The Power of Creation – Chapter 37

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“Ah! No! Stop!” she screams as you shove it into her.

Three other girls let out cries as well. A pussy was stretched to the limit under a patch of green hair. This is the second girl you are plowing for all she is worth. This time, she is in doggie position, and you have a fistful of green hair as you yank her head back painfully. You continually spank her ass until it’s red and sore, and she is making screaming and crying noises as you mercilessly take out your frustrations on her.

The blue haired girl had lasted about ten minutes before her eyes started to lose their light. You decided to stop at that point. You wanted them trained, not broken. Even though the green haired girl had felt what her sister had felt, and all three girls tied to the side had cum numerous times to the point where they were all forced to sit in puddles of their own sex as they writhed orgasmically, being the one under you and knowing it was her own pussy being torn open had a more mentally damaging effect.

As you rode the green haired girl from behind, you balls slapped her pussy, and your hands slapped her buttcheeks. The blue hair girl only lied down and squirmed. Her restraints had been ripped off by you during coitus, and now the only thing keeping her there was the fact she couldn’t stand even if she wanted to. White stuff leaked out of the gaping hole that was once her pussy.

“Do you like that, you bitch?” You ask the green haired one, giving her ass another slap.

Of course, snot and tears were running down her cheeks just as much as sex was running down her legs, and she wasn’t able to respond in between sobs. You slapped her again harder. Her butt was already bright red, and every time you slapped the other three girl’s jerked too. You admitted you were having a little fun.

“You! Now, it’s your turn!”

The yellow haired girl lets out a cry as you grab her wrist and drag her over. However, you are still plowing away at her green haired sister, so she looks around in confusion. You grab her hair and force her down onto her back, sliding her under her sister’s abdomen. You pull the green haired girls hair back until she uses her arms to hold up the front of her body. You use a spell to show the yellow girl where to go next. That was, of course, directly into her sisters snatch.

You modified the spell so that the girls could smell and taste matched as well. Now, as you plowed into the blue haired girl, she could taste her own sex as you plowed into her from her sister’s tongue. The purple haired girl was the only girl whose facial expressions you could see at the moment, and while her eyes were shut tight trying to deny the feelings erupting from her body, she put on a grossed out look, apparently not favoring the taste of her sister’s pussy.

The yellow haired girl under you was too terrified to fight back, so she licked sloppily at your cock and her sister’s tight pussy, no matter how much it disgusted her. You knew she could feel her own tongue licking her sister’s pussy, and the sexual pleasure she gave her sister was given to herself as well. This meant that her tongue job was top tier, doing all the things that drove her crazy to her sister’s snatch, even though this occurred subconsciously.

“Ah, I’m cumming, make sure to drink every drop of out mess!” You laugh.

“No, please… oh no, I feel it coming inside me!” The green haired girl let out a cry.

Wet, hot, gobs of ejaculate filled her up and you made sure it was more than her pussy could handle, so the yellowed haired girl beneath had to drink it. The purple haired girl’s expressions as the yellow haired girl drank down gobs of semen and her sister’s sex were priceless, but you could also see she was cumming herself, squirting out her own sex as she tasted yours.

You sigh and pull out, tossing the green haired girl to the side like a discarded piece of trash. The yellow haired girl is breathing hard. Her mouth is wet with your sex, and although she tried hard to swallow everything, given that she was under her sister as you plowed into her from behind, that only went so far, and her face is covered in sex and tears.

“A-are you done with us?” The purple girl gives you a hateful yet hopeful look.

“What are you talking about?” You chuckle as your magic returns your dick to full erectness. “There are two more of you left!”

The yellow haired girl starts to bawl as you spin her around and pull her legs open from the ankles, lining up your cock for the next round. The purple haired girl you had just finished violating hadn’t moved from where you had tossed her, and barely responded as you slid it into girl number three.

Sometime later, you finished up with the four girls. You tidy yourself up, and use magic to clean, dress, and chain up the four sisters. They all have lifeless eyes, staring at nothing and only going where you pull the chain that you were using to lead them. Opening a portal, you pick up the girl you had originally came for and stepped through it to return to where you had left your original five girls.

When you stepped out and saw the looks on the girl’s faces, you realized your mistake. You had left the that image screen on when you left to go do your dirty work, and the girl’s had all seen you brutally murder all the bandits and then rape these four. Oops.

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