The Power of Creation – Chapter 234

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Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

“Nnn! Nnnn… No more! No more!” a cute voice growls.

However, you ignore her as you pin her up against the wall, thrusting away at her wild naked form. This wild creature would have scratched your back to shreds and bitten you neck until you bleed to death had you been any other man. Of course, you’re you, and her bites more tingle than do so much as break skin. Instead, her mad desperate attempts to suck your neck to feed herself is kind of cute.

Her claws don’t do any better. They scratch at your back, but as a long graduate of the catgirl club you’ve grown used to women who scratch and thus your back takes no damage and only further excites you. While this little monster that used to be the queen tries to eat you, it actually turns you on a bit. You’re not becoming a vore, are you? Actually, a lot of her vampiric powers don’t seem to be just blood, but an ability that absorbs mana. As a human, she might have been able to consume enough to make you pass out, but as you are now, it’s but a drop of water in your overall total capacity.

Instead, she only comes across as very feral and aggressive, and is so focused on trying to consume you, a terrifying act that leaves most men petrified until they die, that she doesn’t even notice too much as you strip off her clothing. It is about the time you slid your penis back into that pussy, now framed with white hair, that the vampire begins to realize something is wrong. Unable to pierce your iron skin, it tries to leap off, but you move with it and that’s how you end up pushing it against a wall.

To you, she’s light, so you can keep her legs up and her ass pinned against the wall as you fuck her hard. Meanwhile, she bites and scratches and growls and moans, a beast being ravaged and fucked aggressively. Naturally, she’s way more active and expressive than the previous queen bitch. This hot little vampire is actually a bit of fun as she fights back desperately but is unable to free herself from your cock. She’s a real spitfire!

As you take her against the wall, your balls slapping into her as you enjoy the feel of her warm twat, she bites into your neck again. This time you allow her teeth to sink in with a single exhalation of breath. You allow her to drink your blood. Well, it’s not like you don’t have tons. As soon as it touches her tongue, she’s both surprised and relieved. The agony of your giant penis taking her roughly can be ended as soon as she consumes the last drop of your blood.

Furthermore, as soon as she tastes your blood, she realizes it tastes really sweet! It’s the tastiest blood that the vampire has ever had. It is laced heavily with mana, and thus gives the vampire an euphoric… no… orgasmic feeling! In fact, the taste of your sweet delicious blood complements the feel of her pussy being pounded nicely. This is the greatest feeling the vampire has ever had the pleasure to enjoy. Being fucked and eating at the same time is clearly the best! Why has it been letting the host enjoy all the carnal pleasures on its own!

“Mmm! Mmm…” The vampire moans through your neck, continuing to suck more and more blood while it orgasms in pleasure and clings to you desperately.

Of course, as the time goes by, your pounding doesn’t slow. Your hard erection keeps forcing its way in her over and over again until her hips feel like they will break. Worst, the blood keeps coming. There shouldn’t be any blood left to fuel that penis, yet it is still as stiff as a board! The vampire is confused. It has consumed enough mana and blood for five men. It has, for the first time in its life, felt full. And yet the blood keeps coming. The vampire keeps cuming!

“Can’t it’s too much… too much!” The vampire speaks the first words it has that night, finally breaking its teeth from your neck.

“Ah, come on, we haven’t even started yet!” You chuckle.

“!?” The vampire let’s out a surprised noise as you continue to pound away at the bloated vampire who feels like they are ready to pop.

Thwack. Thwack. Thwack.

You enjoy that pussy long into the night. Her back pressed against the cold stone wall, you pound her, enjoying her wet dripping thing with your cock fully. You fuck her long. You fuck her hard. You keep fucking until there is no fight left in her. You fuck the fight out of the vampire. It only takes about an hour, but her hands finally fall to her sides and her red eyes lose their light and luster. She just hangs their while you pump her more and more. A little blood is leaking from her lips, having already drunken far past a reasonable fill. She’s stuffed in every meaning of the word.

“Tsk… can’t even keep up with Merida and Mushu, never mind Ariel.” You admonish the woman and toss her down on the bed, a heap of broken vampire.

Curious about how you came to fuck a vampire anyway, you delve into her mind with your magic. Unlike Cruella, who can somehow block your devinations, you become very clear on the history of Esmerelda. As you knew, Esmerelda was a woman slated to be married to Reginald. However, a month before they were supposed to be married, she was cursed with a vampiric possession. In this world, vampirism isn’t like a disease, but more like a demonic possession.

It doesn’t happen simply from being bit, but by flaying the spirit and molding a part of the person into a monster. This causes most people to be driven mad, thus becoming the feral mobs most heroes like Florian kill for quest money. This didn’t completely happen with Esmeralda. Esmeralda was a strong woman, and did her best to control the vampiric tendencies. She cut off that broken part of herself, creating two separated identities. She could keep it constrained as long as she regularly fed it.

Then, using those vampiric powers, she enthralled the King. The part of her that had fallen in love with Reginald didn’t want to see him hurt by the vampire, so she broke off the wedding and forced the King to pursue her. She kept Reginald close, but also at a distance. she loved him greatly. However, she thought nothing for the King, which is why the King had long been killed. The King everyone knew was merely her puppet. That’s right, the true ruler of the human realm was this vampire right here!

Since then, she had fed on many humans in secret. She festered the dark underworld of deviance exactly to aid herself in getting away with her own misdeeds. Over time, Esmerelda gained some ritual of sleeping with a man before allowing the monster out, usually at night. As she had said, the vampire seemed to be most attracted to consuming those who had just had sex. Perhaps it helped them put their guard down. Perhaps it had to do with the adrenaline in their blood or something, who cares. The point is, Esmerelda thought you to be the next victim. She hadn’t liked your gladiators embarrassing her human knights, so she sought to send you to an early death, and perhaps blame it on those demihuman women you keep around you.

Little did Esmerelda know that her plot was doomed from the start. You weren’t just some simple noble easily confounded by some pussy. Well, you are… but you’re also not going to be taken down by a vampire. As you look down at the barely conscious bloated vampire on your bed, you consider what to do next.

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