The Power of Creation – Chapter 323

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“Papa… can I have a kiss?” Anna asks innocently.

“Mm…” You respond tightly, as a little girl sitting on your lap leans up and kisses your cheek.

“I want a kiss too!” Elsa cries.

“Mm…” You respond, letting her kiss your other cheek wetly.

“What matter, papa? Usually there something hard in your pocket when we sit on lap!” Anna says.

“Elsa make it hard!” Elsa grinds her butt into your lap.

You start to sweat. There may also be tears of blood, but you don’t have a mirror to see for certain.

“Papa… we same from before, just younger, so Papa can still touch… down there…” Anna blushes.

“Elsa feels funny when Papa touches down there…” Elsa giggle.

The sweat turns into a continuous stream. Is it hot in here? It’s definitely hot in here.

“Papa, can you scratch my back, it’s itchy…” Anna innocently lifts her shirt, her now braless pale skin is facing you.

“Papa, I have an itch you can scratch…” Elsa spreads her legs, looking up at you innocently.

“Elsa’s not wearing underwear!” Anna cries, looking down at Elsa’s spread legs.

“Neither is Anna, Papa!” Elsa pouts.

“Hah hah… hee…hee… hah hah….” You practice breathing exercises.

“Papa… my pubic hair is all gone, it feels weird, quick feel!” Anna grabs your hand and tries to put it down her shorts, from which she is not wearing underwear.

“Papa, my boobs are all flat like Mulan’s, since daddy likes playing with her flat chest, touch mine!’ Elsa tries to put your other hand up her shirt.

You sit there, staring straight ahead at nothing as two five-year-old girls pull at your arms and rub themselves on you, their sudden change in age apparently has not altered their natural curiosity nor their memories about sex. Both girls are apparently still down to fuck, even if their bodies are no longer the proper dimensions to promote such a thing.

Just at this point, the door bursts open and Jasmine appears. You push the two girls out of your lap and leap towards Jasmine. At this particular point and time, she is the greater of three evils. You cling to her dress.

“Please… Jasmine, save me from this torment!” You cry.

Jasmine looks surprised at first, having just planned to inform you that dinner was ready, however, her eyes narrow as she quickly glances over the room. Seeing to scantily clad tinys, she’s quickly able to put two and two together.

“So… when Jasmine wasn’t good enough, it’s cause I wasn’t your enough for you, eh?” Jasmine crosses her arms.

“What? No… but their destructive power is too great! Comparatively, you’re a much more preferable option!”

“Papa is just being silly!” Anna sniffs.

“He already slept with us before, now we’re just more compact!”

“No! Jasmine… save me! You paw…”

“Hmph… I could save you…” Jasmine’s eyes narrow. “But it’ll cost you!”

“What, please… anything!”

“A night with me, obviously.” Jasmine laughs.


“That’s right, savior, this story is nearly over, it’s time to give the people what they want! All Tiny… YES, TOUCH!”



“Fine… we’ll have sex today!”

“R-really…?” Suddenly, Jasmine started getting nervous, touching her fingers together.

In truth, while Jasmine teases you constantly, unlike the two tiny’s behind her, she’s not mentally ready for sex. At this point, she only does it to tease you, so suddenly agreeing has made her quite nervous. It’s not that she doesn’t want to, it’s that she was very afraid. Now that Moana has stopped tiny protection with her own baby to take care of, there is nothing in the way of the pair of you. You touch her forehead. There is a flash of light.

“Eh? What happened?” Jasmine blinks, seeing purples spots in her vision.

“I locked your appearance. Now, no longer how old you get, you’ll still look like this.” You explain.

“… You want Jasmine to always look this young?”

“Just for tonight.” You wink.

Jasmine doesn’t understand, but she can’t help but blush. Her heart racing even faster. You grab her hand. It’s so large and rough against her small hands. The other two tiny girls smile at each other and wait behind. They also understand how big this moment is. It was their fault you got worked up to this point, but now that you’ve decided to do it, they wouldn’t intervene.

You bring Jasmine to the door to your room. She gulps, her entire body shaking. It’s something she’d been dreaming about for half a year now, but to dream about it or to have it finally happen are two very different things. Just as you go to open the door, your hand reaches into a rippling portal. A few seconds later, he pulls someone out.

“Eh?” Jasmine blinks and she finds herself staring at an identical girl. “Wh-what is this?”

“Hmm? I’m you!” the other Jasmine laughs, leaning forward and giving her a peck on the cheek.

Jasmine blushes, looking down, feeling strange and a bit nervous. The new Jasmine seems way more confident and adult than she does.

“Wh-what’s going on?” She finally asks.

“I’m eighteen-year-old Jasmine!” Jasmine does a pose. “Since I don’t get older, I still look like a ten-year-old girl, but I’m 100% legal!”

You give a thumbs up, “Legal tiny is legal!”

“W-wait… weren’t we going to…” Jasmine starts to tear up.

“Oh, we will, as me!” Jasmine points to herself. “I’ve been waiting eight years for this chance. It’s 12:01 am on my birthday, and I intend to get some right away. I remember being you, and I’ve been waiting for him to bring me back in time forever!”

“Eh? That’s not fair! I have to wait?” Jasmine frowned.

“What are you talking about?” You shrug, pushing the other Jasmine into your room. “We’re going to have sex right now… just like you wanted…”

You shut the door in Jasmine’s face.

“W-what? That’s not fair! That’s not fair!” Jasmine can only kick and hit the door whining for so long until she starts to hear her own voice moaning from the bedroom.

After that, she crouches down at the foot of the door, growing redder by the minute.

“Eight years…” She pants, her golden eyes glowing the darkness. “Just eight years.”

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