The Power of Creation – Chapter 65

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Of course, for all intent and purposes, there are many forms of Armageddon level magic you can use to level or scatter their armies. It’s not like you can’t make a “kill all goblins” spell and they’d all just collapse. However, this is an army of nearly 20,000 goblins standing before you, and wiping them out with a wave of your hand could potentially cause other issues.

Likely, even if Kida and you just found out about this, others such as nearby Kingdoms may already know more. It won’t be enough to save Riun, but if you simply wave the army away, this could seriously cause complications with your “settling down with your harem” plans. People would want to know who is powerful enough to destroy a 20,000 goblin army.

You could end up a target. They could do something like slip poison in your drink if they wanted to. Perhaps they would slip a spy into your harem. You’d be heartbroken if one of your harem ended up betraying her. The punishment would only cheer you up a little. The point is, an army on your doorstep is troublesome.

You can either kill them in secret, kill them in open, revealing your prowess, or go back to Riun and defend the town. You give a sigh.

“How long do the people of Riun have?” You ask out of curiosity.

“The goblins will decent on Riun in less than an hour. If we race back now we might be able to give the people a thirty minute head start to run.”

She pulls a sword from her belt. “Rookie, if you will, run back to the city and give them warning. I may delay them for only a moment, but at this point, every moment counts. Hurry!”

“Ah, well as to that.” You scratch the back of you neck.

You aren’t particularly down with the whole Kida giving her life thing. Whether she knew it or not, she is one of yours, and you aren’t going to give her up.

“Please, no arguing!” Kida tries to use a commanding voice of a vice guild master.

“Well, you see, the other day when you were knocked out, I made you mine.”

Kida turns back with a confused look on her face. “What?”

“Well, I defeated you in combat, so I claimed your body as my reward. Belle didn’t like that, so she offered her body instead. That’s how you ended up in that situation.”

“That is…” you waited to see Kida’s reaction, but after a second she shook her head. “I’m glad you were the one to take it. As I said, I favor the strongest, and you bested me. It is good I won’t have to die a virgin. My only regret is you didn’t tell me sooner, so we could have spent last night together as well…”

“That’s the thing.” You stop her from turning away. “I keep what I take. When I made you mine, I made you mine in entirety. So, I wouldn’t be okay with letting you die needlessly.”

“We have no choice!” Kida has tears in her eyes, but still turns her eyes away and moves to run down the hill.

You move quicker, appearing behind her and giving a single chop to the back of her neck. She collapses into your arms. She smells good and her large chest is pressed up against your arms.

“How troublesome. And here you are unconscious in my arms again.” You think about it a second and then a warped smile appears back on your face. “Well, we still got thirty minutes. That’s plenty of time.”

You drop her face down on the ground and pull her bikini leather armor down to her knees. There is always time for a quickie.

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