The Power of Creation – Chapter 262

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You quickly take Pocahontas to the resort with the rest of the harem in tow. The dark elves inside the resort are shocked when a group of nearly thirty people suddenly storm in the lobby. They nearly faint when they see one of theme is the famed disciple of the Matriarch, holding her clearly pregnant stomach and breathing hard. You rent a room and shortly after get Pocahontas lying in bed. What you don’t see is the receptionist magically contacting the tribe shortly after you leave.

Once you make it to the room, Cinderella takes over and kicks most of the girls out. Only the former mothers Aurora and Merida are allowed to stay. Medusa, of course, has also had many children. However, after asking when the egg is coming, you decided it is best if she isn’t involved.

“Ahhh, it hurts!” You cry out, “Stop pinching me so hard!”

Although Pocahontas is having the baby, she is holding your hand and every time she has a contraction she ends up pinching you. Naturally, you’re tough enough to not be truly hurt, but there is a glint of pleasure in Pocahontas’ eye whenever she causes you pain. What you’ve heard about the dark elves so far has convinced you that she must be a sadist at heart. Oh well, you act like you’re in pain and it helps relieve Pocahontas’ anxiety. The things you do for your women.

“It’s coming.” Cinderella nods assertively after pulling her finger out and snapping off her gloves.

The two mothers who are acting as nurse’s aids give a nod.

“I hope this one is a bit smaller than our daughters.” Aurora sighs while Merida nods in agreement.

You let out a cough, remembering that Anna and Elsa were sixteen year old girls the day they were born. Suddenly, you become very curious exactly how that worked. Two sixteen year old girls coming out between each of their legs! Frankly, you struggle to grasp that logic!

“Uh… about that… as to Anna and Elsa…” You find yourself asking

Aurora snorts. “They were 9 pound babies! Ariel was only 7 pounds!”

“Please, pounds? Much of the audience is on the metric system!”

“Oh, um… Ariel was 3.2 kg, and Anna and Elsa were 4.0!”

“Ah, ah, ah, now for the Spanish readers.”

“Anna y Elsa pesan 4 kilogramos.”


“The point being…” Aurora gives an annoyed look at your attempt to be more inclusive. “They only grew after they came out. It would have been impossible to birth them at full size!”

“Oh… I knew that.” You blush, looking away.

“Besides, they already destroyed our vaginas enough as it is.”

“Wh-what? Destroyed?”

Aurora nods sadly. “Of course, the baby coming through naturally causes tearing in most cases. My pussy has never felt the same since I had my baby.”

“B-but, I healed you!” You declare.

Merida shrugs. “Even so, the damage goes beyond simple healing. I can’t hold my bladder as long. It… doesn’t look the same. Once Pocahontas pushes out something the size of a bowling ball, naturally there will be changes.”


“Look at it this way, Hero-san, when you used us earlier as pussy canons, it was my pussy that gave out the quickest. Oh… in my youth, I could have squirted for hours like my daughter, but now that I had babies, the plumbing just doesn’t work like it used to.”

Pocahontas pats you reassuringly. “It’s okay, Benefactor, even though my pussy will be broken, you can still have what is left.”

“This doesn’t even get into the horrors of labor that darling missed last time.” Cinderella adds. “It’s very bloody and load. Merida even pooped a little during her labor.”

“Wh-why would you tell him that?” Merida cries out.

“And the baby comes out covered in blood and mucus. The vagina bleeds from the tearing. It’s quite messy. The babies look like dried up prunes, their faces all crunched up and ugly. They don’t get that cute baby face until at least a month.”

“Cinderella, dear, you may want to stop talking, hero-san is looking like he’s about the pass out.” Aurora tries to give you an encouraging look.

You stare blankly for a moment. Well… that’s enough of that.

“Oh, look, the baby has come!” You hold up your beautiful baby girl with dark skin and two little elf ears.

“Wh-what?” All the girls spin to Pocahontas, whose stomach is now flat again.

“Ah, well, I decided to speed the boring parts along, so now the baby is out and that’s the end of that.”

Pocohontas, who was previously in the middle of labor pains, suddenly feels right as rain. She pokes her stomach a few times, her lips pursed in a slightly displeased manner.

“I-isn’t this a little anticlimactic?” Merida asks wryly.

“What is Merida talking about?” You laugh, only sounding slightly hysterical. “This is our baby. She’s a beautiful baby. No blood and gunk at all!”

“Also, no umbilical cord?” Aurora asks.

“I cut it.”

“Uh… Okay, but where is-”

“I cut it.”


Merida looks down at the baby. “Does this look like one of those three month old babies bad plays use that automatically comes out dry and in a blanket?”

“You’re imagining things.” You shrug. “This is my little baby girl, Colette.”

The girls all sigh, giving up as the possibly long lasting labor is instantly resolved with magic. Considering you were distracted and weren’t able to see the baby coming out last time, this is fine with you.

“Perhaps, give them over to a nurse to inspect?” Cinderella offers.

“Ah, of course.” You hand her over to a dark elf nurse nearby.

With the baby free from your hands, you relax a bit and sit next to the bed, grabbing Pocahontas’s hand.

“I hope you’re not mad I took away your thunder.” You smile wryly.

Pocahontas shrugs. “It is fine. If my body is not too stressed it only means you can make more babies with me immediately.”

“More? Right now?”

“Of course, we must repopulate the entire dark elf race. This is the first baby in fifty years, it will be treasured by my tribe.”

“Ah, okay… but she’s going to grow up in Riun with us, right?” You ask cautiously.

Pocahontas seemed to hesitate for a second, but when she looked into your worried eyes she relaxed and nodded. “Of course, my benefactor. Once I speak to the Matriarch, perhaps we can move the whole tribe to Riun.”

“Good, that would be the best.” You nod, happy that there is no conflict.

“Actually, before we make the next one, may I see the baby now? I would like to hold it.” Pocahontas asks gently.

“Of course, I handed it to the dark elf nurse-“

You look around the room, finding a complete lack of dark elves besides Pocahontas. The nurse is mysteriously absent, and so is the baby!

“I was wondering this as well.” Cinderella spoke into the ensuing silence. “When did we get a darkelf nurse in the room?”

You stand up. “Oh, you got to be fucking kidding me.”

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