The Power of Creation – Chapter 244

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“It started when Anna and Elsa left…” Aurora explains.

“What is that!” You exclaim our loud and stand up.

“Yes, our daughters left. They got bored being cooped up in the mansion all the time. I tried to stop them, but they said they knew Father would be angry, so they made sure to cover their tracks.”

You do a quick scan with magic, but alas, Anna and Elsa have completely disappeared. They’ve gone off the grid. It is just five days, why did so much stuff have to happen? Perhaps a better question is why didn’t you notice it when it was happening. You could have checked up on any of your girls at any time over the last five days and got a feeling that something was up. However, almost half of your harem was with you on the boat, and you spent the time playing around rather than keeping track of your girls.

You finally sit back down, letting out a breath. “Okay, then what happened.”

“It started out slowly about four days ago, the mood in the mansion started to change. Some of the girls were growing restless. You had been gone for nearly a month. Ursula was talking about leaving, since she considered herself a captive. Even Moana spoke of abandoning the mansion and raising her baby on her own!”

You wince at those damning words. You had been a bit inconsiderate of your harem. There were just so many women. How could you possibly account for every one of them all the time? Perhaps had Ariel stayed behind, they’d be too busy dodging female rape that they wouldn’t have noticed your absence as much. However, your greatest cheerleader had also left the mansion a few weeks back, leaving the abandoned girls to feel abandoned. Can’t this be one of those Xian Xia stories where you bang a girl once and she’s blindly loyal to you for years and years after?

“It looks like I have much to make up for!” You sigh. “So, then what?”

“Two days ago, Megara put out a vote to officially Unionize and demand better treatment. Ursula and Moana jumped on board. A single promise to Jasmine that she’d get some and she signed up too, dragging Elena along. Belle signed up quickly after. So did Maleficant. The maids said something about you abusing them and their sisters with magic, and joined them.

“Those of us that tried to hold out were already outnumbered. Nala caved under pressure and some scandal about what she was doing with fruit.”

You stopped her from fucking vegetables so she started fucking fruit! Damn it, Nala, find a new kink!

Aurora continued. “It finally came to me, Grimhilde, Medusa, Pocohontas, and Cinderella. Cinderella said that one of her former lives had always wanted to revolt against authority. As for Medusa and Grimhilde, Megara captured them and took them away. When they returned, it was clear they had been brain washed. That was when they decided to booby trap the house, to remove all sex using some kind of area spell.”

“So, it is a spell?” You mutter.

Aurora gave a confirmation. “Yes, Medusa cooked it up. It censors out all sex. In the end, they didn’t even need to brainwash me, because my mind had been forced to forget all thoughts of sex. I didn’t forget what it was, it was just that my mind tried to repel those thoughts forcefully.”

Ariel nods as well. “That’s what happened to me as well. As soon as I entered the mansion, I planned to start warming some of the girls up for hero’s homecoming but by the time I took a few steps I forgot everything about sex.”

“It should have hit you too, hero-san, but I guess you had some kind of protection.”

You gave a shrug and a smile, not explaining more. Well, you technically being an interdimensional being moving an avatar is still something you probably don’t want to mention to the girls. Either way, a Demon Lord’s spell isn’t enough to hold you down. You’re more curious about how Megara got everyone to follow her.

“Well, if that’s the case, I better go put an end to this foolishness.” You stand up and flex.

“Be careful, hero-san, Ariel and I were not considered threats, so we were merely left under Medusa’s spells. But even if you undo Medusa’s censorship, the other women have likely gone under more strenuous brainwashing. It won’t be as easy to fight against them.”

Ariel also speaks up, although now she is busy playing with her mom’s nipples. “Yes, hero, before I came to have tea with mom, I saw the other girls who came home with us being taken away to Megara. Even the girls who went with us to the Capital have likely already been brainwashed. You may have to fight some of them. They will resist you.”

You give a single stoic nod. “I understand. I guess I’ll just have to forcefully rape every woman in my harem for their own good.”

“Eh? Hero-san,” Aurora gives you a strange look. “Can’t you just magically remove the mind control? Or purify the women with a spell rather than your penis?”

“I think we both know that’s not happening…”


“Enough talk! It’s time for rape!” You kick open the door, the battle has just begun.

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P.S. This is the arc that one chapter in a bunch of you stated you hated. Therefore, I’ll happily cut out all future sex scenes to quickly get through this arc per your request and desires.