The Power of Creation – Chapter 282

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You step out of the portal, which appears to lead you into a room. The room is somewhat modest for a demon lord’s castle. Rather it feels rather homey and comfortable. There is fireplace in the corner, but the majority of the room is taken up by a massive bed that encompasses the majority of it. In that bed is a form that appears to be sleeping. It seems like you have caught the demon lord off guard.

“You’re Gothel?” You ask.

There is a snort as if she was just waking up before she pushes the covers off of her, revealing her upper body. The first thing you notice are a giant pair of ears, easily as tall as the girl’s entire head. One of them has a cute bend in it, while the other stands tall. They are starkly white, with pink on the inside. On that note, here hair is also white, a very long thing that looks considerably messy. She rubs her eyes casually while yawning, looking the epidemy of a sleeping girl who just woke up.

She has a little bit of drool coming from her lips. Her face is small. Actually, her entire body is small. She’s not a loli, but she’s not much bigger than Maleficant when all is said and done. She comes far from looking dark or intimidating. Her clothing appears to be a baggy white shirt, which sags to the point that partially exposes one of her shoulders. Her chest is small, only about B cups, which only just give the hint of the mounds underneath.

“Sooo…” She said with a long yawn. “You must be my new boyfriend I’ve been hearing about?”

“Hah? Boyfriend?” She seems so casual that the strange question catches you completely off guard.

“Mmm… the majority of my sisters have already been captured, so you plan to capture me next, yes?”

You nod, regaining some of your demeaner. “That’s right, I plan to conquer your land, and then conquer you!”

“Ah… it’s yours.”

“Uh… what?”

“The kingdom is yours. Do you need me to sign anything? I already told the maids to tell the guards to just let you in. They’ll follow your orders. Congratulations, King.”

“W-wait, wait, wait… what are you talking about here?”

“You wanted to conquer my kingdom. Congratulations, you succeeded, yay…” she clapped lightly, but it seemed half spirited as she laid back in the bed, seemingly completely at comfort.

“You…” You don’t seem to know what to say. “You won’t put up any resistance?”

“Too much bother…” Gothel sighs, “I’d rather just sleep. You’ve already conquered my sisters. If you wanted to conquer me, how could I put up much of a fight? So, it’s just easier to give you my kingdom.”

“That…” Your eyebrows twitch.

You had been spending the last month worrying about building up an army. Dark Elves, harpy’s, human alliances, all of this stuff was all towards finally defeating this “great” threat known as Gothel, and she folded quicker than anyone.

“Is that really it?” You demand in disbelief, still feeling like there is a catch.

“Haaaa… do I have to sign some paperwork? Can you just forge my signature or something?”

You frown, scratching your chin as you contemplate how easy this turned out to be. There had to be some catch, but you just couldn’t see it. As you sat there thinking, Gothel finally started moving. She pulled off her blanket, revealing that underneath her shirt, she was only wearing a pair of bear panties. Slowly, almost like a sloth, she raised her legend rolled over. She seemed to make it look exhausted.

Then, as she slowly stretched, she raised her butt up until it was stuck in the air. Her ass was very nice, and as her cheeks rose, the bear stretched until the cartoon covered half her butt. Just above the underwear was a white floof, which had to be her bunny tail. Still thinking about the catch, you only notice her cute tight small butt wagging at you after a few minutes. She seems to make no other motions. In fact, after stretching, her head was buried in her blanket to the point you aren’t even sure if she’s awake.

“Wh-what are you doing?” You finally ask.

Gothel looks back slowly with an incredulous look. “Didn’t you say you wanted to conquer me? As my boyfriend, you need to give me lots of sex!”

“Hah? You want me to fuck you?”

Gothel rolled her eyes. “Of course, I’ve been wanting your dick since I heard you planned to conquer me. Please fuck me until I pass out unconscious!”

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