The Power of Creation – Chapter 245

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“You dirty pig! Don’t touch me!” Mushu screamed as you bent her over and plowed her from behind.

You had removed Medusa’s censorship spell on the mansion, so your penis was perfectly in shape as it plowed in Mushu’s round behind.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Your dick viciously violates her pussy with extreme vigor. As to Mushu’s dragon form, you of course restricted it. As soon as she saw you, her eyes grew red and she went on the offensive. It looks like Aurora’s assessment that everyone in the mansion has been brainwashed is true. The dragon sisters are the first pair to attack you. Perhaps Megara thought if the girls went into their dragon forms, you wouldn’t be able to rape them. Of course, you’ve plowed Mulan as a dragon before, and while you aren’t jumping to repeat the experience, you have no issue with it.

It doesn’t matter anyway, because Megara underestimates how powerful you are. Even the two strong dragons are but children under your hands. As soon as Mulan and Mushu reach you, you push Mushu over and starts banging her pussy from behind. As far as Mulan, she’s being held to your side. She’s trying to kick and hit you as you rape her sister, but she’s but a child, both in the effect of her attacks, and in her own appearance. With Mushu bent over, her face shoved in the carpet like a punished pet, while you pound her from behind, Mulan being kept away with an arm as she screams and kicks you, it truly looks like one of those awful scenes where the bad man rapes the mother while the underage daughter can only watch in horror.

Of course, these are sisters, and you’re the good guy… probably… for the most part. You have good qualities. Some good qualities. A few. Okay, you might not be a good guy, but you’re not the worst guy ever, and that means something.

“I’m going to cum! Let the purification commence!” You blow your load inside Mushu while Mushu cries out, reaching an orgasm herself as she feels hot seed rushing inside her like a torrent.

With Mushu finished, you can finally turn all your attention on Mulan. You wrestle Mulan to the ground while she fights and kicks and bites.

“Ah! I hate you! You’re gross! Pervert! Leave this great one alone!”

“Aren’t I your master?” You demand. “Shouldn’t you be happy I’m mounting you?”

“No! Scoundrel. Hateful bastard! I hate you! Don’t touch me!” Mulan spews out a string of abusive words.

“Ah?” Mushu stands up, however her brainwashing has already been removed, so her eyes appear more focused than before. “Is hero trying to rape my sister?”

“Yes!” Mulan cries. “Please, sister, save me! He’s trying to rape you poor innocent sister! Please, save me. You’re my only sister who I love, please protect me!”

Hearing her brainwashed sister plead for her help tugs on Mushu’s heartstrings, and she gives you a complicated look.

“My lord, I know you have your reasons, but for my sister… I must…” Mushu spoke slowly, conflicted by her feelings.

“If you let me rape her, I’ll let you sit on her face.” I spoke up.

“Deal!” Mushu gives you a thumbs up, immediately swinging her legs over Mulan’s head and lowering herself.

“Eh? What is sister doing? Why are you squatting over my head? Where is your underwear? There is white stuff leaking out, it’s falling on my face! Mushu, ah! It smells, no! Stop! Mmmm, Mmmmnnnsnmmmmm…” The rest of Mulan’s words are cut off as Mushu positions herself over Mulan.

“Ah… that’s quieter!” You say in relief as the abusive words turn into a muffled hum.

“Nn!” Mushu lets out a cute moan. “Sister is so rambunctious today. Her lips are moving on my pussy so much it feels so good.”

“I hope you don’t mind if I play with your tits while I fuck your sister?” You ask.

Mushu shakes her head, pulling her tits out the top of her dress. “Not at all, please, they’re my lord and my sister’s playthings! Ah! Sister is biting it! Mmm… I like…”

Mushu blushes as Mulan chomps down on her pussy. If she realized how much Mushu liked it, Mulan probably wouldn’t be struggling as much while pressed against Mushu’s wet dirty snatch which is still leaking your cum. Mulan ends up forcefully inhaling cum as she tries to breath, her nose pressed in Mushu’s clit while her mouth tries to bite her pussy lips. Meanwhile, you spread Mulan’s legs forcefully, and slide into her tight pussy, which has grown used to your size, even though Mulan is still a pretty small girl.

You get to enjoy a wonderful combination, playing with Mushu’s mega tits while enjoying Mulan’s tight loli pussy. It’s truly the best of both worlds. As you fondle those large breasts, feeling their soft elasticity on your fingers tips while you pussy plows into that warm, right hole, you quickly go to heaven.

Mushu too, with her tits being played with and her pussy being rubbed all over her sister’s face is also ecstatic. Soon, she is humping Mulan’s face as aggressively as you hump her pussy, the small Mulan being humped by two big things at once. As Mulan starts to orgasm against her will, her body doing what her mind won’t, she finds herself unable to get enough oxygen under Mushu’s big round ass and smothering pussy. She starts to hyperventilate, unable to fulfill her oxygen quota.

“Ah, I’m cumming!’ You declare.

“M-me too!” Mushu cries.

As you fill up Mulan’s pussy with your pulsing cock, and Mushu cums buckets all over her gasping face, Mulan becomes convinced she’s going to die from the pair of you. Her muffled cries slowly turn into silence as she awaits her fate.

At that point, she sees great grandpa Bahamut. He died eighty years ago, but he always treated her well when she was just a young dragon pup and she thought very fondly of him.

“Grandpa! I missed you so much!” Mulan cries and waves out.

Grandpa Bahamut waves back, gesturing Mulan over to follow him. He’s on a boat in the river, with a giant bright light behind him. However, the the more she runs, the farther away grandma becomes.

“I’m coming, Grandpa! I’m coming!” Mulan cries as the light floods her vision and she falls into darkness.

“Perhaps we overdid it?” Mushu suggests.

You and Mushu stare down at the unconscious Mulan reaching up and saying those words while her eyes are closed. Her face is covered in cum from both you and Mulan, and her pussy is also leaking, making her unconscious movements seem a bit preverse.

“I know I fucked her to orgasm, but why would she want her grandpa to know she’s cumming?” You ask with a frown. “She’s not one of those girls into old men, is she?”

Mushu gives you an apologetic bow. “I’m sorry, it turns out my sister is truly an incestuous pervert, I’ll try to set her straight back on the path of sister love.”

Had Mulan heard the words you two just shared, she would have happily fled into the light just to get away from the pair of you.

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