The Power of Creation – Chapter 301

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“First up, Clarabell of the cowgirl tribe!”

Now, you’d think a cowgirl would be ugly, but Clarabell was actually quite a cute demi-human. With a brown mane, a long tail, and four boobs. Oh, yeah, she has four of them. They all fit on her chest too! It isn’t like those furry girls with the boobs down their stomach. She just has four perfect boobs on her chest. After Rapunzel, this animal girl is not problem. At least her tail isn’t all bushy.

“Which do you think?” Someone whispers.

“Oh, #1 for certain.”

“Really? I bet #2, let’s bet…”

“What’s going on here? Grimhilde and Aurora ask as Lady seems to be collecting money on the sidelines.

“Oh… it’s just a means of raising money during dominance ceremonies.” Lady explains, “People take bets on to the results of the ceremony. With nearly 250 women, the bets this ceremony are going to go insane.”

“What’s #1 and #2-“

“Moooooo!” Clarabell let’s out a cry as you slide your dick in her ass.

“#2! He went for anal!”

“Hmph! Analing a cow, how crass.”

Aurora stopped, lowering her head. “Nevermind… I figured it out.”

“Ahhh… it’s in my ass, but it doesn’t hurt at all!” Clarabell says in surprise. “In fact, it’s really…. Really… Moooo-cummming!”

There was a bunch of muttering around the crowds. “She came already, the cow chieftain this year is very easy to dominate, isn’t she?”

“What’s he doing? He’s still going? Doesn’t he have 249 more women? He shouldn’t waste his stamina. She’s already been dominated.”

“Naaa…aaaa… my ass feels amazing!” Clarabell cries out.

Of course, you’re using magic to cheat a little, ramping up Clarabell’s sexual excitement, removing any discomfort, and helping her derive anal sexual pleasure in the same way you used to turn Snow White into an anal slut. You want to send out the message that their ass is yours, but that doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy themself.

“He won’t last 10.”

“I bet he gets thrown off when he tries to mount the elephantgirl tribe.”

“On that note, why do we call all the tribes cowgirls, catgirl, and wolfgirl when they have both men and women in our tribes?”

“Why do they call them firemen and bellboys when both men and women work those jobs?”

“That’s fair…”

“I vote for the 20th person!”

Aurora and Grimhilde both look at Lady again for clarification.

“The biggest bet will be how many he’s able to submit. No one thinks he’ll be able to make all 250, especially considering he’s still working on the first one and it’s been ten minutes. We were going to tell him that if he must take breaks, it’s fine, but the more breaks he takes, the more respect he loses. The last 50 some tribes likely won’t respect him at all, but they’ll follow suit when it suites them. He should be picking the largest tribes like the catgirl tribe and the rabbitgirl tribe, as to consolidate his power, but he literally started at the beginning of the line. At this rate, he’ll only have complete dominance of a handful of small tribes, and thus will fail to be chieftain.”

“You don’t know our love very well, do you?” Grimhilde chuckles.

“Hero-san is being underestimated.”

“Mooo! Mooo! Ahhhn… c-c-cumming again!”

“Hmph! Well, how long do you think your man will last?” Lady demands.

“All…” Grimhilde says without pause.

“250…” Aurora adds.

“250! Hmm… well… at least you think highly of your man. I know he spent some time dominating Cruella, but he had his daughters to help him. Cruella also took on the appearance of his mother, no normal man could easily be aroused when banging their own mother.”

The two other girls look away, deciding not to comment.

“So, if that’s the case, then how many women do you expect him to cream and establish complete dominance?”



“You… he may have a harem of 32 beautiful women, but this is 250 strong-willed, sexy maidens. If you’re so convinced that his stamina can hold out, how about you bet on it!”

“Already ahead of you…” Grimhilde appears by the bet keeper, handing a massive pile of gold and causing the man’s eyes to grow eager and greedy.

“Moooo! Ahhhnnn… the sex is so good I’m lactating!” Clarabell’s moans fill the village.

“Is that even possible!”

“He’s fucking the milk out of her! Quick, get a bucket!”

Lady looks around worriedly at the large amount of money the harem are betting. She doesn’t think they’ll win. Rather, she thinks it’ll cause some distress taking so much money from their newly formed allies and the females of their new chieftain. The thought of the demi-human tribes going bankrupt doesn’t even cross her mind.

“I think we just financed the war against Tremaine.” Grimhilde says happily, her own greed flashing across her face.

“Only a demonlord would take satisfaction over shamelessly exploiting their new allies.” Aurora sniffs.

“Ladies… you’re speaking as if your man has already one. The Great Chieftain may be powerful, but he is spending all his time on one woman.”


“His stamina can’t hold out!”

Lady sighs as she turns to watch the domination. You are seriously plowing that cowgirl into the ground. Any semblance of defiance is long gone, as she helplessly cries while being pounded like an animal, lewd noises filling the village for nearly thirty minutes. Although many grow impressed by the level you’ve gone to dominate a single tribe, most think you’ve wasted nearly an hour of hard fucking on a single woman. Even though she looks completely broken, that’s but one tribe of 250! It might have been an impressive feat on a normal day where one tribe was dominating another, but on this day, it shows your failure as a Great Chieftain to save the energy to dominate all of them.

“Wait… he hasn’t cum yet.” One of the audiences tries to look at the bright side of things. “If he pulls out before he creams her, he should have enough to dominate another-“

“Mmmmooooo! I’m going cwrazy… I can’t take it! Ahhhnnn! Ahhhnnn!” Clarabell let’s out her last enthusiastic moans as she climaxes for the hundredth time. “I feel it, white stuff is going in my asshole! I’m cumming again! Ah, stop with the buckets! It’s embarrassing!”

Clarabell finally collapses on her four tits, her ass up in the air. You pull your dick out, still rock hard. White stuff leaks from her ass as well as her boobs.

A few other cowgirl’s approach their chieftain, poking her. “Oi… chief… how dominated would you say we are?”

“eeee…” Clarabell’s eyes were unfocused, bubbles forming at her mouth as she laid their spasming in sexual gratification.

“This is the most important part…” Lady pokes the two other girls. “the chieftain must declare what level of dominion he has over her based on his skill. There are five levels of dominion. 1. Acceptance, 2. Friendship, 3. Equality, 4. Subservience, and 5. Slave. There are other levels, but they are never met.”


“Eternal Slaves!” Clarabell shouts out, still drooling, her eyes ecstatic.

“How does that number up?”

“A a-an 8.” Lady manages to get out, her mouth open in shock. “The cowgirl tribe has dissolved all rights as a demi-human tribe and they and all future generations will forever be loyal to him and his future generations for all time. There is no greater subservience! This has only happened once before, and at the time there were only two members of the tribe left!”

While people shout out in disbelief, you walk over to the next girl in line. She is part of the raccoongirl tribe, and has spent the last hour shaking as she sees you raping the cowgirl’s ass. She had some white stuff across her dark raccon eyes, splash from Clarabell’s midsex milking. Normally, she’d be compelled to flee, but now she’s too scared to move!

“Well, raccongirl. You’re next!”


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