The Power of Creation – Chapter 74

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“Why… does… this… feel… so… good!” Snow White cries out.

After Ariel finishes up her blowjob, swallowing everything down like the good girl she is, the pair of you work on cleaning Elena and Snow White. Both girls are quite resistant, although in entirely different ways. It is a sort of gap between the two women that makes a lot of this so fun.

Elena is the shy type, so she desperately tries to cover her body, crouching into a protective ball to hide her parts from your hands as you rub them all over her body. She wears a blush the entire time. Snow White’s defense mechanism is more passive defiance. She’d give you a dark glare, and when you wand her to move a leg or the like, she will dig in here heels and refuse to move.

It is this way that you discover her ticklish spot is on her inner thigh. While she doesn’t smile, she does twist and move every time you touch them. She’d even kicks out with enough force that had you not left your status as quadruple her own you might have found yourself flying out of the tub. As is, you force the girls to bath like obstinate children, cleaning every crack and nook thoroughly. Both girls are shining by the time you and your partner in crime are finished. Although, the two of you seem to go a little too far by the end.

Ariel drags Elena out of the water. She spreads her legs and forces her open in front of you with Ariel’s heels wrapped around Elena’s legs. The much smaller Elena couldn’t fight back. Ariel has become very focused on cleaning Elena’s insides. That is to say, she is rapidly flicking her fingers over her clit. Elena is completely red, sexual feelings she is unused to shooting through her body.

“Ah, ah, ah… it feels weird. Stop Ariel, please stop!” She is crying out but Ariel already has it in her mind to finish the job.

Meanwhile, you bent Snow White over the pool. You are simply making sure she was absolutely clean. So, a couple of fingers slipped into her tight butthole, so what? And, well, naturally, your dick follows.

Elena is spread open in front of you being fingered and forced to expose herself to you, and Snow White’s green ass is warm and tight right in front of you. No one could expect you to restrain yourself, right? So, you start plowing Snow White in the ass, while enjoying the show of Elena being fingered.

“Does fucking your ass feel good?” You ask as you slap it.

“Yes… damn you… why? I love it. Take my ass! Take it.” Snow White shouts in a growl.

“Hmm… I wonder if I can get you to squirt by fucking your ass.” You wonder out loud.

“Eh, squirting? That’s something only guys can do, right?” Elena said through gritted teeth, clearly trying to use anything as a distraction.

“Ah, I suppose guys squirt cum…” You say casually like your hips aren’t thrusting into a girl’s behind with enough force to make a slapping sound after each thrust. “But if you get a girl built up enough, it won’t just leak out, but shoot out with force.”

“Ah, how embarrassing…” Elena turns her head.

“Oo!” Ariel suddenly lets out an exclamation as her eyes brightened. “Race you?”

“Eh?” You ask.

“I’ll make Elena squirt with my hands before you make Snow White squirt with anal!”



“You’re on!”

As the two girls at the source of the bet yell out a protest, you agree and start to pick up the pace. The pair of you violate your victims with extreme prejudice.

Of course, the victor would always be you. It’s not like you don’t have complete control of a woman from the beginning. You shove the Goblin Queen up so that she is spread eagle in front of Ariel and Elena her ass hanging over the pool edge where you still pound into her ass, splashing water with each thrust.

A moment later she lets out ecstatic screams, and liquid like a fountain bursts out of her, shooting across the wet floor, some of it shooting past Elena and Ariel’s toes and landing between their outstretched legs. Snow White looks down in complete shock as wave after wave clenches her stomach and causes liquid to shoot out like a rocket.

It was only a few seconds later when Elena erupts too, her juices shooting to the point where it almost hits Snow White. Yikes… that was close, Ariel is quite skilled at satisfying women. You need to stop making bets where the outcome has such a tight margin. Although, it is just Ariel and you didn’t set any price, so even if you lost it would have been fine. On that note, Ariel shows no disappointment in loosing as she laughs and throws her arms around Elena whose desperately trying to cover herself as she shakes from orgasms and leaks out in front of an audience, tears falling down her cheeks.

Ariel’s punishment is to be made to squirt as well. When she goes off, even though the other girls are on the floor gasping for breath quite a distance away, they end up getting covered in Ariel’s lust. All four of you have to get back in the bath to clean up the mess afterwards.

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