The Power of Creation – Chapter 311

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You stumble out of your tent some time later. Ariel’s hair is a complete mess and she smells like a one woman-whore house, but finally the both of you have been satisfied.

“Ariel! What have you been doing all this time? Haven’t you heard that hero-san is missing?” Aurora approaches you with a concern look on her face.

You grin with a gleam in your eye. “Oh, hoh! Does that you mean you’ve been missing ‘hero’ quite a bit?”

“Hero has inhabited my daughter and has spent the last hour violating her!” Aurora gasps.

“Who’s violating who?” You raise your eyebrows. “Wait, you know? Damn it… I was going to play tricks on your guys and everything. How was I found out?”

Aurora chuckles, putting her hand thoughtfully on her chin. “Of course, hero-san, a mother always knows her daughter best. Naturally, I could instantly tell that you are not the same as my daughter.”

“Also…” Grimhilde walks up next to her, interrupting her prideful moment. “While you were masturbating you were moaning ‘yeah… yeah… take that Ariel, you like me inside you… yeah’. It sort of tipped us off.”

Aurora blushed, losing her satisfied expression, “Yeah… I guess when you said, ‘Oh, yeah, I’m in Ariel’s body, this feels amazing, after I’m done in here I’m going to go out there and trick the other girls’ kind of revealed everything.”

“Damn… I need to stop sex monologueing.” You curse. “Very well, assemble the harem, and someone get me a cup of coffee… I need to replenish my fluids after that.”

The girl’s leave to assemble everyone once again, sparing none of the girls. Meanwhile, someone hands you your coffee. After a few minutes standing outside naked, you look down at your cold body with rock hard nipples, and start getting turned on. It’s Ariel’s body you’re in, so there is nothing wrong with being turned on by it! As the girls gather, you snap, raising your leg up on a barrel.

“Who wants to go down on me?” You ask in a manner that suggests you’re not asking. “Tiana, you’re close with Ariel, you’re in!”

“Ah! M-me!” Tiana curtsies. “Yes! Right away!”

“Hah? What’s that about? Why aren’t you calling me commoner and looking your nose down on me?” You ask.

“Of course… this is Ariel’s body!” Tiana explains as if it’s obvious. “Even if some commoner is inside her, it’s still a royal pussy. Naturally, I can’t treat it like you plebian cock!”

You shrug, “Whatever, get down there!”

“I’ll do it!” Belle raises her hand excitedly. “I’ll eat your snatch!”

“What? You hate me! You’re just some perverted les- oh… I get it… this feels like very unequal treatment.” You tear up at how differently you’re being treated as a female princess.

This is major inequality right here! Well, whatever…

“You can take the back!” You point behind you.

Belle excitedly squeals and runs back behind, getting on her knees. With your foot up on a barrel like captain morgan, you have Tiana eating your pussy from the front while Belle eats your asshole from the back. With both girls taking care of business, you can finally have some piece of mind. However, mostly you had just wanted a place to put your coffee.

“Ah… it’s really hot on my head!” Tiana squeals.

“Don’t move so much or you’ll spill it?” You don’t pay the girl eating your snatch out any more mind.

She can only do so much while balancing a coffee on her head. It’s really Belle from behind whose being a complete pig with her tongue up your ass!

“Ahem… my love. Everyone’s here?” Grimhilde offers.

Right! You were getting focused on getting comfortable, but now that you had your table, your cunnilingus, and your analingus, you now can focus on what is important.

“Basically, it’s like this. The reason I took so long to come out of the tent is that I was considering who poisoned me. I absolutely did not want to make an appearance until I knew who.

“I thought master was in the tent masturbating furiously for all she was worth?” Mulan mutters.

“Hey! I can do two things!” You admonish her. “Anyway, the long short of it is that I now know who the true poisoner is!”

Several women gasp.

“Who is it?” Grimhilde demands. “Who betrayed us?”

“The person who poisoned me is…”

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