The Power of Creation – Chapter 97

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“Guards! Arrest him!” She shouts, but you’ve already waved your hand.

You teleport yourself, Grimhilde, and Maleficent into Maleficant’s bedroom, locking the doors in the process. Her room had a large imposing bed, but other than that, it has a shockingly large number of stuffed animals. Like stuffed animals everywhere.

“Ah! How did you do that? Why are we in my room?”

You swipe your arms across the bed, knocking off all the stuffed animals, then toss Maleficant onto the bed with ease.

“Ah, Spidey!” Maleficant shouts as you kick a stuffed animal of a spider away.

You go and grab the spider and drop it on her chest. “You can hold that while we go if it makes you feel better.”

She chucks the spider at your head. “You idiot! That’s not the point! What are you planning to do with a demonlord! I’ll kill you!”

“Hey, do I really need to be here for this?” Grimhilde asks wryly, intruding on your conversation.

“You don’t want to join?”

Grimhilde lets out a laugh. “I’m not Ariel, my love, incest is a little…”

“Ah, well, once I have all your sisters, I was just planning a big orgy.”

“My love has such ambitious plans.” Grimhilde responds dryly, “It looks like it’ll be an inevitability. But at least, for the moment, I’ll just watch.”

Like that, you quickly convince Grimhilde to watch as you bang her sister by making the alternative even worse.

“Oh, ho, so I see little Grimhilde has lost her virginity to this deviant.” Maleficant gives Grimhilde a mocking grin.

“Aren’t you just a virgin too?” You respond.

“I’m not!” She shouts, banging down her fists. “I’m not, I’m not, I’m not. I said it three times, I’m not. I’ve had sex lots and lots!”

“Ah, could it be that they didn’t fit?”

“Guh!” Maleficant makes a noise as if she had been struck in the chest.

“So, it was something like that after all.”

“What do you mean?” Grimhilde asks curiously.

“Well, Maleficant has such a small body. So, she gets a guy and he can’t get it in. She’ll go something like “it hurts, it hurts”, and he’ll be afraid of hurting the demonlord so he tries half-assed and in the end no penetration happens. He might rub it on the outside until he cum on her stomach and then say they had sex. But she never orgasmed herself because her overbearing personality frightens the guys so no one earnestly fucks her.”

You were making a lot of assumptions, but by the looks Maleficant was giving as you spoke, it seems like it was pretty close on the mark.

“It counts, it still counts, he came, it counts!” Maleficant whines as she rolls on the bed in a tantrum.

“Will you relax already, don’t worry, I’ll definitely penetrate you today!” You give her a thumbs up.

“I already said I was done! Why aren’t you listening to me! I’m done! I’m done! Stop coming closer, get that thing away from me!”

“It’s best if big sister just accepted it.”

“I don’t want to hear that from you!”

You back Maleficant against the headboard of the bed. She’s panicking, but you don’t really give her much room. You can’t really tell if she’s strong or weak, but after shamelessly raising your status after encountering Snow White, you are handling her much like the child she appears to be. You have her legs spread no matter how much she kicks, and your member pressed against her pussy. You push forward.

“AH.. ow, ow, ow it hurts, it hurts, I say! Monster! Pervert! Loli-pervert!”

“Huh, it won’t go in.” You frown.

“Of course it won’t, I said it, didn’t I. Why don’t you listen? You loli-pervert! Loli-pervert!”

“Why is loli-pervert the name you decided on…” You mutter. “How old are you anyway?”

“I’m twelve!” your dick slips causing her to scream as it slides up her clit. “Owie! Stop!”

“Grimhilde…” you turn to the other woman in the room. “You told me she was your older sister…”

Grimhilde raises up her hands. “She is! Stop lying!”

“I’m not lying! I’m 12. I’m 12! I said it twice. Loli-pervert is committing a crime!


“She’s lying! First off, there is no age limit in the demon world! Secondly, you’re currently in the process of raping her, exactly why are you worried about committing another crime? Finally, she’s much older than me! She’s been ruling this nation since before I was born!”

“I’m not, I’m not! Please don’t break me, Mister Loli-pervert!”

“Didn’t I tell you Maleficent is difficult? She’s greedy but thinks nothing of lying to get what she wants!”

“Grimhilde… you better be right.”

“I am! I swear it!”

You give out a sigh. “Fine… it is time. Time to bring out my Loli breaking kit!”

You wave your hand and a bag appears at the foot of the bed.

“Pun, are you watching this? Be prepared to take on all legal responsibility, as I won’t be held back by what I’m about to do!”

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