The Power of Creation – Chapter 79

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“Of course, she’s not really your mother.”

“You…” Sebastian growls.

After the group of you sat down, you decide to explain things a little more specifically.

“He speaks the truth, husband. I’m just a remnant.” Arianna says gently.

“I-I’m confused, father.” Tiana has a pained look on her face. “Is this filthy commoner toying with us?”

“For someone used to being harassed by aristocracy, you’d think you’d grow up with a little more respect for so-called commoners.” You mutter.

Tiana looks like she has a biting response, but Sebastian stops her with a raised hand. “Please explain the meaning of this. Tiana was young when we lost Arianna, you don’t simply look like her, your voice, your smile, the way you move…”

Arianna’s smile turns a little sad. “Your cruel brother held me here as spirit after murdering me. He wanted me to watch while he did the same to our daughter using your own body. The vile things he planned… they were stopped by none other than the gentleman in front of you.”

She gestures to you. Tiana sniffs and raises her nose, while Sebastian remains focused on the woman who was once his wife. She continues on with a sigh.

“My spirit, and the spirit of all those that perished left an imprint behind when we were finally allowed to pass on. This man once again rescued that imprint, grafting it onto a homunculus that continues to live on.”

“Not possible…” Sebastian mutters in disbelief, his mouth falling open. “I’ve met some of the greatest magicians that ever lived, and the things you described were but a pipe dream…”

“When you arrived, he used magic to probe into your history, and then he combined what you remembered with the remnants left behind to create me. But I’m simply a temporary creation. A ghost to help you find some closure.”

“I…” Sebastian starts to grow tears in his eyes as he shot you a look. “I don’t know if that is incredibly thoughtful… or incredibly cruel.”

“I would just like to let you know that I have found peace thanks to darling.”

“Darling?” Tiana frowned.

“Ah… well, that is to say, he makes me feel loved, and I want him to fill our daughter up the same way he filled me up!”

“Eh?” Tiana asked.

Sebastian stood up, his glare jumping between his wife and you. “What did you say? What is the meaning of this.”

Arianna looks flustered, and her body seems to me changing a bit, molding into a different form. Meanwhile, her voice is also changing. The once fluttery voice is becoming flatter and more emotionless. She looks at you with hopeless eyes.

“Darling, it seems like the remnants are failing faster than expected.” She then turned to the flustered nobles. “I won’t be with you any longer, just know that it’s your mother’s dying wish for you to accept darling’s love! All twelve inches! Over and over, every night.”

By the time she finishes, she already turns back into the sex object known as Cinderella.

“Thanks, Cinderella, that will be all.” You sigh.

Sebastian turns to you with a hateful glare. “What is the meaning of this! How can you be so cruel!”

You raise your hands. “Hey! Everything I said is true! So, I couldn’t bring Arianna back from the dead! I actually tried, you know!”

Of course, when you had tried the first night you were in the mansion, it was in order to make them into your undead gangbang bitches, but even bringing back the dead seemed to have limits. It wasn’t that you couldn’t compile the spell, it was that the spell required more mana than you had. Even being able to rise your numbers up, your body had limits. It’d be one of those things that may break the universe. There was a big difference between healing someone who was dead for a few minutes and someone who is just a skeleton whose spirit has already moved on.

“Just… what are you…” He shook his head in disbelief.

“He’s a hero with the Power of Creation magic.” Ariel blurts out before I could respond.

“Power of creation! That’s… that’s…”

“That’s how he rescued me and mom from my overprotective father. I am the princess Ariel, I swear it!” She declares. “Tell him, mom!”

Aurora gives her a smile and then touches her stomach which now shows a noticeable bump. “Yes, I was once with the King. But I left him because I believe hero-san can provide this world a better future. His behavior may be crass and lecherous, but if you are willing to drop your preconceived proprieties, you can find happiness under his care.”

“Hmph, Master… master is strong. This lowly dragon can acknowledge as much.” Mulan spoke up as the rest of the harem emerged from a nearby room.

“My love is as cruel as a demon lord, but that’s why he’s worth my love.” Grimhilde shrugged.

“Daddy works hard so all of us can be happy.” Merida nods.

“He has treated my sister and I-“

“Savior saved us!” Jasmine interrupts, and Elena provides a weak smile and a nod.

Belle pushes her glasses back up on her nose. “He’s a beast… but I can say being with him has been interesting.”

“Only Darling may ruin this body.” Cinderella nods.

Snow White only snorts and shakes her head, refusing to be a part of this discussion.

“Even if you all say these things.” Sebastian finally speaks up, shaking his head. “I couldn’t-“

“I’ll do it.”


“If mother’s last wish was that I give myself to some filthy commoner, then… if my body is acceptable, please protect my father!” Tiana went down in a bow while keeping her eyes shut tightly.


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