The Power of Creation – Chapter 254

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The mansion is on fire. The entire harem lies in a dirty mess on the ground in front of the mansion. You sit there, breathing hard over the horrific predicament you just survived. Well, it wasn’t really that horrible, it was kind of nice, actually. However, your fireball went out of control and now the mansion was burning along with everything in it. The girls managed to make it out okay, and naturally you just teleported yourself and Megara out. The goblin army is currently off on training routines set up by Snow White and Grimhilde, so you didn’t need to worry about them too much. Basically, everyone is alright.

“I made a lot of good memories in that mansion.” You sigh.

“Wh-what are we going to do now?” Nala sniffles, rubbing the ash from her cheek but only serving to spread it around.

“I don’t know… Nala… I just don’t know…” You hug Nala’s shoulder, the two of you staring teary eyed as your home as it burns to ashes.


You ignore the eyes staring at you.


Yup, this is the end of a chapter of your life. The turning of a new leaf. Things will never be the way they were before.

“Can’t commoner just cast a spell and undo the fire?” Tiana mutters, causing you to wince.

“Shhhhh…” Ariel keeps Tiana quite with her tongue.

While Ariel is tonguing Tiana, more of the girls who overhear her realize the situation isn’t hopeless and start to look at you with questioning glares. It’s feeling a bit hot out here, and it has nothing to do with the fire.

“Master! You could have stopped this fire at any time, why are you letting it destroy all this great one’s stuff.” Mulan demands with her hands on her hips.

“Yeah… I have important things in there!” Ursula adds.

“This seems completely unnecessary.” Cinderella nods. “None of the spirits that make up my body wanted to see their lives go up in flames.”

“Is it some kind of new play of heros?” Ariel asks, breaking her lips away from Tiana with a trail of saliva still connecting the two noble girls.

“Perhaps hero wants us all to cry…” Grimhilde contemplates. “So, that he can comfort us afterwards.”

“With his penis?” Medusa asks excitedly.

“Has he ever used anything else?”

As the girls begin to bicker and talk more and more boldly, the mood is quickly ruined. Your eyebrow twitches over your harem’s insensitivity towards your wants and desires. The mood… you were having an emotional moment! You shrug off Nala and turn to address the ladies.

“Look, ladies, let’s be honest, the mansion was getting kind of small and stale. It was about time it went. Besides, I’m a King now, right? I should be living in a castle, not a mansion.”

“Ah! A castle?” The ladies all grew excited at your quick distraction, and you wipe you sweaty forehead in relief.

“I want the castle to have a swimming pool!’ Megara declares.

“Ah? What’s a swimming pool?” Ariel asks.

“It’s a place where we can swim!”

Many of the girls look at each other in confusion. Megara grows flustered as she sees the strange looks she’s being given.

“What? Seriously?” Megara asks. “You guys don’t know how to swim?”

Your eyebrow can’t help but raise as well. The ladies do a quick vote, and it turns out almost none of the girls knew how to swim. Well, this was another world and none of them lived on the ocean. A few women like Kida had picked it up, but nearly every other woman had never been swimming before, at least not for recreation.

“Very well!” You declare, cutting off the gossiping between all your women. “Swimming and a castle. I can do this!”

The group of twenty-six women are becoming quite noisy when they are all together. It is like toting around an entire classroom. Except the classroom is composed entirely of knock-out beauties who want your dick and would let you do anything to them you asked.


“Yes, sir…” your loyal servant stood nearby… as to where he was during the entire Union debacle, that’s not important.

“You supervise the building of my new castle, we’re going to go swimming.”

“Can’t you just magically create one better and faster?”

“What’s the fun in that? Besides, I’m no architect… I wouldn’t know things like how many bathrooms we needed, like two or something?”

“Two bathrooms for 26 women? Are you asking for a disaster, sir?”

“Exactly… which is why I’ve hired a construction company of magic dwarves.”

“The Lords of Ludenstein Institute! You’ve actually hired the loli guild! I’ve heard their waiting list is over a decade long!”

You nod. “Which is exactly why I went back in time a decade ago and reserved it for now.”

“Ah… yes… sir…”

“Don’t worry, Sebastian, I’ve given them all my plans. They’ll build it, you just supervise.”

“You want me to supervise a bunch of lolis, sir…”

“Ah… they’re dwarves.”

“Female dwarves, which are indistinguishable from 10 year old girls…”

“Well, be that as it may, do your job.”

“And what will the master be doing?” Sebastian responds dryly.

“We’re going on vacation!”

“A… vacation? What’s a vacation?” Ariel asks.

“It’s a place you go to relax!” Megara says excitedly. “You spend every day relaxing and eating exotic foods and do this and that with your boyfriend.”

“Isn’t that what we do already?” Aurora asks, slightly confused.

“It’s different! It’s on the beach! And you wear swimsuits and play and then some one smashes a watermelon.”

“Why would someone smash a watermelon?”

“Who the hell knows, but we’re doing it!”

“I’d pack, but commoner burned our place down.” Tiana sniffs. “I don’t even have any changes of clothes!”

“Ladies…” You declare, teleporting all the girls instantly to your airship and then putting on a pair of sunglasses. “Where we’re going… we don’t need clothes!”

The airship instantly roars to life, flying into the air as you turn into the direction of the ocean. It’s time for the beach episode!

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