The Power of Creation – Chapter 306

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With the snap of your fingers, the army is teleported. Instantly, the fields of the demi-human realm have been replaced with the dark landscape of Tremaine’s home. You lock on to her life with your magic, and are basically certain that she resides in this castle. In an instant, your entire army surrounds that castle. The battle begins moments later.

There are explosions and fireballs. There is magic being casted from both sides. Harpies screech as they drop bombs and various other projectiles. The dark elves launch their arrows into the air, each one striking true. The demi-humans charge forth, with human cavalry and demons on flank. The garrison outside of the city walls is overwhelmed in moments.

You also freely use your magic, protecting your side as you construct barriers, walls, and camps. What might have been a long brutal battle that took the better part of a day for your army to establish a proper foothold is achieved in under an hour. Naturally, the demons on Tremaine’s side have defeated looks. However, they stand strong, showing their loyalty to their lord.

When the fighting settles down, you meet once again with the army generals, which include the six demon lord sisters, Aurora, Snow White, Kida, Rapunzel, Merida, Wendy, Lady, Giselle, Experiment #626, Dinah, Daisy, and Esmerelda. You smack your hands down on a table, causing the talking women to silence.

“Alright, now that we are in enemy territory, I just have one question.” You declare.

“What is it, my love?” Grimhilde asks.

“Who the hell are half of you?”


“You don’t recognize us!” the girls all break into a buzz.

“To be fair, some of you never got that much screen time in the first place! Of course, I know Aurora and Merida, the mothers to my children Anna and Elsa. Snow White and Kida… how could I forget you. But who the hell is Esmerelda? I legitimately have no clue.”

“Tsk…” the person who might have been Esmerelda makes a vexed noise.

“Owner, you just had three of your clones rape us in a giant gangbang not a day passed!” the one with a red bushy tail cries.

“I wasn’t exactly taking down names when I was banging 30 women at once.” The girls all burst into an angry buzz over your words.

“Thirty! There is a bit more than thirty now…” Merida sniffs, then looks over at you in surprise. “Wait… you don’t even remember how many girls are in the harem anymore!”

“O-of course…” You lie.

“He lost count! Admit it! You wouldn’t even know who any of us were if it wasn’t for the harem list!”

“That harem list hasn’t been updated in forever and we all know it!” You shoot back.

Why did the conversation go in this direction? All the girls are giving you angry looks. You quickly count down every girl in the harem. Let’s see.

Ariel, Aurora, Mulan, Merida, Elena, Daisy, Minnie, Dinah, Sylvia, Jasmine, Kida, Belle, Cinderella, Snow White, Tiana, Megara, Nala, Pocohontas, Rapunzel, Mushu, Moana, Anna, Elsa, Grimhilde, Maleficent, Gothel, Ursula, Medusa, Cruella, Wendy, Lady, Giselle, Esmerelda, and Experiment #626. That’s 34… 34 bitches. Why do you feel like you’re on a children’s counting show?”

“I-it’s 34! I have 34 women!” You declare happily.

“You’ve been sitting there for two minutes thinking about…” Snow White responds flatly.

“A-any way, h-how about we all introduce ourselves and why we’re here at the eve of battle.”

“Fine,” Snow White snorts. “I’m Snow White, I am a goblin queen and the general of the goblin army.”

“Very well, hero-san… I am Aurora, former queen and liaison to the human realm.”

“I’m Kida, and I’m the vice-guild leader of the adventurer’s guild.”

“I’m Rapunzel!” Rapunzel squeaks. “I’m the master of the spy network.”

“We have a spy network?” You respond in disbelief.

Everyone ignores you. “I’m Merida, former captain of the wyvern guard, I take care of logistics with Kida.”

“I’m Wendy… Matriarch of the Dark Elves… naturally, I lead the dark elves so this perverted man doesn’t take advantage of them.”

“Hasn’t he already knocked them all up?”

“Eh… further…” She clarified, backing up with a blush.

“I’m Lady, I was elected as general for the demi-human contingent.”

“Giselle is harpy queen. Giselle make harpy do as ordered.” The winged girl declares.

“I’m Experiment #626, I was elected to represent the sex doll army.”

“We’re Dinah and Daisy… we’re just maids fetching your tea!” The two girls harp from the back.

“We are the six sisters of Tremaine the Prideful.” Medusa bows. “Grimhilde the Greedy, Maleficant the Envious, Ursula the Glutton, Gothel the Sloth, Cruella the Wrathful, and myself, Medusa the lustful.”

“I’ve never heard you introduce yourself like that!” You declare.

“You’ve never asked.” Medusa winks.

“What of you!” You point to the last girl, a white-haired pail beauty who seems a bit familiar.

“Esmerelda. Vampire.”

“Are you the general of a vampire army?”

Esmerelda’s red eyes flash. “Does sovereign want a vampire army from this Queen?”

“Ah… no…” You shake your head as she looks dangerously at some of the human women. “But, then, why are you here in the war room?”


You sigh. “You’re here because you’ve barely gotten any screen time, haven’t you…”

“No talking lines in seventy chapters! Sovereign has forgotten about me!”

“So-sorry…” You pet the vampire’s head softly while she pouts. “But this is good, because I’ve decided since we’re the leaders of this final battle, we need to grow to know each other better. That’s why we’ll get to enjoy some trust exercises with each other that I’ve devised.”

Grimhilde elbows Lady. “I bet you it involves his penis.”

Lady’s eyes widen. “I’ll take it! There is no way the Great Chieftain would be so shameless in the middle of a war. You are on- oh… I see his pants are down and his cock is sticking out now. I seem to have underestimated Great Chieftain once again.”

While Lady breaks into tears, Grimhilde pats her head. “Oh, you’ll get used to it.”

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