The Power of Creation – Chapter 61

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“Is it… Cinderella?”

The ghosts eyes widen and her mouth drops open. “That’s it! H-h-how would you know?”

You scratch your cheek and smile. “Just a feeling, I guess.”

You had expected her to say something like “I do not know, but you must guess right or your soul is mine!” However, it seemed like your fears were unfounded as she was quick to remember and confirm it.

“Very well, then this condition can be fulfilled now, as we are already naked.”

Although, she initially fled from your advances, it seems like she’s incredibly pragmatic when it came down to it. Well, she should be merely the manifestation of other women’s desires. You could call her a simple Ego without the Id, or something like that.

“Wait, why are you on your hands and knees?”

The ghost immediately got on all fours, her long hair spread across her back and dropping around her hips like a curtain opening up to reveal a rotund behind and a waiting snatch. She turned back and looked at you with a questioning look.

“I was created using the energy produced by all of you last night. I’ve learned well how this is done. Is a second female required to do this correctly?”

You give a wry smile and shrug nonchalantly. That is… well, she doesn’t necessarily possess the memories of having been human. She is just a manifestation of people’s wants, but she’s powered by the energy of your sex. That baptism of spooge and sex last night ended up warping her understanding of normal sex. To the current Cinderella, doggie style was probably about as intimate as two people can be.

You get on your knees and line your dick up. Surprisingly, her snatch is wet and warm. You feared it’d be cold and slimy, so you are a bit relieved that it feels like any normal vagina.

“Before you slide it in,” Cinderella stopped you before you could stick it the rest of the way in, “Make sure you mean it.”

Her voice was very cold, so it was enough to give you a slight pause.

However, after a moment you gave her a smile and said. “Very well, I love you, Cinderella, and I want nothing more than to make you happy.”

She turns away without saying anything else, but there is a distinct blush on her cheeks that reveals the effect. You slide your dick in, and marvel at the scene. Cinderella is a ghost, after all, which means that she is a bit transparent. The result is that you can see your own cock inside her. Well, it isn’t like you could see her inside muscles or anything like that, but despite feeling a tight pussy around your dick as you slide in from behind, her bluish-white round ass wiggling against your hips, you can still see the dick deep inside her as well.

“That would be… pretty far in, right?”

Cinderella is a tight girl with very shapely hips, but your dick is still generously large. You always took it for granted that the girls you slide it in could take all of it. Now that you could actually see it, you realized that, at the very least, some organs were being pushed around to accommodate that size. It went deep into her womb, and if it pushed another few centimeters down it could come out of her bellybutton.

Even though your soul rested on the line, you couldn’t help but be curious over the sensations of a ghost. For example, she has no organs. Her body is, for all intent and purposes, composed of magic. With that being the case, there is nothing there to damage. Furthermore, her warped understanding of sex means that you can have a little fun and experiment.

Therefore, you start to thrust into her very slowly, one thrust at a time, watching as your dick slids into her impossibly far and enjoying the feeling of that wet pot. After a little bit, she looks back at you with a frown.

“You haven’t slapped my ass? Is this because you don’t truly l-l-love me?” Her red eye grew slightly fierce.

You swallow. “Uh, no, I love you long time. Uh, I mean… shut up bitch… and take… my cock?”

She nods after you say that as if that was the correct romantic thing to say. You start thinking that maybe you had been a little too rough with the girls last night, as that is likely her primary example of what a loving relationship looks like. Either way, you give her nice ass a slap watching it giggle around your cock.



“Since… I love you so much. I-I’m going to do something special. I’m gonna tear you apart, out of love.”

“Yes, this sounds correct. Tear my ass and pussy apart, darling.”

“Then, we’re in agreement…”

As you continue to slide it in and out, you start to adjust the size. That is to say that you increase your girth and length little by little. As a ghost, she has no real form, so it’s not like you can really hurt her. Instead, it gets slightly thick and slightly longer each time you fill her up.

At first, she was quite silent with the sex, only making little grunts each time. However, that grunting started to become larger and more enthusiastic that larger and longer you became.

“Ah, so fucking tight. I love you tight pussy.”

She moaned pleasurably even though the comment itself was a little silly. Well, you were so large now that if you stuck it in anything it’d be tight. Now, it was opening up and tearing away inside an ghostly vagina. It had already reached the size you had punished the maids and the slut Belle with, and was still growing.

“Ah, ah, ah! Darling! You’re filling me up.”

“Mm… yes, I’m going to make us one because I love you so much, I gonna fill you full of me.”

“Yes, this is what she wants! Th-this is what I want, take me! Take me! Make me full!”

You dick already filled up half of her abdomen. It would reach past her belly button and nearly to her breasts, and it was about the thickness of a baseball bat. A few more thrusts and it started getting stuck. Ah, you couldn’t move it anymore. Your dick, ripped into her, and although it felt warm and tight, had this been a normal person they would have already been impaled, there vagina ripped in two. However, the unknowing Cinderalla only adapted to accommodate letting out moaning sounds as you dick continued to grow.

You caused the dick to pulsate in exchange for your inability to thrust. Which each pulsation, it grew bigger and longer.

“Ah, Oh by the gods. I’m so full. I can feel your everything, we’re like one!”

She wasn’t far from wrong. Your dick made nearly reached her neck. It’d be coming out her throat soon. It’s thickness made up the thickness of almost 2/3rds of her body. She was more dick than ghost, yet still it grew, her abdomen bloated, her body deforming around your cock.

“I can’t, I can’t take it. I’m full. I’m full of your dick!”

You grab her leg and spin her around. Well, so much dick was in her now that she was closer to a pig on a spit, and thus you turned her around and she looked at you with wide eyes and a blatant Ahegaokin face.

“Cinderella, I love you.”

You blow your load. As mounds of semen jut out, you slowly shrink the cock back down to size like it’s a deflating balloon where the helium is your cum. The cum completely fills the ghost up, leaving hot seed all over her body. Like Ariel after she jumped and played in your semen last night, Cinderlla looked the same, but on the inside. The ghost was dirtied from head to tow, filled literally to brim with hot seed.

“So, did I pass?” You ask the cum-filled ghost.

She looks up at you with a dazed expression and gives two victory signs with each hand.

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