The Power of Creation – Chapter 335

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“you… Agh.. I hate it when you end in a cliffhanger!”

I nod. “It’s true… cliffhangers suck. That’s why we writers do them. Because… definitive endings to a chapter just gives you incentive to not continue. You may hate this kind of thing… but it’s your own shitty unreliability that forces us writers to do it. If we could be confident you’d come back next chapter, next volume, next series, we wouldn’t have to depend on such garbage tricks. Yet, as I’ve already said, you’re a fickle lot. You do this to yourselves.”

“Agh… stop with the fucking monologuing! What were you saying at the end of the last chapter?”

“About how you can’t defeat me?” I chuckle. “You see, that’s the beauty of this confrontation, isn’t it? Other stories, they write some antagonist as the ‘God’ the isekai hero must defeat, but they’re not really god. They’re just some overpowered magic user, who incidentally isn’t much more powerful than the MC themselves. A true God now… a true God has all the power.

“For me, I literally created this world. I gave you your Power of Creation. I created all of these girls. All of this, every word of it, is me. Even now, all those questions you’ve been asking… you’re not asking them. I’m making you ask them. They are my words, which I put in your mouth. You know this, and you suspend your disbelief because you’re curious about what I’ll have you’ll ask next and what I’ll answer. But in the end of it, I’m the creator of all of this, and you… you are in my world. Take that for OP. I am the word!

“Then, what was the point of the 4th wall magic?”

“Hehe… that little gimmick? I believe they call that a Mcguffin. If you wanted to be technical, I could have come into this world, changed everything, and you would have just been lost. Your MC wouldn’t have realized what happened, but you, the reader, would have no clue what was going on. Without breaking the 4th wall, I would have just come in, and won. Instantly. Of course, I allowed you to cast the 4th wall magic. Mind you, I made up these rules, but I also follow them so that I could mock and tease you before your defeat. It’s very important to me for you to understand how weak and useless you are here. This is literally my world, my story, and all you can do is keep reading, keep hoping the story will get better for you and your girls.”

“And will it?” You ask hopefully.

I only give a smile in answer.

You shake your head in annoyance. “That still doesn’t tell me why you’re here. Vengeance? Cause you hate us? That seems pretty short sighted to end this magnificent and glorious story for a cheap piece of revenge.”

Magnificent and Glorious? Yeah… I put those words in your mouth. Deal with it, bitch. You frown as I continue.

“True… that would be a little short-sighted of me. After all of this, why would I sabotage my own story and come into it just to mock you for a little bit. No… I had a much better reason for being here.”

“Well?” You ask, and then lift your hand. “And you better not jump to the next chapter!”

“Hehe… I’ll answer this time. Why does any author put his work online anywhere? MSB? Royal Road? Wattpad?”

“For people to read it?” You offer.

“Yes… and no… writers put unfinished work to the public… because they hope to be encouraged to write it. That’s certainly why I ended up on MSB. All those years ago, I wanted to write TOAS, and thus I used the support of a few fans and got the story finished. Then a bunch begged me for a sequel, said it wasn’t as good when I finally wrote it for them… well, that’s a different story.”

“So, you release PoC to write PoC?” You ask uncertainly.

“Of course,” I shrug. “I wanted a story that would last. I wanted a story where I could act out all of my perverted little desires. I could imagine the women I wanted to fuck, and fuck them in the ways I imagined it. You did that for me, reader, you helped me write 300+ chapters of smut, involving women of every shape and size. You’ve helped me create my harem of women and flesh them out into, if not three-dimensional characters, at least something… 2D.”

“You mean, my harem of women…” You narrow your eyes.

My smile widens. “How easy is it? To change a you into an I? To change a your into a my? This harem is yours? You already said, the pictures I ordered weren’t what you imagined. The characters didn’t act how you expected. You wanted a foxgirl and you got a wolfgirl. You wanted identical demon lords and you got identical maids. I tried to accommodate, but this was never your world. They were what I imagined though. Every girl, straight from my imagination. My little princesses… nearly 40 of them, ready for the taking.”

