The Power of Creation – Chapter 231

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“Owner, this body is yours to begin with, please enjoy it in whatever way you wish.” Rapunzel is kneeling, naked on your bed, with her butt up in the air. “Please, stick it in!”

Your eyes twitch as you look at the scene. “So… I just grab the tail… and go?”

“Mm!” Rapunzel declares excitedly.

However attractive Rapunzel’s body is, you just can’t get past the big bushy tail. Basically, there is no way to stick it in without the big hairy thing being pressed against your chest. It’s not like Elena, who can control her tail to some extent. Elena’s tail is short-haired and flexible, and feels soft like a stuffed animal. Meanwhile, Rapunzel’s tail is big and bushy. Admit it, if you pulled down a girls underwear and a giant fro exploded from her crotch, you’d hesitate. Well, this was a similar situation.

“Can we, I don’t know, do it from the front?” You offer.

Rapunzel shakes her head, “Ah… sorry Owner, but lying on my back makes my tail sore. So, please, take me from behind!”

Her tail seems to curl slightly, as if saying this gets her even more excited. Her reddish hair around her pussy starts to glisten with moisture, and it’s clear to see that she’s extremely excited over the prospect of losing her virginity. However, you still pause, because no matter how you look at it, you’re still fucking a squirrel, right? You mean, both figuratively and literally, this girl is a squirrel. It’s all hairy too. Sticking your dick in her would be a crime against nature, wouldn’t it?

“For the fans!” You mutter, knowing in your heart you’ve done worst things just to keep it interesting.

You grab Rapunzel’s tail, but it takes you two tries to get a grasp on the thing. It’s so fluffy that it’s difficult to find the base tail, which is more rat-like. Rapunzel’s butt shakes excitedly, and with a light yank you pull her tail lifting her fur patch so it’s perfectly lined up with your cock.

“Mmmm… ahh…. Owner…. Stick it in!” Rapunzel squeals.

Cthulhu suddenly bursts in the room and starts the end of the world. His massive tentacles flailing as he attacks…


Wait… um… fake Ariel hatches an evil plan and…

“Nu uh…”


“Nope, we’re doing this.”

Fuck, I’ve really trapped myself into writing a scene where I have to write sex with a squirrel, don’t I?


Alright, fine, but if I’m writing this, I’m writing it in the most over-the-top Japanese ero novel way possible. It’s going to be the complete and utter filler nonsense that you guys seem to like in all those other novels.

“It’s what Pun would have wanted.”

“Uh, Owner, why are you sitting there talking to yourself?” Rapunzel asks worriedly.

“N-nothing! Just a brief psychotic break.”


“Let’s begin!”

You spread open Rapunzel’s cheeks as her honey liquid leaks gratuitously from her lotus petal down her rich, pale, flushed thighs that exude a delicate warmth and feeling. You grope the soft, pale skin, feeling the elasticity against the palms of your hand, which provide a elegant mixture of both softness and firmness that feels particularly satisfying.

“Mm…aaahnn…nnaaaaaahhh…mmmm…nnn…nnnn. No, please!” Rapunzel makes incomprehensible noises as if she’s in extreme sexual lust, even though you’ve barely touched her ass, and she also starts protesting your touch, even though she just begged for it like a second ago.

You stick a long, pointy finger into her lustful melon hole, invading the rich depths of her inner body and penetrating her womb forcefully. Your finger slides into her wet insides, the feeling of her soft muscular walls pressing tightly against your moistening finger.

“Nnnn! Mmmmm! NNNAAAAAAAA!!!” Rapunzel lets out ecstatic cries, apparently so aroused by a single finger that she erupts in pleasure, becoming so excited she shakes. “MmmNNn, Nnfffuuuuuu!”

As Rapunzel speaks in tongues, you pull your finger out, scooping the clear syrup from inside her, your finger rubbing along the skin. You bring your finger to your mouth tasting her liquidity sugar, enjoying the taste and the smell of her lewd muddy liquids.

“D-don’t smell it…” Rapunzel responds, acting mortified even though seconds earlier she was completely shameless.

“I-I’m going to stick it in…” You respond like a nervous Japanese protagonist, even though this is like the millionth time you’ve had sex.

“No, you can’t!” Rapunzel protests in surprise, even though it makes no fucking sense when you think about it.

You take your thing that will never be referred to as a penis, we’ll call it your “mister”. You take your mister out of your pants. The massive thing explodes like volcano, causing the woman in front of your to audibly gulp. You immediately line it up with her lustful, sticky canal and then you stick it in her.

“Ahhh… NNnnn…. Ahhhnnnn… it’s… sliding… in!” Rapunzel says in complete surprise, like seriously, what the fuck did she think you are doing?

Her honey leaks out and covers your mister, which is now pushing into her womanly parts excitedly. Her inner muscles pulsate strongly against the mister, swelling around it welcomingly as it emerges inside her, invading the entrance to her womb space.

“I’m about to break… mm… mmm… mmm…mmm…. Mmmm… mmmbop… mmmity… mmmm… yeah… yeah… yeah… yeah.” Rapunzel announces.

