The Power of Creation – Chapter 280

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“Man, it’s good to be home.” You sigh, stepping into your home.

“Then again, this isn’t really the same home, is it, my love?” Grimhilde sighs, “But it will do.”

“I like it, it’s really big!” Jasmine runs around excitedly, being chased by Elena.

“It’s bigger than my castle, is that loli-pervert trying to start something?” Maleficant growls.

“I think it’s about time that we move back into a castle.” Aurora responds happily. “This is truly a becoming place for the King of Riun.”

“Oh, yeah… I guess I am a king now.” You sigh, looking around the castle.”

It is truly magnificent. The castle you all reside in is a marvel of engineering. It’s a massive place the size of what Riun once was. Of course, Riun has since grown as well, and is at least four times its original size as well. This still means that 1/5 of the city is taken up by a massive castle which seemed to have sprung up in less than a month. The small multi-racial town has grown into a massive city worthy of being called a Kingdom since you came here only a few months ago.

The girl’s race out to explore the castle, finding their own rooms. You had everything that was lost in the fire replaced verbatim, so the girls let out cries of excitement as they find all of their lost stuff has been returned to them. The castle is full of bedrooms, sex rooms, giant dancehalls, pools, waterfalls, and more. it could easily house a harem of five hundred. It is truly an epic place that meets every piece of your imagination as far as grandness goes. Only the quadruplets seem a little depressed as they realize their cleaning load has substantially increased.

Sebastian is there at the entrance to greet them and drag them back to the work. The four girls are pulled away crying as they no longer are allowed to vacation. Well, considering they are your slaves, they have no room to complain about it. Many would say your treatment on them is too good. However, when you have thirty some women at your beck and call, it’s a bit difficult to keep track on who gets what benefits. It’s okay to spoil them once in a while, you figure.

“My love, it’s time we get down to business.” Grimhilde appears with her three sisters in tow.

“Yes, prince, I have come to accept that you’re powerful.” Ursula sniffs. “You must continue on your path of the Demon King.”

“Beloved, we have an army that consists of dragons, dark elves, demons, humans, and goblins. The only thing we are missing is some kind of Vanguard. Preferably a group of small, quick scouts who can quickly return to report.”

“I used to attach wings to skeletons.” Maleficant sniffed. “Flying scouts are the fastest.”

“A flying disposable vanguard?” You mutter, then your eyes brighten. “I have an idea!”

You open a portal next to you and reach in, then pull out a person.

“Ah!” The four demon lords let out cries of surprise as a winged naked woman suddenly emerges from the portal.

All of them had suffered at the hands of your pussy canon, so naturally, they had some trauma when looking at the form of this creature. It was none other than a harpy. They had all hoped the harpies had been wiped out when you took out the harpy queen, but appeared like one of them had survived.

“Wh-what are you doing with that?” Grimhilde demands, putting on a guarded expression.

You give a nonchalant shrug as the harpy doesn’t resist in your arms, seeming to hang their docile. “This was a stowaway on our ship. “After the attack, it had managed to get stuffed in one of the rudders, so I just locked it up until you reminded me of it.”

“Re-really…” The girls try to ignore that you casually have naked women imprisoned. “But what do you hope to accomplish with that?”

“Eh?” You look at the silent harpy, who seems to be watching you thoughtfully. “Don’t these replicate if you spooge on them? I can just make up a giant army, right?”

Ursula shook her head. “No… it doesn’t work that way. Rather, you can replicate harpies that way, but basically, the harpies split their magic and intelligence during replication. In essence, the two harpies are always weaker and stupider than the original. By the end, most of the ones attacking us were just mindless drones. Only a queen can produce a full harpy.”

“It’s why we were able to survive the onslaught of a million harpies.” Grimhilde added. “There may have been a lot, but they were all very weak and could barely think. Even the slight mist from your… ahem… pussy canons was sufficient to send them plummeting to Earth. The originals would have been a lot tougher and used strategy, but you took them down personally with your… errrr… aim. As far as this one, it likely has already been replicated a few dozen times, so, it likely is dumb as a brick.”

“This is not true!” The harpy suddenly spoke up, causing all of your glance at it in surprise.

“This harpy is not normal harpy! This harpy is harpy queen!” It declares proudly.

“Hah?” You look over at the harpy in your hand. “Harpy queens are big, aren’t you really small?”

“When man blow up former harpy queen, she used all her magic to bud me off! I am a direct descendant of former harpy queen. I may not be large, but I have all the magic and intelligence of former queen!”

“So, you’re a harpy queen… why did you board my ship?”

“Man destroy queen with semen. Semen is life for harpy.” The harpy says, looking at you emphatically. “Harpy created through baptism of man’s semen. Harpy is bonded to man!”

“Haaaah?” You let out a sigh. “Another girl? Seriously? Can’t I go on one adventure without expanding my harem?”

“According to commenters, if you stick your dick in it, it must join your harem.” Grimhilde explains, “They were really upset you didn’t add harpies earlier. They keep saying the harem is too large, but if you don’t add every girl with an even passing acquaintance, they complain.”


“They’re still complaining you didn’t steal every girl from the human nobles.”

“Selena, Hilary, and the rest?” You ask flabbergasted. “They were married, and older ladies. They don’t even have princess names!”

“Doesn’t matter, some are even still upset you let men still sleep with the commoner girls of Riun.”

“Pun Damn it.” You sigh, pulling something out of another portal. “Here’s a toaster! Are you saying if I fuck it, it must join my harem?”

Grimhilde looks at it with a wry smile and gives a shrug.

The toaster looks up at you. “Eeeevvveee…”

“Nope!” You throw the toaster on the ground, smashing it to bits as it cries out ‘Waaallll-Eeee.’

While you’re finishing removing a plot point that never should have entered this world with your stomp, the Harpy speaks up again. “Harpy name is Giselle, I happy make army for man!”


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