The Power of Creation – Chapter 55

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“Hero-san has been busy.” Aurora suddenly appears from behind as you open the door.

Naturally, the white scene behind you which included her daughter is in full view.

“Ah, well, things happen.” You smile unashamedly.

Aurora rolls her eyes but she’s wearing a gentle smile. “If you must go all night, can you at least keep the moaning and screaming down? If we want the baby to be healthy, I must get some proper rest.”

“Oh, really?” You smirk, grabbing her hand and pulling her over to you.

She blushes as you pull her in an embrace, grabbing her butt and kissing her neck.

“Had my ex-husband been as vivacious as you…” she mutters while looking off distantly.

“Mm… do you miss him?” you ask worriedly.

“Ah, no… it’s not that.” She turns back to you with a loving look. “It was my duty to be with him, and my duty to bare his child. As a queen, your responsibilities are vast, and your freedom is restricted. It was like a prison. However, I feel like I can finally do the things I want to do. You’ve freed me and my daughter from that life. Now I have you, and both my babies. I couldn’t be happier.”

As she speaks, she touches her stomach, which now actually has taken on the slightest bump since you last casted the spell. It seems like the baby is growing faster than you expected. There is suddenly another yell. Aurora gives you a wry look. What? It wasn’t you! Did she think you were fiddling with the girls using your magic while you are here with Aurora? Well, now that she’s given you the idea…

“Ahhhh,” There is another shout from Belle’s room.

“Not me. I swear!” You defend yourself to Aurora with your hands up.

She gives a throaty chuckle. “A shame that… I might have asked for your services later tonight as well.”

“I thought healthy mothers need proper rest.” You say wryly.

“Mm? How do you rest? I certainly can’t go to bed unsatisfied.” She responds coyly.

You put your hand on her bump, and she brings her hands up to your wrist and holds you hand as it presses against her while smiling seductively. You lower your hand slightly and then trigger an orgasm spell.

“Ha, ha, ha…” she gasps and moans. “Hero-san, you’re so mean.”

You smile gently as you walk over to Belle’s room. “No time. Belle could be in trouble, yes?”

“If that were true, I think hero-san would be more worried rather than wasting time wrecking a Queen’s panties.” She responds wryly as she recovers from her orgasm and joins you.

Just as you put his hand on the door, you heard another scream on the other side. You and queen look at each other before you open the door and step in.

“Ah! You beast! What are you doing barging in my room?”

“Perhaps you are right, my queen, perhaps some noise cancelling spells on the walls?” you turn to the queen who had a flustered look on her face.

Of course, you knew this before you came into the room, but catching Belle spread open with a vibrator inside her while she goggles at an erotic picture of the princess was a scene you wanted to savor with your own eyes. The Queen of a nation also getting an eye full was just an added bonus.

She pulls the vibrator out desperately tossing the toys and paraphernalia to the side as she desperately tries to cover herself up. Of course, you had a read on Belle since the very beginning. She is a closet pervert with poor impulse control. As she looks at the pair of you with tears in her eyes, and Aurora gives her a look of shock and disappointment that only a queen and mother could give, you fight the urge to smile.

“So, it seems Belle is getting comfortable. I’m glad.” You say, causing a blush to rise on her cheeks. “But it’s too bad you’re already blowing your load when I went to the effort of bringing a playmate.”

“What is a beast like you saying?” Belle said in shock as she finally got herself covered in sheets.

“Ah, well, the queen needs some relief and I’m tired after working hard all day.” You chuckle.

“Hero-san… I was hoping for you…”  the Queen was trying to maintain her mature façade but couldn’t help but become a little pouty.

“No worries. I provided her with that.” You pointed at the vibrator that was still on and vibrating on the floor where Bell had tossed it in a rush.

“But I’d prefer hero’s…” Queen ended it with a shrug.

“I know. That’s why I enchanted it to feel just like mine. I’m glad to see Belle likes mine the best.”

Belle’s eager smile at the prospect of having Aurora quickly froze as her eyes turned towards the vibrating object to the side.

Aurora gives a chuckle. “I see Hero-san has thought of everything.”

“Mm, yes, and please use it enthusiastically! I can feel that as well.”

Belle starts to turn green as you give a little laugh. That was right. You didn’t need magic to know what Belle was doing in here. She has been going to town with your penis almost since the pair of your separated. Part of the reason you so easily came on command with Grimhilde and Mulan was that you had the feeling of plowing deep into Belle’s nether regions with the reckless abandon that only a pervert could do. You recall you had violated her ass as well, which felt particularly interesting as you felt the simultaneous stimulation of a tight, warm asshole, and the tongues and hands of two competing women. That was about the time you released the flood of cum. You only regretted Belle wasn’t caught up in it as well.

“Th-th-that’s yours, y-yuou fe-felt it?” Belle was turning completely red.

You give a thoughtful nod. “Yup, of course. Belle worked very hard and let me to cum many times. I especially enjoyed it when you licked it after sticking it in your butt. You’re quite the dirty girl. Of course, I only feel the pleasure. So, don’t feel like you can’t be rough with it, as I won’t feel it if you use too much teeth or drop it on the floor or whatever. For all your hard work, I brought you a Queen. Don’t you want to fuck royalty?”

“Qu-qu…” That has an unexpected side effect.

That’s right, you never really introduced most of the harem to each other. All the girls you had gathered today (Belle, Elena, and the Baka maids not including a certain loli) didn’t know the more experienced harem members (Grimhilde, Mulan, Merida, Aurora, and Ariel) officially. You guys need to have an official meet-n-greet so the girls can meet. Well, Aurora and Belle could just get acquainted a little earlier.

“Anyway, have fun you two!” You say as you step out the door.

Both girls try to say something in protest, but you slam the door shut and lock it before they can. Just in case they wanted to be stubborn, you throw in an area cast spell that steadily ramps up their sexual excitement. Between the queen, whom you had already worked your magic, and Belle who was an insatiable pervert, you didn’t think it would take long.

Ten minutes later, you feel the sensations of your penis sliding in a moist, tight hole. You try to guess if it is Belle or Aurora. You are guessing Aurora. As you walk away, you check on the white room that used to be Grimhildes. You had left a similar spell on her room when you left. It appears like the three have recovered enough and are now fornicating in the dried refuge of your cum.

You nod and move on, checking on Elena and Jasmine, you see the pair of them are sleeping peacefully. You’d wait on Elena just a little bit longer. Instead, you head back to your room where Merida still rests. Your cock rock hard from being thrust into Aurora with all of Belle’s might, you prepare to double things up with Merida. Not a bad way to end the night.

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