You push your dick into her, breaking Rapunzel open as her honey, dyed a little pink, flows out freely like the mountain waters of some Daoist temple. You know the one.

“Agagagagaggagaga… NNnnn…. Mmmnnnngaaaa!” Rapunzel shouts as you violate her womb with your mister.

Soon, you start plowing her in strong aggressive piston movements. Your hands grab at her back thighs, while your dick churns muddy liquids from her honeyed path with each churn. Liquid leaks freely and you can smell the dirty scents of her muddy liquid, which mists out lewdly, filling the room with her honey, muddy, lewdy liquidity mists. Can you visualize that? Yeah, neither can I. But it make you hard as hell, doesn’t it?

“Don’t smell!” Rapunzel blushes shyly, even though you’re plowing her with rough piston movements in a position she willingly got in, she’s still acting shy and defensive.

“Hai!” You declare for some reason.

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!

You make the sex noises, because of course the sound you hear when balls slap into a hot moist woman is of course Pan. Why do you think they call him Peter Pan? Sneaking into teenager Windy’s room and looking for his shadow? Yeah, right. He was looking for tail. He was using his peter to give her the pan. I’d joke about how he banged Tinker Bell too, but considering the nomenclature in this novel she might end up joining your harem soon, I think, and then you might start whining about NTR again. But I digress…

Oh, look over here, Rapunzel is making more nonsensical noises, let’s spell those out!

“Ahhhhnnn… sooo deep… mmmm…  nnnn… nananananananananananana batman!”

Your piston movements keep taking her aggressively, your hands continue to grope the back of her thighs, and your dick churns her muddy liquids from the honeyed path with each churn. Liquid leaks freely and you can taste the muddy liquid on the tip of your tongue it is so thick. Oh, I’m sorry, did that sound too much like a previous paragraph I just had? Well, get used to it, we’re just going to be repeating variations of it for a while now.

“Mmm… aaaaahhnnn… laaaa…I’m gowing cwazy!” Rapunzel screams cutely.

Your piston movements are so pistony and her honeyed parts are so slick and filled with honey and did I mention that your movements are like a piston and that she’s leaking like all kinds of sweet nectar, and don’t even get me started on her muddied insides, which are leaking out. What is leaking from where? Who the fuck cares! She’s leaky as hell!

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!

“Rah, ah, ah, ah, ah… Gaga… ooo.. lala… C-c-cumming!” Rapunzel screams out like an emaciated Chinese factory worker.

Your continue your piston movements, grinding your mister deep in her womb as she releases even more honeyed fluids which are somehow distinctly different from all the other honey fluids leaking out of her before. This time she’s cumming gobs of sweet hot honeyed liquid! You continue to grab onto her backside, forcing your mister deep inside her misses.

The feel of her muscular contractions satisfies your mister greatly, providing you an intense and satisfying pleasure that blazes like a thousand suns bursting from your loins and on through her muddied waters and exploding through her erotic moaning body. The intensity is like so intense, you guys, you can’t even imagine how intense and lewd and sexy this shit is. Imagine the best sex you ever had. It’s even better, you guys.

“I hope I don’t get pregnant!” She declares for some reason, even though any of your harem girls would happily have your child.

“Hoho… you better be careful, you might!” You tease her darkly while your thighs are still piston moving-like.

Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan! Pan!

You continue to jackhammer Rapunzel with your mister until her fluids are dripping and your mister is covered in syrupy liquid and smells rich of Rapunzel’s own honeyed fluids.

“Ah…mmmm… nnnn… ahhh…. Nnn… mmmm… nnn… aaaaannnn…. Nnaaaaa…” Rapunzel responds as you continue to violate her with your mister.

“I’m going to cum in your womb!” You declare darkly, your eyes muddied and dark and also dark and also muddy, but definitely with a dark malevolent glint in your eye that suggests you might not have Rapunzel’s best interests at all because your a rebel and a badass. Yeah you are, look at you having unprotected sex with a virgin squirrel girl, your the coolest and most badass person in this story, rejoice in your own adherent wish fulfillment.

“No, please don’t!” Rapunzel looks back tearfully, because it’s always hot to see girls cry when you fuck them?

“I will!”

“You better not!”

“I’m doing it!”

“Nu uh!”

“Uh huh!”

Your mister releases a white hot sludge of stuff deep inside Rapunzel’s womb. It muddies her insides, but even muddier and more dirty than before as they fill with warm sticky fluid which then muddies with her clear honeyed fluid until her pussy is a dirty dirty mess.

“Nnnn… ahhh… nnnn… mmmm… maaaaaa…. I feel it… inside! I’m getting pregnant, but not really!”

You continue to move in great big piston movements.

Pan! Pan! Pan!

Her muddied liquids gush out from inside and she leaks out honey as you pan pan her with your big mister. Finally, the pair of you recover from that long scene of meaningless sex noises and nonsense verbs.

“Did you like my mister?” You ask.

Rapunzel nods her head exhausted.” I do!”

“Then, it’s about time you meet his friend!”


“His name is mister fister!” You pull up your fist.

Rapunzel faints.

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