The Power of Creation – Chapter 270

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“The court is postponed until this is resolved!” Wendy calls out, causing the dark elf women to flood out of the room.

In the event of this attack, everyone immediately became busy. It seems that in their distraction, they have forgotten about you and your girls. Thus, the lot of you are left to your own devices. You stand up, ripping off the chains that had kept you to the floor before stretching with a yawn.

“Hero… shall we man the pussy canons?” Ariel asks excitedly.

The other girls present noticeably shudder at the suggestions. However, when you shake your head, they let out a breath of relief.

“No, I don’t think we’ll be able to pussy canon our way out of this one.” You pat Ariel on the head. “Besides, I don’t plan to help those dark elf women unless they beg me on their knees.”

“They won’t, Benefactor…” Pocahontas sighs. “Regrettably, my mentor Matriarch Wendy is stubborn. She will not yield, even if she knows she’s wrong. I don’t think you’ll find any of them seeing the error of their ways. If anything, this event will only reinforce their hatred for men. Even though these men that rape and enslave them differ greatly from men who love and respect them, they have long since stopped noticing the difference. They will only use this as an example to further their segregation of men.”

“Hero-san, I suggest we leave. If they manage to repel the attack, they’ll only come after you. If they fail… then we don’t want to be bothered by the slavers.” Aurora suggests.

“My daughter, I won’t leave without my daughter.” You shrug.

Pocahontas smiles. “You truly are worth of being my baby’s father. The baby is located in the children’s ward.”

You nod. “I will send you all back to the airship. It’ll keep you safe until things are finished over here.”

“Are you really certain that you can just leave?” Grimhilde asks suspiciously towards Pocahontas.

“Grim!” Aurora tries to chastise her but Grimhilde shrugs.

“I’m just saying, your entire tribe is being destroyed, and you seem to be okay leaving.”

“My tribe…” Pocahontas looks down. “My tribe chose this path. It would be great if we could see eye to eye. However, after this trial, I realized how polluted dark elf culture has become. I no longer wish to be part of the tribe!”

“Pocohontas…” you give her a kiss on the forehead. “I will always take care of you.”

Pocahontas smiles. “Mm… and I will always take care of you.”

You wave your hand, and the spell sends all of the harem, including the ones who had been escorted out, back to your ship. Finally, you leave the room. The dark elf tribe appears to be built in a forest, various bungalows make up the majority of the village. Half of them are on fire right now, and there is the occasional boom of magic. You quickly make you way to the children’s hut, which is thankfully untouched by fire.

As soon as you near it, you can hear a bunch of human men standing nearby the entrance inside. They appear to be going around gathering up all the children inside. There are occasional shouts and crying as they are dragged out of their rooms.

“What do we have here?” One man asks.

“It’s the children.” another man chuckles harshly. “They’ll make great sex slaves. Get them while they’re young.”

“Why wait? I say we have some fun popping some lolis right now.”

“Girls from ages up to 10… it’s a loli buffet!” Another adds.

“Do you think if I pop three six-year-olds it’ll add up to 18 and will be legal?”

“Who the hell cares, I want to rape them, strangle them to death, and then fuck their corpses.”

“Heil Hitler.”

“Fuck everybody, and their mothers.”

“I enjoy listening to Nickelback.”

“Hehehe… generic evil comment here.”

“Are we hated enough yet?” One guy asks.

“Who knows, oh, look a little dark elf baby. I’m going to stick my dick in it. We’ll be having meat stuffed baby kebab tonight!”

“Tag says the mother is… Pocahontas.” One of the guys says.

“Who cares, I’m about to rape her daught-“

“Okay… enough of this shit.” You step into the room.

The girl they are picking up disappears and is now in your arms.

‘Wh-who the fuck is this guy?”

“Bastard, are you on our side?”

“You know… I was cool with the rape, the child sex slavery, the pedophilia, the necrophilia, the implied cannibalism, your poor taste in music, and even the Nazism. However, you crossed the line by suggesting the one thing more deplorable than all of those put together!”

“Yeah, what’s that?” One of the men demands.

“NTR!” You growl. “The only one who will stick a dick in this daughter is daddy himself! Now it’s time to die!”

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