The Power of Creation – Chapter 273

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“Here you go ladies, let’s lube you up!” You cry out, your disembodied voice carrying throughout the room.

Thousands of dicks respond my hosing the girls in their grip down with liquidity stuff. They especially make sure to shoot them in the crotch. Soon, two hundred beautiful dark elf women are covered in an oily transparent substance. That substance leaks across their skin, giving in a shiny bronze appearance in the exposed sunlight.

“Eh? Is-is this cum?”

“It’s so sticky!”

“Ugh… it smells!”

“Doesn’t this usually come after the sex?”

“If-f he came already, doesn’t that mean we’re pregnant? Does that me we’re done?”

“Nonsense!” You voice booms overhead. “Whoever heard of pregnant virgins? Of course, I plan to give you an injection of seed! This is just a lubricating oil to make it more comfortable!”

“Eeeee… the penis is squeezing!”


The tentacles, now lubed up, could more easily squeeze and gyrate around the poor dark elves, who couldn’t even get a grip on the cock if they wanted to anymore. Since their skin is so slippery and oiled now, you must squeeze extra hard to ensure that the girls remain within your grips.

They are powerless against it as the tentapenis curls around and rubs every inch of their skin. Like a pit of snakes, they slither over every inch of their skin, wrapping around their thighs, their butts, their breasts, and something sliding between the cracks of their butts, arms, and underboob. The tentacles are… in essence, your penis, with exceptionally long shafts that are flexible and bendable at will. Thus, as your cocks wrap around the girls and squeeze them, the feeling of 200 hundred oiled virgin dark elves writhing against your penis is transmitted to you.”

“Hahhh… it’s squeezing!”

“Nya! It’s pushing against it!”

Two hundred tentacles no matter in what ways they wrap around the struggling women, eventually find their way so the head that initially oiled them up are now pressed against their crotches. The dark elves, having never ben bound in such an aggressive manner were at a loss of what to do. They were always the ones who did the binding! Now they are being held against their will while things are being done to them.

Some of the dark elves have already abandoned their minds, retreating into their happy places as they stare blankly into nothing. However, considerably more of them find themselves oddly aroused. The warm flesh wrapping around them feels oddly good and sexual, especially as it slides over their lubricated skin, causing tingles to shoot up and down their spines.

“The-the-those are our slaves!” The human slave leader shouts. “Unhand them.”

“How about it, ladies?” Your voice once again echoes over the tribe grounds, cutting through the moaning women. “I believe all people have the right to choose. Will you choose to submit to me as your man, or will you be captured by these slavers and lose your freedom.”

“You… bastard! Are you suggesting our only choice is to live freely under a patriarchy or live as slaves under something worse?”

“Patriarchy, Matriarchy… you’re always living under something. There is always a majority. If sex doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, then why does it matter who’s in charge? What matters is who do you think has your best interest at heart! So, I’ll leave it to you women. You can Vote with your pussies!”

You adjust the tentacles giving the women just enough movement to make one act. Basically, they can bend their knees. Doing so causes the tentacle pressed against their pussies to move forward. In a word, every woman has a cock pressed against her cunt, and a single movement of hers can plunge it into her, sacrificing her own virginity against it.

“Impale your vagina on my cocks if you choose a life under my leadership, or don’t, and let the slavers snatch you up!”

“You-you bastard!” The slaver tries to step forward, but a cock suddenly shoots out of the ground and glares at him.

He holds up his hands and backs off a bit. The other men are also hesitant. These men are okay fighting to their death, but they’re not ready to fight disembodied cocks. Plus, those cocks seem infinite and have already de-clothed and violated two hundred women. None of them dare think of ending up wrapped up in those cocks! Well, it’s not like you planned to fight them with your cocks either if they pressed things you’d make them spontaneously combust or something.

“I want a third party!” One of the women declares.

“She’s right over there.”

“Gaaa… I love cock!” Wendy is still hovering overhead, taking it in every hole.

The cock leaves her mouth and she’s got a dirty face as she jacks off two tentacles while to more pulsate in and out of her pussy and ass. She’s clearly lost a part of her mind and is now just enjoying receiving sexual pleasure from all four cocks at once. To add to the demonstration, you let all four cocks erupt with semen. Every cock explodes.

“Ahhhnn… I feel it!” Wendy cries out while white stuff bursts from her butthole and pussy.

At the same time, white stuff starts shooting into her face and chest. What many of the girls don’t know is that your voice is also whispering commands in her ear, and Wendy, even though she’s crying, is doing exactly what’s commanded of her.

“Eat it all up!” You command.

Wendy sticks out her tongue and goes “ahhh..’ While semen shoots into her mouth. Given she’s in the air and being balanced by a cock in her pussy and ass, naturally a lot of it misses, and soon she’s covered from head to toe in the white stuff. Incidentally, she’s also the only dark elf that didn’t need any lubbing up.

Watching their Matriarch submit so absolutely to cock causes the women’s eyes to match. Who would ever think the Matriarch, a man-hating pro-feminist was such a submissive woman in the bedroom. It was difficult to garner such respect for her when she turned out to be such a slutty woman indoors. It was like, all of her proudness and pro-feminist views was just an act so that she’d seem cool in front of other women! It was something she happily would declare when she was in charge and could bully others, but quickly degenerated when she was one on one with a man.

“Alright ladies, it’s time to vote!”

The two hundred women glance between the slavers, licking their lips and glaring at the naked women lewdly, secretly enjoying the view and only wishing it was them raping the women right now! They then look at their Matriarch, getting pounded happily while cocks violate her in midair. Finally, they make their decisions.

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