The Power of Creation – Chapter 291

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“Wh-what’s going on here?” You ask hesitantly.

In front of you is your army which has been brought over from Gothel’s country and is assembled here. You have the harpy forces flying overhead. The main army is composed of goblins, demons, and sex dolls. The dragons are in the back, seemingly as backup support. Then you have the archer dark elves, all a month pregnant with just the slightest hint of the formation of baby bellies.

“After battling through Gothel’s forces, the units have formed together into a battle-hardened unit.” Snow White explained.

“Every soldier here is the most trusted and loyal members of your army. They will gladly put their lives on the line and die for you, Owner.” Rapunzel added.

“No, no, no… what I mean to say is… why are they all women!”

Rows and rows of armored women stand before you, a massive army. Every single girl is an immaculate beauty. Even the goblins, who you were pretty sure were men once, are now rows and rows of women.

“Ah…” Snow White scratches her neck. “How do I say this? During our campaign against Gothel, to reach you in time, some sacrifices had to be made. We asked Wendy for some guidance… and the next thing you know… all the men are dead!”

“Wendy!” You growl.

“It was a choice we all decided on.” Grimhilde touches your arm gently. “We felt that since my love was the reason we needed to attack Gothel so recklessly, that he’d never forgive himself if he lead to the death of many women. The men were happy to volunteer to save the women.”


“Tsk… it’s proper for men to die in a woman’s name anyway. That’s true equality!” Wendy declares.

“Tentacle rape.” You snap your fingers, causing vines to immediately erupt from the ground and rip off Wendy’s clothing as they wrap around her.

“You may rape me, but you can’t rape the trut- Glluuurrrgggg…” her words were silenced as a tentacle dick shoves down her throat.

Completely bound, she collapses to the ground, wrapped completely in tentacles that squeeze and penetrate every orifice. Rather than scared or crying, she has a rather lewd look on her face suggesting she prefers it this way.

You sigh as you ignore the writhing horny pregnant dark elf. “What about the goblins? I thought female goblins are rare?”

“Ah… that…” Snow White looked away with a blush. “It turns out, all the goblins you had the sex dolls gestating came out female. It must have been something about how you magically created these dolls. You could call this army the second generation. Most of these ladies are only a month old, but fortunately, a month is all that’s needed for a goblin to reach sexual maturity!”

“That means the sex doll can no longer get pregnant?” You ask, worried that your army of goblins has come to an end once this batch dies out.

Snow White’s cheeks turned even more yellow with a blush. “That is… you crafted the sex dolls to be adaptable. Once the women out populated the men, the sex dolls began to grow futa dicks. They now impregnate the women goblins.”

“Ah…” Some details were better left not being known.

“So, that explains the goblins, and the harpies were always women anyway. However, did every female dragon die? What of the demons?”

“If I remember correctly, Dragons are a bit like lions. The males stay behind and nest, while the females go out to hunt. In that case, it’d be common for them to send female dragons to war.”

There was a snort and Gothel raised her head from Ursula’s shoulder where she was napping while standing. “After seeing my boyfriend’s preference for female soldiers, I thought it was normal. That’s why I recruited only females for this army. Is that bad?”

“So… this is your army?” Lady asks, walking up to the group of you at the head. “Hmmm… they may be acceptable. I suppose we could use them to bolster our forces.”

“Bolster! My army is five times the size of yours.” Snow White growls. “You’d be defeated easily without our intervention!”

Lady looks away. “That’s as it may, do not forget, we’re merely allowing you to help us defend our tribes.”

“Sure… as long as you don’t forget the proper payment.”

“Payment!” Lady spun. “Why you… isn’t this just humanitarian aid?”

“Hah? Does my army look like it’s made of humans?”

“I’m human!” A single voice shouts, raising their hand.

“Shut up, Carl!” You yell.

“Carl? I thought all of your army was female.”

“Well… all female, and Carl.”

“I’m the last surviving man!” Carl shouted. “I’m surrounded by beautiful female soldiers, I’m living the dream!”

“Damn it, Carl, one more line out of you and you’re out of the army!”

“Lady…” a soldier runs up. “The slavers are making another attack on the capital. If we don’t leave now, the strongest tribe will fall!”

Lady shot a look at you. Rather than seeming worried, you stand there, cleaning your nails, without making any attempt to rally your army.

“D-damn it! You’ll have your reward!” Lady curses. “Help us!”

“Very well… let’s get started.”

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