The Power of Creation – Chapter 332

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Who are you? Are you a teenager who probably shouldn’t be on this site? Are you an adult who never found a woman you could trust? Are you a husband just looking to relieve some stress? You could be any of these things, or you could be none of them. There are so many of you, that it’s a bit difficult to guess. The important thing is that you are you, and you’re reading a web novel online.

Perhaps is the url sitting at the top of your browser, or maybe you opted to buy volume 7 of Power of Creation in which this finale occurs and are reading it like that.  Either way, you’re very aware that you’re reading this text in front of you, and the longer you read it, the more your brow starts to furrow. Some of you hate 4th wall breaks, so naturally, being reminded you’re reading a story just kills all the pleasure you get from reading that story.

Now, Power of Creation has been filled with 4th wall breaks before, and many people were complaining when they became more and more frequent, but this chapter seems to really take the cake. After all, you’re a reader reading some ero novel on the internet, and this story seems to be making sure to remind you of that fact. Even if you like 4th wall breaks, you might find this chapter a little annoying, just a little infuriating. After all, it’s not what you expected at all.

You are just enjoying this daily-released ero story, and here reality has come to just smack you back down. You are reading about a powerful god-like guy enjoying all of the pussy, having sex and taking shit from no one. Maybe, he didn’t do what you would have done in every situation, but you enjoyed the ride nonetheless, at least I hope you did if you made it this far in the story. Whatever the case, what you’re reading now all feels wrong.

This whole story seems to break down as you sit there in front of your electronic screen. The writing seems to be going nowhere. The plot isn’t continuing. Is this how he plans to end this? Seriously? Fuck this shit, I’m going to just go read PLIC. Perhaps your mind went in this direction. Perhaps it went in another.

“Hero? What’s wrong?” Ariel asks.

You read those words. You know there is no Ariel. You know there is no Riun. You aren’t standing in front of a castle. You’re not butt-naked in front of a crowd of people. There aren’t thirty some buxom women who are attracted to you. They aren’t looking at your worriedly as you stare vacantly with a furrowed brow. None of that is real. It’s all just a story, a fiction written to help you jack off or possibly just to past the time because you’re bored.

“It’s happened…” a voice breaks out unsteadily from the harem of girls.

Of course, there isn’t a harem of girls. You’re just looking at those words. However, you look over anyway, even though you know you’re not really looking over. Perhaps, for simplicity’s sake, we will stop saying what you know isn’t there, and you can just continue to read the story. The voice that this narration previously mentioned that broke out from your harem was none other than Megara. You know this, because the narration just told you this.

“What do you mean, Megara?” asks Aurora. “His vacant and lost expression, it is really worrying me.”

Everyone split, revealing Megara there. She had a sad smile on her face as she walked forward. The rest of the harem walked up too, gathering around the bed. Even Lillian seems a little perturbed by your sudden change in behavior.

“It’s… what I feared would happen from the beginning. He’s… being made to see the truth.” Megara explains

“The truth?” Snow White asks. “What truth…”

Megara sighs. “The truth of the universe… of where we all came from… of the world beyond.”

“What does that mean?” Aurora demands. “How do we get him back?”

“We don’t…” Megara sighs. “I had seen all of this. Because of my closeness with the apostle of the Demon God, I got a glimpse of the truth. That’s why I dreaded this day all the way until now. I dreaded the moment since I first fell for him. Now that he’s been shown the truth… he’ll never love us back… not the way we love him.”

“What?” Mulan frowns. “Master would never turn on me, right master? Right?”

Mulan runs up and looks up to you, tears forming in her eyes. At least, you certainly read that sentence. As far as what you could do about that? Not much? In a cruel way, it’s completely true. You don’t love these women. How could you? The second the story ends, they won’t say or do another original thing. You might have a fondness for them. You’ve certainly been on a journey, picked your favorites… but how could you truly love them?

What? Some of you are still confused? You haven’t put two and two together. Well, for those of you still struggling, you reached into that avatar called an MC, and you echoed the words banging around in your head.

“What is going on?” You ask out loud.

Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap. Clap.

Before the girls can answer you, a clapping sound fills the courtyard. Each of the girls look up into the sky, their faces turning white. Your vision follows, and what you see is a beautiful woman. Not just beautiful, the most beautiful woman you have ever seen in your entire life. She makes your mouth go dry. Any attempt to describe her actual appearance would be an injustice, as she’s simply that amazing. She looks down at you and snorts.

“Congratulations… you have cast the barrier breaking magic just in time. You’ve gone and broken the forth wall.” The Demon God says.

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