The Power of Creation – Chapter 263

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“What is the meaning of this?” You shout at the dark elf receptionist, who is shooting you a dark look. “Where is my baby?”

“Your baby?” The dark elf gives a look of disgust. “You insolent man. That is a baby of the dark elf tribe. Your… contribution has been noted, but you are no longer needed!”

“Insolence? Why you little bit-“

“Benefactor, this is all just a misunderstanding.” Pocahontas tries to stroke your arm reassuringly, already on her feet thanks to the insta-birth. “I didn’t get a chance to talk to the Matriarch sooner. We just need to work these things out.”

“Work things out? With baby stealers?” You snort.

Pocahontas withers under your look. However, it is not just your look that she has to contend with. A large portion of the girl’s present looked forward to seeing the first official baby. They are all angry to find out their niece was taken from them before they could play with her. Even the usually tactful Aurora is seething. The lobby is filled with angry women, and even though the receptionist wanted to look down on you, she is also facing a mob of outsider women, which was much more difficult for her to ignore.

Tiana sniffs. “That’s all we can expect from her kind. Stealing…”

Pocahontas raises an eyebrow. “What do you mean by my kind?”

“Oh, you know, elves with black sk-“

“Okay, Tiana goes to the back of the mob.” You declare as several girls grab Tiana and throw her behind them.

“What? Eh? I’m just saying what everyone already thought!”

“Tiana! Reflect on your actions!” You declare, sweatdropping over the realization your dirty elf is also a bigot.

“Why is everyone shunning me? I don’t understand.” Tiana cries out.

“Racists never do.” You sigh, looking off for a moment before shaking your head. “Either way, she’s kind of right. They did steal my baby.”

“He agrees!”

Pocahontas waves her hands. “It’s just a misunderstanding. As soon as I speak with the matriarch, we can resolve this.”

“Speak to the matriarch about what, dear?” Someone suddenly declares, causing everyone to look at the door to the lobby.

A beautiful woman with white hair and dark skin is standing at the door. She doesn’t look much older than Pocahontas, although she has a lankier body like Tiana. Her body looks exotic, and something about her gives the impression of a wild woman. Her breasts are actually quite small, maybe B.  She has a retinue of about ten guards on either side of her and more just outside. As soon as the receptionist sees her, she immediately bows and keeps her head lowered. Pocahontas also gives a quick flustered bow.

“Master, I have managed to successfully have a baby. This man here showed me how to properly make babies. I was just coming to see you to suggest some reforms. There were many things you taught that were wrong–“

Pocahontas’s rush of words are stopped as the beautiful woman raises her hand. “That is all, sister, you have done well to bring the father and baby here. Matriarch will take care of it from here on out.”

“I don’t know about done well.” You say. “However, I know I made that baby, and I know you took that baby from me.”

The Matriarch’s eyes widen at being talked to so brazenly, and the women on either side lower their weapon spears at you, looking like they plan to fight. A spark shoots through your eyes as your crack your knuckles. These bitches who stole your baby are going to pay!

“You think you have ownership over a woman? This baby was carried to term by a dark elf. All you did was stick your dick in her pussy!” The Matriarch’s words held disgust.

Pocahontas gasped. “Matriarch! You know this? That’s how babies are made! If you knew, why were you telling us otherwise?”

The Matriarch’s eye flash as she turns to Pocahontas with a regretful look. “Ah… I had feared this would happen. It appears like her years traveling among the other races has corrupted my precious disciple. She has been tainted by the Patriarchy!”

Several of the nearby darkelves put their hands to their mouths and gasp. One shook her head like she was in denial. Not Patriarchy. They’re the worst!

“Matriarch, that’s ridiculous!” Pocahontas explains calmly. “I’m merely trying to inform the group how to have babies again.”

“Blasphemy!” One of the darkelves call. “We’re women, don’t confuse this situation with logic!”

“It looks like my poor little disciple is going to have to be re-trained on the wonders of being female. Start her brainwash- ahem… I mean her re-education immediately. She has grown too tolerant of the despicable men who should be whipped and kept in their places.” Matriarch sighs.

“You think?” You say aggressively, taking a step forward.

“As for this… man…” The Matriarch sniffs, taking a step away while looking down at you with disdain. “As he was able to make a baby, he clearly has something the other men were missing. Lock him up. He shall be used for sex. Every woman in the tribe is ordered to have sex with him. They’ll milk him dry. They shall sleep with him two, three, a dozen times until every woman is pregnant. So orders the Matriarch!”

The guards suddenly storm in, grabbing all the girls.

“Please don’t resist.” Pocahontas begs the other girls. “This is just a misunderstanding! A misunderstanding!”

Once someone grabs Aurora, she cries out in your direction, “Hero-san! Why are you suddenly looking so helpless? Can’t you resolve this peacefully with your magic?”

“I want to!” You cry out helplessly as your strength suddenly leaves you. ”I just can’t. Who would have ever thought that this Matriarch has a spell-nullifying… uh… necklace… sure, necklace… that weakens me completely. It’s my only weakness. Argh… if only I could fight back, but I just caaaaaan’t. Damn my weaknesses.”

“I do?” The Matriarch looks at the necklace on her chest and then her eyes brighten. “Ahem… I mean, of course! I knew that gypsy I bought this from wasn’t a scam-artist! This is a powerful artifact!”

“He has a weakness alright, but it’s not a necklace.” Mulan mutters with a frown.

You put on a look of struggle as the dark elves easily overpower you. As you collapse to your knees, you receive several extremely icy looks from the ladies behind you. It’s a testament to your own shamelessness that you’re able to withstand them.

“Is he fucking being serious?” Grimhilde asks, eliciting some awkward chuckles from the ladies, who still haven’t processed they’re being captured.

“Laugh now,” The Matriarch declares. “But once your man has been forced to service hundreds of beautiful dark elf women, you won’t be able to smile!”

“Who’s smiling?” You wipe the smile off your face. “I’m truly defeated by this powerful Matriarch and her powerful dark elves. I’ll have no choice but to be ravaged by women against my will. Oh… the humanity! Please, my harem… don’t think less of me after my supple body is ruined by these women.”

“I don’t think it’s possible to think less of you right now.” Ursula frowns.

“Only beloved would be so shamelessly lustful.” Medusa adds fondly.

“Guys…” Tiana speaks up. “I’m not racist. I just think black people are-“

“He’s seriously going through with it?” Aurora sighs as two busty darkelves pick you up and and pull you out of the room.

You are dragged away to the sex dungeon, while your harem follows, rolling their eyes.

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