The Power of Creation – Chapter 69

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This is a world without any kind of video game mechanics. After your battle with Kida you found you were having some issue regulating your battle prowess, so you used magic to create a status menu, and adjusted them using numbers. However, you didn’t want to be too powerful and accidentally kill someone or something, so using Kida as a base, you set your status a bit superior to her, thinking she likely represented one of the more powerful adventurers in this world.

Well, even if you did come across someone more powerful, you could always just use magic to make the difference, either by adjusting your stats or casting devastating spells. At least, that was your reasoning. However, the Goblin Queen seemed to cast a spell that absolutely subverted your expectation. You can no longer cast any more spells.

Unfortunately, your so-called status menu, not being a natural part of this world, could only be summoned and altered by magic. Once altered, it was a permanent change, but the altering itself still took casting a spell. A few moments ago you could have cranked your status as high as you wanted. Now, you’re just stuck with what you entered this battle with.

Of course, you had thought about the possibility of losing magic, which is why you have immunities to most status misalignments, a status that rivals any S-class adventurer, and phoenix-like skills that make death impossible, but moments prior you just bet the Goblin Queen you’d win the dual. For all intent and purposes, you could still be knocked temporarily unconscious and loose.

Then just betray her afterwards and use the magic then? It’s not like you are honor-bound or anything, however, you have the distinct feeling that when you wake up upon loosing you’d be bound by a slave collar or something that would prevent you from casting any spell except the ones approved by the Goblin Queen. If you lost this match, it could be very possible that you would spend the rest of your life as a Goblin Queen’s dog.

Suffice it to say, your concern in this event is logical and sensical, and not at all the results of mistakes or bad writing from a certain author. What? Don’t like the forth wall break? Well it is your story, who are you going to blame, yourself? Hah!

The point being, you only have the status you set prior to entering this battle and the skills you had deemed to add. Even your armor and sword were always summoned with magic, and you never actually created a sword with a solid form. They were more akin to the bound weapons spell in skyrim, powerful, magical, and also temporary constructions of magic you can’t cast now.

It isn’t a completely desperate situation. You did add skills like swordsmanship and dodge. However, even having the skills doesn’t mean you’ve ever been in a battle where you had to put your life on the line. You immediately leap to the side as soon as the battle begins and swipe a sword from a nearby general. Unlike your opponent, your status still dominated her underlings.

He is busy being balls deep inside one of the sex dolls when you race over and rip the sword away, cutting off his head before he can react. Like a chicken, he keeps going a few seconds afterwards. That is to say, his headless body continues thrusting into a doll giving full anal for a few strokes before finally falling to the side. Yuck… the stuff of nightmares.

Speaking of being fucked in the ass, the Goblin Queen’s cruel smile widens as she waits for you to acquire a weapon. It almost feels like she’s taunting you.

“Let us see your resolve, mage!” The Queen shouts.

As she speaks, her body blurs and she stabs at you seven times with her sword. You are barely able to deflect. It is only a single strike, but it seemed to simultaneously attack seven spots at once. It is definitely a cheat skill. It is a testament to your own high status and skills that you are able to block it. Suffice it to say, you are at the complete mercy to your skills, having no actual personal experience in a real fight.

As you leap back to create some room between you and the Queen, she looks down on you with a considering look. “I’m impressed. You are more than just a couple of spells.”

“And you’re more than just a pretty face!” As you said that, you take the initiative to attack in the next round.

The Goblin Queen lets out a laugh as she deflects your attack, your swords sparking with each exchange, little shockwaves being generated between your two weapons.

“I’m aware of my beauty.” The Goblin Queen chuckles when you leap back to give yourself room once again. “My mother was so jealous of my beauty that she actually tried to kill me. She threw her own baby daughter into the snow, and left her to die!”

“Do you expect my sympathy?” you snarl, your sword striking again.

She is tough, and since one of your hands is cut you are attacking one handed. That hand is quickly growing numb after only a couple of exchanges. It is clear that her status isn’t too far from yours. If there is a gap at all, it isn’t steep enough that you can simply overpower an experienced warrior like her with pure brute force.

“Not at all! Warrior.” The Goblin Queen readies her stance. “I’ve merely found in you a worthy opponent. I thought some introduction is in order.”

“You can know my name as you deepthroat my cock!” You snap.

“When I was dug out of the snow, my skin was as white as the snow.” The Goblin Queen  continues while ignoring your provocation. “And I rose from that snow to become the Queen of all goblins.”

“Oh god, seriously, that’s your reasoning…”

“My name is Snow White, the Goblin Queen, and I will be your new master, warrior.”

“… shit.”

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