you want to choke me, just do it.” Ariel says gently.

“I… could… kill you…” The words came out from your lips painfully.

“I know.” Your eyes widen in shock at her innocent response. “But it’s okay if you do.”

“How is that okay?”

“Because if I did anything to make hero want to kill me, then I should just die!” Ariel’s eyes turned fierce for a second, but only at herself. “If it’s by hero’s hand, I won’t mind. I told you already. I gave you my body in entirety. It’s your to do whatever you want. Love me, pamper me, abuse me, beat me… kill me. My body is your plaything.”

“Ariel…” Your eyes start to water.

“Just know that I love you… I will always love you. You’re my hero, forever and always!” Even with your hands tight around her neck, Ariel smiles, her eyes only holding deep affection and love.

No matter how much you squeezed, that gaze on her face would never leave. The same? How where these two women anything alike! You burst into tears, your hands falling to the sides as your embrace Ariel tightly. Your arms hold her while she grabs your head and brings it to her chest, a pair of melons much grander than that fake.  You start sobbing, tears falling from your eyes into Ariel’s generous chest, but she continues to hold you affectionately, stroking your head while hugging you gently.

As the world continues to grow shakier, you sob while holding Ariel. Only after what feels like hours do you finally pull yourself away. Ariel’s expression hasn’t changed by a fraction. She loves you just as much now as she did before. Neither crying and being unmanly, nor being wrathful, nor being violent, nor being predatory changes a single hair in Ariel’s deep devotion to you.

You kiss Ariel on the lips, and she kissed back without reservation. However, as the world tremors once again and you hear an explosion in the distance, you finally pull away.

“Can I ask what happened?” Ariel finally speaks.

You don’t hold back. You tell her everything. You tell her about the fake Ariel, the fake Merida, the cheating housewives, and even what you did to this other Ariel when you caught her like that. This time, Ariel’s expression did change. She grew contemplative and thoughtful, her smile becoming a slight frown.

“Hero… you shouldn’t have killed her.” Ariel finally states.

You widen your eyes in surprise, shocked that Ariel would suddenly not support your actions after all of this. “Eh? But…”

“I love hero and accept you for all that you are, but that doesn’t mean I won’t correct you if I think you make a mistake!” Ariel rolls her eyes as if this is the most obvious thing. “If you don’t like my advice, I’ll gladly take your punishment later!”

“It’s too late to change anything…” you sigh.

“For hero? Can’t you change everything? I can’t believe my hero is so weak as to leave things as they are. You definitely have to undo what you’ve done. To this Ariel… to the human realm too.”

“Hah? Undo it? You really care for the humans?”

“Not at all!” The lack of concern in Ariel’s voice for her race would make the King weep if he had heard it. “I care more for my hero’s wellbeing. You need to preserve them for you. Killing women isn’t your way, it never has been!”

“Then… what is my way?” you ask.

“Mmm… isn’t it the same way you’ve been using since you came here?” Ariel’s smile turns mischievous. “Break her… break that slutty bitch until she’s nothing. Break her hard, break her completely, until the only thing ever on her mind his hero’s cock. Make it so she can never think of anything else but you ever again!”

“AH!” The words she says suddenly make so much sense, that you almost feel stupid for having so much difficulty. It’s like a plot contrivance just written to drive up drama. “Why do I feel like I don’t deserve someone as great as you…”

“Hmph!” Ariel smiles. “It’s because you hit the jackpot coming to this world, right? But I didn’t say anything unique that any other girl in your harem wouldn’t say too.”

“No… it’s definitely unique.” you respond seriously, “Because it was something only Ariel could say to me!”

Ariel’s heart beat fast for a moment as you give her a passionate kiss on the lips.

“I love you!” She exclaims.

“You know… if we got married… I’d have twice as much sex with you!” you whisper in her ear.

“S-s..ex… twice as… Marry me! Let’s get married!” Ariel shouts, immediately changing her position on marriage.

“Your damn straight! When I get back we’re going to get married, go on a honeymoon, and I’m going to stick a baby in you!”

“Oh my!”

“I mean, I’m getting you pregnant, I’m not actually going to stick an infant into your vagina!”

“That sounds fun too!” Ariel gives a thumbs up while you sweatdrop. “I get to have another sister!”

“If it’s your baby, it’s not going to be your sister.” I explained, causing Ariel’s expression to drop. “That’s to say, you’re going to be the mother of my first son.”


“Yeah… I figure it’s about time to make an heir. It’d be like a little me running around…”

“L-l-l-little you…” Ariel’s eyes brighten as she imagines it.

“You can’t fuck him…” I mutter as her expression turns lewd.

“Tsk!” Ariel turns with a pout. “What’s the point of having a little you if I can’t play with it! If it’s a daughter, can I play with her?”

“Uh… I don’t see why not? Does it check out with the readers? Yeah? As long as you don’t fuck other men, I guess it’s A okay.”

“Then, I’ll just have a daughter!”

You wear a tired expression, but you still feel a swelling of love as you look at the sexy Ariel. Honestly, you see Ariel being one of those overbearing mother bears who wouldn’t let her son out of her sight and makes him love her and only her. He’d truly grow up abnormal. Maybe siring you first son with her isn’t such a good idea.

As you sweat over how close your emotional declaration made in the moment came to causing you grief. Meanwhile, Ariel gives you a shy expression.

“So, what now, hero?”

“Haha! Isn’t that obvious? It’s time to rewrite history!”

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