The Power of Creation – Chapter 53

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Of course, after you were done with Merida, she was unfit for walking. As you throw on your clothing, she strokes her stomach with a silly grin. Unlike the mature and motherly Aurora, Merida has an innocent and immature nature, like a high school sweetheart who wanted to have your baby without really understanding what that meant. Well, whether she understood or not, she’d be having your baby soon.

You run out the room once you finally put on your clothing. You aren’t particularly rushed because none of the proximity alarms you set up in the mansion are triggered. Noone has broken into the mansion and no one appears to be running around the mansion other than the girls. Furthermore, the room that turned out to be the source of the scream was Grimhilde’s.

As a Demonlord, you know that she can take a pounding. You’ve personally delivered several poundings yourself. Other than her mild addiction to cum, she is a surprisingly strong-willed woman, and while she lacks the physical prowess of her father, she’s actually very strong magically. However, magicians can tell the strength of other magicians, and when she found your enormous magical strength she never even considered trying to defy you. However, you are an abnormal case, and she could probably take care of herself against anyone short of an S-ranked adventurer.

By the time you reach the door, you have been joined by Ariel and Mulan, both are curious about the cause of the scream. You finally open the door and raise your eyebrows at the sight. Grimhilde is standing nearby in a red negligee shaped just how you liked it. Well, you’re the one who bought it for her, so you bought something that erotically fit her body in exactly the way you liked. However, she is standing up and her bed is on fire.

“My love,” Grimhilde’s eyes meet yours and she nods her head. “Someone was in my room. But when I moved to attack them they disappeared.”

You scratch your head in confusion. Noone had triggered any alarms, so by all accounts everything looks safe. However, as the household head, it wouldn’t be prudent to toss doubts on your harem. Likely, Grimhilde had just gotten wound up by the ghost stories and started seeing things. You don’t want to tell her that, but fortunately as you glance around the room you see her being somewhat fidgety and come up with a way to change the conversation.

“What’s wrong?” You ask innocently as a cruel smile forms on your lips.

She is somewhat blushy and seems to be breathing hard. “N-n-nothing. That will be all. Just find out who’s in the house.”

“Ah, that’s reminds me, it’s been a while since you’ve had a taste?”

Grimhilde gulped, “Eh…. What do you mean? I-I-I’m fine…”

Mm. Subordination, is it? It looks like Grimhilde was trying to use your recent distractions to kick the habit. Looks like she figures if she can avoid your cum long enough, she’ll stop craving it. You aren’t afraid that she isn’t happy with you, but at the same time, she is stubborn and her pride as a Demonlord likely pushes her to try to rebel, even just a little. Of course, you find this mostly just cute, and magically slightly adjust the cravings a bit. You crank them up, of course. Her eyes start to turn feverish and she looks down at your crotch almost drooling.

“Ah, is my little Grimhilde thirsty?”

“Th-th-that…” She wants to say no, but the temptation is there.

You just had sex with Merida, so the smell of sex was likely strong, and your dick was still at half mast, an impressive size pressed against your pants. You had to magically redesign your pants so that it fit in their comfortably. It’s a hard to resist sight for any thirsty girl.

“Well, I’ve finished with Merida, so you can enjoy some leftovers, yes?”

“Ye-yes…” Grimhilde lowers her eyes in defeat, but the sparkle in your eyes only grow in response.

“Ah, but you see, you’re going to have to work hard.” You point out.


“Well, you see, Mulan is here too!”

“Me? What does Master mean? If she wants you…”

“Ah, but your wonderful master thinks competition is healthy.” You put your finger over Mulan’s mouth before she ruins your fun. “And if Mulan wins by drinking more than Grimhilde, then Master will reward Mulan with a treasure.”

“Tr-tr-treasure!” Mulan’s eyes widen in excitement, and like that her competitive nature is ignited.

Too easy… although in dragon terms, she was likely an underaged child… so it’s a bit like offering candy to a… you weren’t going to think about that. You’re human and this is human logic.

“Hero wants us to compete! I will work hard for a reward!” Ariel clinches her fist with a determined expression.

Grimhilde, on the other hand, is wearing a miserable look learning that not only has she fallen off the wagon, but now she has to battle for her share. “My love is so cruel.”

“Mm.” You nod. “Love is cruel.”

“That’s not what I-“

“Mulan will win Master’s seed and treasure!” Mulan interrupted her unable to to wait any longer and falls to her knees, pulling down your pants.

Grimhilde lets out a scream of panic and jumps to her knees as well. “No! I need it! Stop, give it to me!”

Ariel has already thrown off her dress and clothing, abandoning all shame as she fondles and undresses the other two girls who were going down on you with all their efforts, giving you pleasant yuri action to watch as you sit back. It is already clear Ariel isn’t really interested in the competition, just having fun with everyone.

And thus, opens the curtain on the epic battle between the Demonlord and a red dragon. Spoilers. You win.

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