The Power of Creation – Chapter 255

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“The Beach of Dreams, Sands, and Miracles? What is this you handed me?” You ask, holding a pamphlet Pocahontas pushes on you while you’re piloting the airship.

“It’s a beach resort.” Pocahontas says simply, “Very exclusive. We should go there.”

“A beach resort? So, this world even has things such as that?” You mumble in disbelief.

Pocahontas nods excitedly. “Yes, my people have been running this resort for many years. Our tribe is nearby.”

“Your people?” You cough, “Ah… you mean dark elves? Dark elves own and run a beach resort?”

Pocahontas cocks her head, “Of course, why does benefactor consider that strange?”

“Eh? Well, you’re dark elves, right? So, don’t you live in dark places? Underground, or perhaps some dark, spooky forest.”

Pocahontas gives you a strange look. “Things in dark places don’t get a lot of sun, so the melanin in their skin is low. That’s why you find pale things underground like earthworms and shrews. Naturally, since we’re dark elves with a healthy brown color, it is because we often exposed to a lot of sun, and have thus developed a dark complexion. Do you understand now?”

“I’m not even sure how to respond to that.”

Perhaps, it turns out you are being a little prejudice, making some unwarranted assumptions about people based on their skin color.

“She’s called a dark elf!”


“She’s literally a different species!”

“Who is benefactor speaking to?” Pocahontas asks, curiously.

You shake your head annoyed, “Doesn’t matter, so you want to head back to the dark elves? I seem to remember that I needed to see them for something.”

“The dark elves are a foil to the next demon lord’s means of attack! You need an alliance with them in order to fight Gothel!” Grimhilde approaches the pair of us and declares. “You did remember you’re supposed to be conquering my sisters, right?”


“Remember, the Demon God? You’re conquering the demon lords to unlock a power that can defeat him, thus preventing the end of our world? Only have about two months left? Ring a bell?”

“Guh… kind of? Honestly, I was too busy banging women to pay attention.”


“Look, how about you give me a full refresher, right now, just so all of us are up to date.”

Grimhilde drops her shoulders and sighs before taking a breath. “Very well then. Many years ago, my mother, the great Demon Queen, formed a relationship with the Demon God. However, when she realized how much of a douchebag he was, she decided to set out to stop his conquest. This world is only allowed to exist thanks to the great god Pun, but the Demon God has set his evil and possibly horny eyes on our world. The Demon Queen set out a series of trials, us, the demon lords, who-“

“Ah! It kicked!” Ariel said in surprise.

“Mm!’ You nodded, with your head up against Pocahontas’s stomach, feeling your baby growing inside her.

“D-does… does the criminal, only since you’re the father… want to feel my stomach too?” Moana asks while pushing her index fingers together.

“Of course! Bring that beautiful stomach over!” You declare.

“Are all of you ignoring me!” Grimhilde shouts.

You pat and touch Moana’s stomach, which is almost as big as Pocahontas’s. You feel a little bit of movement and laugh while Moana blushes sheepishly, looking very cute as a mother.

“I wish to have my baby with the tribe. I hope benefactor will show my people the proper way to make babies.” Pocahontas says while various girls touch her stomach.

“Nn! Ah! Ariel, you can’t see it from there!” Moana cries as Ariel tries to go inside the baby’s exit to get a better view.

“Guys, this is really important! The future of the world depends on this background lore!”

“What’s up, Aurora, you seem sad.” Tiana asks.


“I just really miss my daughters. They grew up so fast. One moment, I’m pushing them out, the next moment they’re pushing a dildo back in.”


“We’ll find our daughters, I promise.” You kiss Aurora, encouraging her to touch the baby bellies for stress relief.

“Mm… and maybe we can have another.” Aurora suggests shyly.

“Negative, mom!” Ariel pulls her fingers out of the crying Moana, who has been spread open for ease of looking. “Mom will become a grandma instead.”

“Hey. Guys. Seriously… the fate of the world!” Grimhilde cries.

“A…a … grandma!” Aurora exclaims, and then blushes. “I’d like that too… H-hero!?”

“Yes!” You salute.

“Get busy and make me grandchildren!”

“Hah? Are you ordering me around again? I think Aurora needs to be punished.”

“Oo… punish this grandma…” Aurora sucks on a finger in her mouth.

“Nope, that’s not doing it for me.”

“Regretted it the second I said it.” Aurora shrugs helplessly. “How about you impregnate my daughter while I watch and touch myself?”

“Now that’s something everyone can jack off to!”

“Is anyone listening to me?” Grimhilde demands, only to have a hand comfortingly put on her shoulder.

“It’s no use, Grim… you’re in baby town now.” Ursula sighs, rubbing Grimhilde’s shoulder.

The two demon lords turn and walk away sadly before Grimhilde turns back and shouts. “When you guys are ready for some plot, come see me!”

“Ah, it kicked again!” Pocahontas cries, causing a ton of the girls to exclaim in happiness and start touching her.

“That’s… going to be a while, Grim…”

“I think I touched its foot!” Ariel announces excitedly.

“That’s literally impossible! Get your hands out of there, Ariel!” Moana begs tearfully.

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