The Power of Creation – Chapter 257

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You pull up a telescope and glance through it to observe the objects in the distance. The enemies appear to be coming closer.

“What do you see, hero?” Ariel asks anxiously.

“Tits.” You respond.

“Eh?” Aurora speaks up. “Is the euphemism for something?”

“Tits is tits! I see tits! Boobies. Hooters, Bouncy Bongos!” You declare.

“My lord isn’t being facetious.” Mushu pipped in, “My dragon sight can see them, winged female beasts are approaching from the rear.”

“Beasts?” You mutter, “They look like hot naked bitches with wings? Why are they our enemy? I say I give them a greeting with my penis.”

Mushu gives a wry smile. “I wouldn’t recommend that, My lord, these beasts are a monster known as a harpy!”

“A harpy!” Merida cries out. “I’ve never fought a harpy before. Are they as dangerous as the people say?”

“Harpies? Aren’t they the ugly horned girls with disturbing tits? These women all look hot and perfectly fuckable,” You mutter.

“You don’t get it, daddy, that’s how these beasts work. They look like angels, but they’re really devils. Men struggle to fight or attack them. Some even try to capture or violate them… that’s when the harpy’s swarm and kill. There outer appearance is a rouse there to get you into a false sense of security. They’re basically the sirens of the sky.”

“Plus, their boobs are fake.” Mulan adds, landing and returning to her human form.

“What are you doing back here? We’re still being chased!” You demand.

“Ah! Master, this great one tried, but the Harpy’s are impervious to fire!”


“Oh… well why don’t you ask STEVE to fight them?” Mulan shouts back.

“Who?” You give Mulan a confused look.

“What, Steve? Wore an eyepatch. Had three children. Died tragically?” Mulan growls.

“I legitimately have no clue what you’re talking about right now.” You shake your head before turning to the girl next to you. “Ariel?”

“I think Mulan must have been struck with some mind magic.”


“Mushu! Take Mulan below and treat her illness.”

“Yes, my lord, I’ll take her below and rape her repeatedly.” Mushu bows.

“What! That’s not what he commanded at all.” Mulan cries out.

“Poor girl.” Mushu looks teary eyed. “Her mind is such a mess. This will require additional rapings until her mind improves.”

“Stop! Master! You’re hearing this right? This one’s not crazy! Stop touching that! Save me!” The door slams, cutting off Mulan’s desperate cries.

You shake your head. “Well, the dragons are out, what else we got?”

“Daddy, these harpy’s are nefarious. They’re not particularly strong, but they’re tenacious. They are almost invulnerable to all attacks.”

“Every attack!” Your eyes widen.

“Every one!”

“Even piercing?”





“Aren’t you just saying the same thing!?”

“What about penetration?”

“Daddy! Be serious! The only thing that can harm a harpy is water.”

“Eh? Water, is that it?”

“Yes, if the harpies get any liquid on them, they lose the ability to fly and will go crashing down. It’s the easiest way to stop them!”

“Very well, let’s bring out the water. It’s time to hose these hoes.”

“Unfortunately, hero-san, we didn’t pack any water.” Aurora shrugged.

“What? How do we quench our thirst then?”

“Well, we have barrels of milk.”

“Milk? Then… I guess we’ll have to use-“

“No! Hero, you can’t… if you take our milk, how will we take milkbaths?” Ariel asks tearfully. “What about the milk wrestling I had planned later? How will the little ones like Jasmine, Mulan, and Maleficant grow big boobs if they aren’t given their milk injection? Think of the boobs, won’t someone think of the boobs?”

Your hand tightens for a second and you look away as emotion overtakes you while listening to Ariel’s heartfelt pleas, causing you to release a single tear down your cheek. “Damn it, Ariel… you’re right, we can’t waste that milk. Shit… then how do we defeat these harpy bitches?”

“We’d need some kind of source of liquid, hopefully using a mechanism that ejects it at a high speed!” Aurora explains. “But whoever was handling such a weapon, they’d need to be one hell of an aim. They’re wicked fast, young, virgin, and quite frisky.”

You nod, understanding what you must do. This is your moment. You’ve been in another world for three months now, and it’s all been building up to this final confrontation. Thousands of naked winged women are flying toward your ship. Your harem is completely at risk. It’s up to you now to win the day. You pull out your weapon.

“Turn the ship around! Sail into them dead on. I will smite these bitches with my weapon!”

“It’s his penis… he’s talking about his penis!” Ariel explains.

“Shhh… we know, daughter!” Aurora strokes her daughter’s head, who smiles excitedly.

“Hello, ladies…” You declare, standing on the bow of the airship. “I’m cumming for you.”

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