The Power of Creation – Chapter 237

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Last time on the Adventures of Bitch Princess and Loli Red. Selena’s dead and so is the King! Cruella was up to no good, pretending to be Ariel while whoring around the kingdom. Her plans were only thwarted when Bitch Princess arrives just in time to bravely  and majestically stab her in the back when she wasn’t looking. However, all is still not well, because the Queen of the Great Kingdom, Esmerelda, had previously been possessed by an alter-ego vampire. To protect herself, she enthralled the king and married him, using her position of power to control and placate the vampire within her. After banging both of Esmerelda’s boss forms, you sat in contemplation over how you’ll solve this pickle. Your choice? To allow Esmerelda  to believe she killed you and lay low until the finals ended! With your team standing triumphant, Esmerelda announces your death prematurely, and you come out on stage at just the right time to… find the pregnant mother of one of your children dead. Okay… not a great plan. But you’re a guy who likes to wing it. Oh, Mulan is there too. 

“Hey, this is the adventures of Bitch Princess and Loli Red, why does this story have nothing to do with me?” Loli Red cries.

Shut Up, Flat chest! That’s why!

“F-f-f-f-f-f-flat chest!” Loli Red screams. “Th-this Great Dragon will kill you!” 

And now… the continuation…

“Are you ignoring this great one!” 


“Well, I think that explains about everything.” You dust off your hands.

“I understand even less than before!” Eric cries, “Do you know what’s happening?”

Eric asks this question to his former love interest, Esmerelda, who merely shrugs and shakes her head, just as lost. You ignore the pair of them and address Ariel directly.

“Ariel, you didn’t kill her, did you?”

“What?” Ariel looks up at you innocently. “Hmph! Despite what hero may think, I know how to stick hard things into women without hurting them…”


“Sister! You’ve come to see your big sister fight? Mushu is so happy!”

Mulan is standing somewhere nearby, and Mushu takes the opportunity to leap onto her smaller sister, who is now back in human form once again. Mulan dodges skillfully, allowing Mushu to land flat on her face.

“M-mulan!” Mushu says tearfully, “We’ve been apart for so long, can’t you at least show me a little love!”

Mulan gives a sniff in Mushu’s direction, “Mushu smells like dirty sex. Mushu has been naughty!”

Mushu freezes, unable to deny her own transgressions. As an admitted siscon, the amount of sex she’s had while away has been very disloyal. In fact, she had even welcomed five other women in her nest and did this and that with them! Can she even be a siscon at this point?

Mushu collapses to her knees, crying tearfully. “I’m so sorry, Mulan! I didn’t mean to be an improper sister!”

“Hmph!” Mulan raises her head, abusing this rare opportunity to force a wedge in her relationship with her warped sister, “Since sister wants to whore around with other women, this Great Dragon is no longer interested!”

“Ha……Ha…Ha… Hahahahahahahahaha!” Mushu starts laughing, her eyes shining wildly as it looks like she’s starting to lose grip on reality to the point Mulan can only take a terrified step back.

“S-sister?” Mulan asks worriedly.

“Sister… whore… you’re right… this sister… has tainted herself and mated with humans and goblins and whatever the hell Rapunzel is…”


“Bless you.”

“That doesn’t even sound like sneezing…” Rapunzel cries while Merida pats her head.

“Therefore, there is only one way I can still be together with sister…” Mushu says, laughing while stumbling towards Mulan like a zombie.

“Wh-what way?” Mulan whimpers, backing away in fear.

“Naturally, Mulan must also fornicate with all the lower races!”

“All of them?” Mulan let out a shriek.

“Yes! The only way I can continue to be with sister is if I drag her down to my level. I must pollute your body as I have polluted my own, and taint our very souls in debauchery… then we can finally be together. We’ll be broken, hapless sisters who have descended into the abyss of carnal desires together! Isn’t it poetic? If I can’t have you in heaven, then I’ll bring my sister to hell!” Mushu declares and looks around, seeing her sister is no longer in front of her. “Eh? Sister?”

“Ahhhh!” In the distance is a dragon flying away as fast as her wings can flap.

“Let the chase begin…” Mushu declares, leaping into the air and giving chase, only taking on her faster dragon form once they get out of the city limits.

