The Power of Creation – Chapter 23

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“Hero-san… there is only one concern I have.” Aurora speaks up after a while.

“Mm? You ask.

“The reason we summoned hero-san to this world in the first place, the Demon Lord and all of their ilk. I worry that we might one day be in danger if the Demon Lord is allowed to consolidate their power. I don’t want to grow up in a world where our new baby is threatened.”

“Ah, that might be some concern, after all,” You scratch your chin in thought, then snap your fingers. “Alright, I’ll go take care of that!”

“Huh?” Aurora says with a surprise.

“Well, there seems to be no reason to hold it off, so I’ll just go to the Demon Castle and stop this Demon Lord guy.”

“Bu-but… the demon lord is very powerful and very scary!” Aurora tries to argue back.

“You’re right, I’ll need to consider things carefully before I walk into it.”

You stand up in the middle of the room. You are still naked, but after closing your eyes for a few minutes there is another white light, and then you are completely clothed. What are you wearing? It’s none other than the most badass high-tier outfit you could imagine. Armor fit exactly to your play style enchanted with every enchantment you could imagine.

In a flash, you go from a naked guy to looking like a knight, or at least the top-level player. In the real world’s games, you’d have to fight and earn the better stuff, steadily affording stuff as items got better and more money was dropped from higher tier enemies. But in the end, all the best armor was always found in dungeons, and the dungeons likely created this high-tier stuff using magic, so you simply made a spelled that created this armor on your own.

You think for a second and then another flash gives you a giant sword, one of those impractically large things that could cleave mountains with a single blow. Luckily, it was as light as a feather in your hands.

“Ah, you truly do look like the hero, hero-san. I am pleased to be able to bear your child.”

“Yes, hero is the best!” Ariel shouts.

You turn to leave, but Aurora stops you, “Uh… first, I don’t know how long it’ll take, but could you name our child before you leave?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah, I guess Ariel II is out of the question? Yeah… um… well, I made her really beautiful just like her sister, so how about Belle?”

“Belle?” Aurora works the name in her mouth and then nods excitedly, “Mm! Belle it is!”

“I don’t expect it to take all that long though…” You laugh, “I’m just going to pop over there, scare then silly, and then come home. They do those strongest are the leader things right? Since we need a place, maybe we’ll just take their castle?”

“Ah, raise my baby in the demon country?” Aurora looked worried.

“Well, we can work something out. It might be simpler to just set up my own nation.” You consider your future carefully, “If any of the other nations get in our way, we’ll just destroy them.”

“Is the father of my child the hero or another Demon Lord?” Aurora frowns.

“Let’s not think about that. I’ll see you guys later. Let Mulan know I’m stepping out for a bit.”

You open a hole in space and take a step right into the Demon Castle.

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