The Power of Creation – Chapter 80

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“Tiana, you don’t know what you’re saying.” Sebastian protests.

“No, father! You have sacrificed so much for mother and I. Your respect, your status, your money… for the last eighteen years you have done everything so that mother and I could have the noble life, despite having elf blood! You always wanted me to give myself away to some noble so that I could continue to live a rich and fulfilling life in high society!”


“And… and… Ariel and Aurora are legitimate nobles, but they don’t look at me like I’m a freak. And Grimhilde is even a demonlord!”


“They’re all kind to me and proper high society. I’ve never had friends before. All the other girls were so cruel, but if I stay here I can be their friends!”

“Even if you say that…”

“P-plus… Ariel told me about something called a blowjob and said if I do it to that filthy commoner he will let us stay here and won’t throw us away!”


You turn an eye to Aurora and Grimhilde, who shrug with a look as if this couldn’t be helped. You din’t particularly mind Ariel having another aristocratic girl her age. It is good to have friends, and there are only so many ways she can connect with a monster like Mulan, or a streetrat like Elena. However, even now she keeps calling you a filthy commoner.

“You know, if you really want to get in my good graces, it’d be nice to stop calling me a filthy commoner and looking your nose down on me.”

Tiana cocks her head to the side. “Ah, but you are a dirty commoner, right? I’m naturally your better. I was simply born that way? I might sell goods to a merchant, but a merchant is still a merchant even if I gain from that transaction? If anything, a lowly commoner should be thankful that the situation allows them to be in the presence of my greatness?”

This fucking bitch. You can almost cry at her extremely warped sense of logic. You shoot Sebastian a questioning glare and he straightens his spine and clears his throat, avoiding looking at you.

“Just how did you raise this woman, gramps?”

“Ah, well, I feared my daughters place. The nobles would push against her presence, so I needed to instill her with the pride of a noble so that no one could push her down.”

You shake your head. Pride of a noble, is it? It looks like this old man had created a girl who is unrealistically full of herself. And in the end, no matter how prideful she is, she was still harassed by the other nobles. Perhaps this is what allowed her to cope with the years of abuse, but it still didn’t mean you’d forgive her insolence.

You look over at Ariel who gives you an innocent nod and then sigh. “Alright, sure…”


“What did you say?”

You shrug again. “I said fine. You give me a blowjob and I’ll let you and your father stay. I don’t know, you know proper court etiquette right? How about being the butler and training my idiot maids so they act proper?”

“Outrageous! You so casually suggest you violate my daughter and demote me to a servant?”

“Father! We must! If you can bear with it I’m sure we can both find happiness in this new life!”

“But Tiana…”

“Enough father! You like training staff anyway. You told me yourself that you liked to run a strict household. You will be in charge of this beautiful mansion where you and your daughter can live peacefully…”

“That’s true, but…”

“Meanwhile, all I must due is provide this dirty commoner this blow job, and then our futures are secure!”

You clap your hands, causing the pair of them to turn back to you. “Then it’s settled, you better get to work right now!”

“Ah? Here? Ah… of course.” Tiana looks flustered but when Ariel gives her a thumbs up it seems to relax her and she nods.

“… you do know what a blow job is, right?”

Tiana suddenly stiffened. “What are you talking about? Of course, as a noble, I know all of these things. A blow job… it is… you see… where you… um…”

Her eyes shift to Ariel, who makes a fist and opens her mouth, rocking the fist in front of her mouth and simulating the actions.

Tiana nodded. “That’s right, it’s where… I use my mouth… and um… my hand… and…”

You sigh and reach into your pants, letting the monstrous snake flop out. Tiana’s eyes good wide as her eyes lock on it like she has just seen a viper jump from your pants.

“You take this in your mouth and you suck it hard and good.”

“Eh? EH?” *thump*

“Oh, she passed out.”

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