“Wh-wh-what is this?” A withered king stumbles out into the stage at this point as the two dragons disappear in the distance. He is looking from the Ariel lying face first on the ground and the new Ariel who just appeared.

“Oh… Hi dad!” Ariel declares, skipping up and giving her confused father a hug.

“Ah? Wh- but… my… daughter… you…” The King is confused, sputtering as he tries to sort out what he just witnessed.

“I’m your daughter. This bitch is a fake. See… she’s even faking being dead. Stupid fake!” Ariel kicks the girl under her.

“Ah! You… you stabbed me in the back and now you kick me! Aren’t you a princess? What’s with the shamelessness?” The other Ariel stands up, pulling the knife from her back and tossing it to the side, “Freaking humans…”

There is a rustling as everyone in the crowd gasps in surprise.

Ariel snorts, “Why don’t you get out of my body! There’s only one me, and you do a bad job of pretending!”

“Hmph, you lie! I do a wonderful job imitating. It’s a perfect copy!” The other woman snorts  in imitation, her body suddenly shifting until a second later Selena is standing there.

“Selena?” Eric squints and then looks back at the body on the ground and shakes his head angrily. “So, it’s like this… You bitch! I’ll kill you!”

Eric slashes his blade causing the woman to step back.

“Woah, woah, woah… I’m sensing some hostility with everyone here?” The fake Selena puts on an infuriating smile as she lookes at all the people watching her without a single ounce of fear on her face. “What? You stupid humans never seen a mimic before? Well, half mimic… on my father’s side. My mother’s side is….”

“Demon lord.” You finish her words.

The woman wearing Selena’s face laughs. “So, you do have it figured out. I’m so happy that it makes me want to punch you in the face.”

“You’re one to talk.” You shoot back, “You’re the one who has been impersonating my girls and dragging their names through the mud with your slutty whorish actions!”

“Haha! That was just a test. To be honest, I was here to destabilize the human realm. These bastards have been summoning too many heroes from the other worlds, it weakens reality and allows him to touch our world, right? He already has enough influence on everything we do, you wouldn’t like it if the demon god came topside. It’s a shame these humans are too stupid the realize all the good we do for them. Heroes? People like you? Should all just die!”

“He’s coming anyway, or so I heard.” You shrug at her threat. “Either way, what does that have to do with impersonating my girls?”

“Well, I hardly knew Ariel was your girl. I didn’t even know the bitch was alive! However, the rest was just some vengeance. You think I don’t know that you’ve captured my sisters. You already had Grimhilde and Maleficant, but that wasn’t enough? Suddenly, you take Medusa and Ursula too? Your think yourself the next Demon King? Of course, I had to show you a little of my wrath. See what you’re made of.”

“And how did I do?” You ask.

“You failed.” Cruella sniffs. “You’re so boring. You don’t even get a little angry. You simply cuckhold me for a week or so? You don’t even fuck me once? I thought you had more balls than that!”

Your eyebrow twitches but you don’t say anything. Cruella just wanted a reaction out of you?  What is she twelve? Of course, this Cruella doesn’t have the knowledge you have. In other words, she doesn’t remember you strangling her to death and blowing up the city. Perhaps she’d feel a bit more cautious had she known what really had happened. Well, the past is the past… and that particular past no longer exists.

“I’ve heard enough, guards, as the only royal not possessed or dead, arrest this woman for conspiracy against the throne!” Prince Eric declares.

“Don’t bother.” Cruella holds up her hand, causing the guards to slow down and approach cautiously. “A girl knows when she overstays her welcome.”

“Running away?” I ask, amused.

“You really piss me off!” Cruella snaps, “But if you think I’ll let you claim me easily, you have another thing coming! I’ll be coming to free my sisters. You’ll never claim us all!”

“Uh huh… sure…” You respond, not terribly convinced.

A flick of the finger and a flash of light later, Cruella disappears. You let her go because you’re not even all on board with the Demon King path that the demon lords are trying to put you on. While having a woman who can be anything is exciting, doesn’t it just get repetitive in the end? Why have a copy when you can taste the original?

You’ll think on whether you want to claim her in the future. It’s not like you haven’t had the power to drag over all three remaining demon lords and subjugate them instantly anyway. Letting her play her games just seems a little more… entertaining…

“Alright, boys and girls! Epilogue time. Let’s wrap this arc up!” You declare.

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