The Power of Creation – Chapter 56

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You wake to another shriek. Checking your time magic, you see that it is approaching noon. Well, after last night, it isn’t like any of the girls got any sleep. Jasmine burst in at nine in the morning with a tray of breakfast. She managed to find an apron and wore that as she made her way into your room. However, that was the only article of clothing she wore.

“Would my savior like to have some breakfast?” she asked before putting a finger up to her cheek. “Or would he rather have… me?”

You kicked her out the door, but unfortunately got an eye full of her naked wagging bottom as she left. As she reached the door, she looked back and gave you a wink and pursed lips with a ‘chuu’. You threw a pillow at her and she turned just in time for it to miss.

“How annoying…” you lament over the awfulness of jailbait.

Fortunately, Merida was there to receive all your frustrations. She quickly received all nine inches of stress relief openly and honestly, and you even cuddled with her afterwards. Well, cuddle isn’t the right word. You went back to sleep using her giant melons as a pillow. They were very warm and comfy, and you’d swear they’d grown a size since last night.

You were dreaming of white, sweet nectar when the scream woke you up once again. At that point you realized a couple of things. First, you could hear light moaning noises coming from Merida. Second, you had one of her nipples in your mouth. Third, there was something sweet on your breath. Curiously, you sucked again, and a couple of droplets of sweet flavor hit your tongue.

“Ah, be careful daddy, that’s for our baby.”

You pull your lips from the nipple and smile up on her. “Yeah, but she hasn’t been born yet.”

Merida thought carefully before nodding with a smile. “Of course, I’m sorry, daddy. If it’s daddy, he can share as much milk as he wants.”

You go to take another sip, just because, when you hear another shriek and give a sigh. “This is getting ridiculous. I’ll definitely put up sound barriers next”

This particular scream didn’t seem to be coming from anyone’s room. You also knew it wasn’t from Belle. She actually went to sleep last night with your vibrator in her ass. It was still there at the moment, just sitting there. Belle truly was a pervert without hope of salvation.

You pull away from Merida’s fun bags and jump off the bed. You wave your hand and instantly you find yourself dressed. You didn’t feel like taking your time this morning. Who would have thought that living with 12 women would be so taxing. Merida watches curiously but seems unconcerned. Come on Merida, aren’t you the Queen’s bodyguard? If someone was screaming wouldn’t you want to investigate? Well, now she is promoted to milkmaid. You lick your lips to accentuate that fact. Merida is working hard too, in her own way.

You walk out the door and head towards the source of the scream. “What is with all the noise so early in the morning?”

“But boss… it’s almost noon” the blue-haired baka maid says as she twists around uncomfortably.

You forget the maid’s name and realize you probably should put nametags on them as well. She has bags under her eyes from you forcing her to clean all night. She also has parted lips and seems to be breathing irregularly.

“Oh, hi, um… Min… may…”

“Sylvia!” the maid called Sylvia looks like she was about to cry, her face flushed and red.

“Ah, that’s right. Well, what’s happening here?”

Sylvia winces and looks cautiously at a nearby door. “I’m not sure. We all worked all night for boss likes we said we’d do. We heard a lot of strange moaning sounds and uncomfortable auras all night.”

“That was…” You close your mouth before you admit that you had left the house lively all night. “nothing…”

Sylvia sighs. “Look, boss, we saws a fuc- err.. a ghost last night. You sure you got it? My sister was complaining about a cold spot so she went to light a fire. She fuck-errr she screams and so Daisy goes to check’ers out. Now she’s screaming. I’m too scared to check myself and-and… from my sisters, I’m feeling…”

“Hmm?” You cock your head at her flushed face and hard breathing.

She is still linked to her sisters, so it is likely her own condition was being influenced by something they are doing. You suppose you have to get to the bottom of this.

You listen at the door and hear some muffled sounds before giving Sylvia a wry look. Then you shove the door open without reserve. In the middle of the floor are both Daisy and the purple haired girl, was it Dino? Whatever. However, both girls were hardly in distress. Quite the opposite, both girls had the skirts of their maid outfits flipped up, their underwear pulled to the side, and they were fervently masturbating while making light moaning sounds. Their eyes contained pure lust. Did your magic last night target some unintended audiences?

No, that wasn’t right either, by the puddle under the purple haired girl she had already cum a few times quite spectacularly, yet she was still rubbing herself like her life depending on it. Her pussy was red and swollen like you had been abusing it all day. You and Sylvia take a step in, and instantly your dick goes rock hard. Something… wasn’t… right…

You turn to Sylvia, and she’s popped a tit out the top of her dress and was playing with a nipple while giving you a desperate look. Any thoughts fall out of your head as you shove Sylvia to the ground, pull out your dick and slide it in. Rather than afraid, Sylvia is just as quick to pull her underwear to the side and spread her cheeks as she begs for your dick.

It’d be fine just to have fun a little, right? Right?

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