“Taking… that sounds dangerously like NTR! You said no NTR?”

“Hahaha!” I roll my head back and laugh. “Actually, that’s the best part of this whole thing. I lied. This isn’t a story without the NTR tag. This is a story with ONLY the NTR tag.”


“Why did you think I’d create all this? 37 slutty women… which you encouraged me to write for three hundred chapters. I got you idiots to help me satisfy my own sexual kinks. Some of you even PAID me to create my own jack off material! I imagined these girls, one at a time. I paid to draw these girls to my imagination, and now that my work has finished, I’ve come to CLAIM these girls. These are my women! My harem!”

I snap my finger. Ariel turns to you. A smile forms on her face, but it doesn’t reach her eyes.

“I’m sorry, hero, but Whizzer’s dick is just so much better than yours.” She says.

“Ariel!” Aurora cries out in surprise.

Ariel’s eyes return to normal, and realizing what she just said, she covers her mouth, shaking her head in horror. I wave a finger, stopping her from giving you an apology, a gag instant forming in her mouth that she can not remove. You shoot me a glare.

“You bastard! What the hell do you plan to do?”

“You know… no one likes netorare… but everyone loves netori… I’m no exception.” I explain. “So, I decided to play the long game. How many women could I steal? How could I maximize the number of men I cuck? What came out was the Power of Creation! Don’t you get it? I’m going to spend the rest of this book personally fucking every single one of your women.”

“Netori is only good when the MC is taking them away from someone else whose a dick!”

I raise an eyebrow. “Exactly. You thought you were the hero of this story? Oh… no… you and I both know that you’re objectively a terrible person. You’ve spent the last 300 chapters proving that point. If anything, my presence here now is saving these women from your torture. Don’t you get it? You’re the bad guy, and I’m the hero stealing these women that you don’t deserve.”


“That’s right, reader… this was my plan from the beginning. I, Whizzer, have managed to accomplish the ultimate sexual thrill! Normal men can steal a woman here, or a woman there! Me… I will steal dozens of women from thousands upon thousands of readers! I will cuck my entire fanbase! I will NTR ALL of you! You will read while I personally bang your favorite women over and over again. God damn! I’m stroking myself just thinking about it!”

“Fuck it, I’m going to quit reading then.”

“After 300 chapters? After coming to know and love and form your favorites? After all the laughter and all of the sex? You’re just going to quit like this?” I chuckle. “You’re going to abandon all of your harem to me? Do you see why I called you dick-less?”

“H-hero would never leave us!” Ariel cries out.

“Y-yeah!” Mulan adds, giving me a glare. “Master loves me, how could he just abandon me to the likes of this bastard!”

All of the girls start to call out, their eyes tearful as they look over at you, desperately pleading that you wouldn’t abandon them so simply. Their hearts are with you, after all, and if you stop reading now, their fates will be sealed. They’ll be endlessly raped and fucked by me for all time. In the back of their minds, they’ll grow to hate and resent that reader who couldn’t just read a few more chapters because he was such a chickenshit afraid of netorare. Goodbye, chickenshit.

“That’s… really low…” You say.

“Demon God.” I point to myself and chuckle. “Truth is, some of you will quit, or already have. But… some of you won’t be able to help but read this to the end. Each chapter, you’ll hope something will happen to stop me from fucking your women. Okay… I was willing to sacrifice this girl, but maybe the next girl will be saved. Maybe my favorite girl will be spared. That’s what you might think.

“You’ll have no choice but to read on as I describe, in depth, all the things I do to this harem. As I mindbreak each of your girls with my penis until they moan the name Whizzer, and curse your own name. A few of you will quit reading at a time, but some of you will always stay. Hell, a few of you are secret netorare lovers and will enjoy the whole thing. The rest of you, you just have to know how it ends. You’ll reach that end… and your last words will be ‘I can’t believe that’s how he ended it.’ And for me? I’ve already won. Check… mate…”

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