The Power of Creation – Chapter 336

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“To be honest, I don’t even know why you’re all worked up about it anyway.” I sigh. “The NTR, I mean.”

“You don’t understand why I’d be a little pissed you plan to rape all of my women in front of me, seriously?”

“Is it really rape? They’re not real? Clearly, I am in control, so everything that happens isn’t forced. Ariel will open her legs for me, without resistance, because this world is mine, and all I need to do is write those words and they’ll happen.”


“No, what I’m talking about is a little more… philosophical. Are you sure your tiny brain can handle it?”


“I’m going to go on a limb here and suggest that you happen to enjoy porn, right?” I ask.

“… okay…” You narrow your eyes.

“Well, other than a few homemade videos you may or may not have made, you’re going to be watching people who aren’t you having sex, right? Even if you’re only into 2D girls, fuck-kun is certainly a Japanese male, and the last I checked very few of you are Japanese.”

“Yeah… what’s your point?”

“My point is, you don’t get all pissy when you watch some guy whose dick is almost certainly bigger than yours plow some woman. You may even have a certain waifu or pornstar you like to watch, yet you feel no anger when this week she’s fucking this brunette and next week she’s fucking that ginger. He’s more fit than you, he has a bigger dick than you, and he lasts longer than you too. Yet, you watch him without problem.”


“Too abstract for your mind to wrap around? Alright, let’s focus on right here. On MSB itself… What does PLIC, Bonded Goddess, World of Women, and X-ray all have in common?”

“… They’re all ero on MSB?”

“They’re all in the first-person point of view. They’re all in… my point of view.” I explain. “Power of Creation is an abnormality. Being in a second person point of view just isn’t done. No… it’s first person that people read. How many people have skipped this book because they just don’t like second person? A lot. That’s how much we love ourselves our first person. You could say, it’s within people’s nature to watch others for enjoyment, rather than doing it themselves. Doesn’t that sum up sports perfectly? Face it, you’d rather watch someone else do something in fiction, than do it yourself.”

“It’s because we self-insert! We’re imagining ourselves in that situation!”

“I’m sure that’s what you tell yourselves. But face the facts, the creator of that content isn’t you. The author of your favorite ero doesn’t know you personally. In the case of translations, the author doesn’t even understand your culture. So, why did he write this ero the way he did? Do you think PLIC’s author would have written PLIC the way he did if he didn’t like lolis? Do you think the Bonded Goddess’s writer would have written it that way if he wasn’t towards Ruki’s desires? The point is, writers write what they want. The porn you consume wasn’t created for you, it was created for them.”


“The ero you read is all in first person. That person… is the surrogate for the writer… don’t you understand? It is your nature to be cucked. Every piece of smut you consume is watching someone else fuck your women. I am not you, you are you… so what is wrong when I fuck Ariel? When I fuck Mulan? You’ve been reading about “I” fucking in every single one of your stories. From the very get-go, you have been getting off to me fucking your women!”


“For those of you who read WoW, who is your favorite girl? Morgan? Brooke? Hannah? Well, it isn’t you fucking them… it’s me. Oh… I’m sorry, it’s ‘Clyburn’, a guy who happens to look like a 14-year-old version of my own profile picture. You’ve gladly watched me bang all of your favorite women, so how is this any different?

“All I’m doing is restoring the status quo. I’m giving you what you want. I’m taking the ‘you’ out of it. I tried to give you a choice. I did it 300 chapters ago when I tried to make this a choose your own adventure. However, you didn’t want that choice. Almost universally, you guys voted to throw that back in my face. You wanted me to make the choices. You wanted me to fuck the women. All you wanted to do, was watch… I’m doing what you want here. You will be no more, and your women will be fucked by ‘I’ from now on. How am I not giving you exactly what you asked for? You did ask me to ‘write me’ after all, didn’t you?”


“Hey… if it’s any consolation, just do what you’ve always done. Self-insert. Have fun pretending to be me as I fuck your girls. It’s… only natural. I’m really going to enjoy every last one of them to my fullest.”


“You know… now you’re starting to act a little like a baby here. Stop moping around so much. I suppose I did give you ‘some’ choice before. There was a time when I listened to that ‘garbage’ you call comments and even made changes based on what you requested of me. I mean, let’s face it, Elena totally had a penis before. I just made up that shit about it being a mistake to deal with your stupid ego. Megara was also totally Florian, before you pussed out like a bitch. So… how about I give you a little bit more choice. I’ll give you the chance to save your girls from my penis, how does that sound?”


“Haha… I thought that might perk you up a bit… that was my mistake before. I was a little too overbearing in the start here. All you could do was keep reading and despair. I have to give you a sliver of hope to keep you reading on. So, let me come up with something else you can do that would influence me. I’ll make a deal with you, my good reader.”

“What is it?” You ask darkly.

“Oh… it’s simple, really. I think it’s about time we get this finale on the road, don’t you think? I’ll release a chapter on Monday, where I will rape one of your harem. She’ll… just be a starting appetizer.”

“You bastard!”

“H-hold it!” I chuckle. “You haven’t heard the best part yet. You can save your women. And it’s really simple too. All you have to do is pay me…”

“Pay you?”

“Yup… every girl has her price. Naturally, Ariel is worth a bit more than Experiment #626, no offense. The maximum will be $10 to save a girl. I won’t make this too difficult for you.”

“What do you mean?”

I raise an eyebrow, “What isn’t clear? You pay me for a girl, and I won’t NTR her. Through paypal, as it were…”

“Th-that’s extortion!”

I shrug. “I prefer to call it… fund raising. You’ve enjoyed this novel up until this point, now what are you willing to pay for your happy ending?”

“You’re saying you won’t NTR anyone I pay for?”

I nod. “I’m a Demon God! Would I lie?”

“What if I pay for every girl?”

I shrug. “You could pay for EVERY girl, and then experience no NTR at all! There are 40 some girls, so for about $300 (not every girl is $10), you could save the ending of this story and I could walk away with a new TV. Or… you can leave a few girls out, and they can realize the man they thought they loved couldn’t even be bothered to spare a few bucks to keep them from being horribly raped. See… are I not a merciful god? I’m leaving the choice to you.”

“I… really hate you…”

“Hehe… I’m the Demon God, no one said I’d be likable.”

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