The Power of Creation – Chapter 310

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“Eh?” Ariel stares down at her body in surprise, which suddenly starts stretching and moving completely without her permission. “Wh-what’s going on?”

Ariel is used to being made to do things by hero that she didn’t originally plan, but her body seems to be moving completely on its own! In fact, when Ariel tries to move her body, it doesn’t move! Ariel can only watch helplessly as her body starts to stand up.

“Ah…” Ariel heard her voice saying. “Sorry about that, I needed to use your body for a bit. Is that okay?”

“EH! H-hero?”

Ariel feels herself winking. “The one and only.”

“Ah… I see… so hero is controlling my body. Is some new kind of sex play? It’s a bit of a turn on.”

“I bet! Damn girl, are you always this horny! This body feels like it’d hump anything right now!”

“D-don’t tease…” Ariel pouts. “H-hero did that to me. I only am excited because it’s hero controlling me. How did you know that’s one of my fantasies?”

“Hah? Being controlled is your fantasy?”

“Mm… I saw Experiment 626 and Cinderella. They’re both sex dolls. I-I’d fantasize about being used by hero like his own personal sex doll!’

“Haha… Ariel, you’re always so naughty. I love you.”


“H-hey now! Calm your body down! I didn’t realize saying those words practically breaks you.”

“H-hero can break me any time!”

“Easy, Ariel, let’s not break you when I’m in here!’

“Hah? Inside me?”

“Y-yeah… I’m not so much controlling you as I’m inside you.” You explain. “You see. I was poisoned and can’t use my body for a while. I decided to use your body…”

“In-side… u-use…” Ariel started panting excitedly.

“Hah, Hah… wh-wh-what Aiiiii…” You let out an erotic moan in Ariel’s voice falling down the floor and covering yourself while panting. “W-what did you do? Did you just cum?”

“Hero said such sexy things… I can’t help it!” Ariel cries tearfully.

“You made me wet our panties! You naughty girl!” You reach up and pinch your nipple, twisting it roughly.

“Naaahh… ahn… hero is making me… aahhnnn…”

“Ahhn… we’re getting off again!” You cry as you feel her sexual organs suddenly clamp in pleasure.

You’re starting to fear you might have ended up in the wrong body. You were starting to understand how Ariel became so perverted and dirty. Her body was incredibly sensitive! Every sensation was sexually amazing. How could anyone think of anything other than sex when their body was a complete sex trap!

“H-hero is fingering me!” Ariel cries out.

“I c-can’t help it! Our body is driving me crazy!” You cry.

“Hero is driving me crazy” Ariel cries back. “Nah… we’re cumming again!”

Moan and cries erupt from the tent. Most of the army has long grown used to Ariel’s proclivities, so they ignore this scene. Meanwhile, the rest of the harem keep a wide birth as they try to work out the mystery of what happened to hero. No one would have guessed that their mighty harem king, lover, and master was trapped in a nymphomaniac’s pink world, and couldn’t stop.

“Ahhnnnn… Ariel’s body feels amazing!” You cry, having lost all reason and now uninhibitedly fingering your pussy while licking your own nipple.

“Hero is so reckless! Use my body, use it!” Ariel encourages excitedly in your head.

With Ariel as a cheerleader, you completely succumb to the sexual pleasures of a woman. However, something feels missing. No matter how many orgasms you experience with your fingers, your body is telling you it wants something more. With barely a thought, you reach into Ariel’s private stash and pull out a dildo.

Although it’s shaped as a cock, you’re in Ariel’s body right now. The instant your body sees it, you begin to spasm with pleasure.

“Yes, yes! Hero, my body needs cock! Hero, please, give me what I need!”

You gulp, unable to stop yourself as you slide the dildo deep into Ariel’s wet cunt. You immediately gasp, your mind going numb with pleasure as that deep ache is fulfilled. You start fucking the dildo hard, thrusting it inside with reckless abandon.  It’s only a few thrusts when you find something familiar with this dildo. That is, it’s the dildo you made for Ariel. In other words, this dildo was made to feel like your dick! Without a doubt, your fucking yourself with a dildo-shaped like your own dick in the body of your woman.

That’s not even half of it. The dildo, as always, has a psychic connection with you. In other words, you can feel the dildo too as if it was your dick. You feel yourself in Ariel’s hot body, getting rammed by a dildo as aggressively as you can, while you also feel the dick your pushing in as if it was your real one. You have the feeling of both the dick and the pussy, you’re feeling yourself being stretched while simultaneous being the one doing the stretching. You become lost is banging your own dick. In short, you are quite literally fucking yourself, with Ariel sandwiched in the middle!

You cum spectacularly, losing the grip of the dildo and it shoots out with cum, squirting as good as you ever made Ariel squirt. You moan out load in Ariel’s sexy voice, while Ariel moans orgasmically in your mind. For a few brief moments, you feel sexually satisfied. However, in the time it takes to catch your breath, you already feel Ariel’s naught body growing horny again.


“Here… hero, I will help…”

“Huh?” Suddenly your hand starts to move, rather, Ariel’s hand starts to move.

“Wh-what is going on?” You cry in surprise.

Ariel reaches down and touches herself in a way that causes your body to shiver in arousal.

“A-ariel?” You gasp in pleasure.

“I want hero to enjoy my body to its fullest. I’ll definitely show you a good time!” Ariel says determinedly. “I want to show you every nook and cranny. Hero will understand me better than anybody. I’ll show you just how much my body can take!”

“W-wai- aiiiii.. cu-cu-cumming!”

Ariel gets hard to work as you become lost to her machinations, just trying to hold on to sanity. Cries and moans come from her tent long into the night before the pair of you are finally done using her body to its fullest.

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