The Xperiment – Chapter 4

Disclaimer: The following blog is a fictional story created based on pic collections available free across the web. The events as depicted in the narrative are 100% made up, and meant to provide tantalizing context to the pictures provided. A picture may say a thousand words, but without a narrative, they don’t give you a story to tell. This blog is an attempt to create that narrative. 

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“If you really want to fuck someone hot, look for a stripper.”

This was the advice I heard while Ubering one night. Naturally, I can’t afford to dunk hundreds of dollars a week banging women, so you had to know I was getting the money somehow. No, I haven’t been dumping into my Patreon account. No offense, you guys don’t pay me enough to be able to drop $200 bucks a week on pussy. So, I started ubering. Naturally, I have a dream of banging a girl I drive home, but that’s a story for another blog. Believe me, when I bang a chick I uber home, I’ll let you guys know about it.

So, after this guy I was telling a little bit about my Xperiment suggested strippers, I started really interested in the idea. Yeah, some of the girls I’ve tasted have been hot, but more girl next door hot. In order to strip in most strip clubs, you had to be a certain caliber of woman, and I wanted to stick my dick in just that kind of woman. However, how was I going to do this? The simplest method is to hire a woman to strip for me “personally”.

I remembered back to when I was a senior in high school. There was a girl, absolutely smoking hot, who ended up sitting across from me in anatomy and physiology. We ended up talking a lot, where I learned that she was actually a call girl. Yeah, she was 18, but she was a legitimate call girl. Rather than playing it cool, I acted like the typical high school boy and drewled while asking her a bunch of uncomfortable questions.

I guess she worked for a company and she stripped for hired events. She’s the girl that jumps out the birthday cake or knocks on the door and tries to arrest all the dirty men before playing a radio and ripping off her clothing. She had a bouncer who worked with her, which, when it comes to me trying to get laid, is a little disheartening. As far as more stuff, the call girl companies kind of pushed it under the rug. Officially, they didn’t condone their call girls having sex with customers, but there was a supposed hidden menu like some Starbucks of McDonalds where if you really wanted sex, they’d send a stripper who was predisposed to that kind of thing. After that, it was up to you to negotiate with her the extra mula that needed to be exchanged for you to fuck her.

Long story short, calling a call girl is something I’ve already done, and even calling a stripper call girl just felt very expensive and not quite in the spirit of what I wanted to accomplish this week. Thus, I decided I wanted to bang a legitimate stripper from an actual strip club. This led me to googling all the information I could on it. Information drifted from “it’s easy and here’s how” to “it’s rare and you might as well spend your time trying some other technique.

One of the things I did take away from it is that I needed to go to a seedier strip club if I wanted to bang a stripper. I looked through the local strip clubs, and ended up driving about an hour away to the bigger city and went to a small downtown strip club. It was a small and relatively quiet place from what I expected. I had to pay $20 just to get in, but they gave me a ticket stub for a free drink while I was there, so it didn’t feel as painful.

For about three hours, I mostly just chilled in the club. I was very sparing with my singles. At first, I was offered a couple of lap dances, but when the girls realized the most they got out of my was two singles, they started hitting other prey. Meanwhile, I listened around for an opportunity. It was about 1 am when I was thinking of giving up. I worked the next day. I was starting to fear this would be another one of those situations like the bar where I’d have to keep go and hoping.

That’s when I overheard two of the girls chatting. I guess, one of the girls had just come in for the night. She had a flat tire or something, and was almost in tears because the boss of the club said he was going to dock her pay for being late. She was actually really cute, a blond girl with big boobs. I was immediately intrigued. As soon as she walked by after splitting up with the other girl, I signalled her over.

“Hey, I’m leaving the club really soon but I still have a lot of money left, if you show me a good time for the next thirty minutes, it’s all yours.”

Of course, as I said that, I flashed a stack of ten fifties I had. That was, by the way, all of my money minus the -$20 to get in and the $10 in tips I’d give just so they didn’t kick me out. Her eyes grew so excited and then she looked both directions all secrative.

“Go over to that corner, it’s private.” She whispered before walking off.

I did as she said, and a few moments later, she approached me, this time I had my camera out. She quickly grew flustered by my camera. I guess the strip club owner would kick me out instantly if he saw I was taking pictures. Well, I turned off flash, and I have to say that strip clubs are really shitty places to take pictures. The lighting sucked, but here’s what I got.

Strippers are hot: noted. 

I reminded her that we were going to fuck. She responded “You’re just getting a lap dance.” Before looking around all paranoid again. Only after looking around like three times and being convinced noone was nearby did she finally start dancing. She actually did perform a lapdance, which was actually pretty nice. Her ass rubbing on my dick made me hard in an instant. It’s amazing to me that this is considered fairgame while with just the addition of penetration we end up with all these rules and regulations

Pictured: Diet Sex

Anyway, she only grinds me for about two minutes, and I’m ready to blow my nut in my underwear. So… to keep that from happening, I decide to take things to the next level.

“Turn around.” I ordered her.

She spun around, heer two boobs now in my face as she continued to ground on my cock. There was nothing intimate there. She didn’t even look at me. Instead, she was completely focused on gyrating her hips against my hard erect, which, to be fair, she did incredibly well.

However, I didn’t come for a thirty minute lapdance, I came to cum. So I reached into my pants and pulled it out. My dick sprung to attention, and soon one later was removed from the ewuation. My dick was rubbing against her panties. I was a little sad to realize they weren’t wet from lust. Well, I can’t have everything, and this girl was a perfessional. It probably took a lot more than that to make her wet. So, I decided to help her along.

Still not technically sex. 

I was rubbing my cock against her underwear, and ever so slowly I pushed it aside until I was rubbing it on her clit. She must have liked it at least a little because she didn’t exactly stop. She kept on grinding against my cock, and I kept rubbing it until I started feeling her get a little wet. I couldn’t here her in the club with all the noise, but I thought I hear her moaning a bit. This rubdown went on for a bit, but she was in a position where anyone nearby would just thing she was giving me a foreward lapdance. Figuring we must be safe, I popped it in.


Ah, as soon as I pushed a little, it popped right in, and her pussy felt sweet. However, as soon as I started moving my hips to hump her, she got nervous.

“You can’t…” She breathed, looking around again to make sure her boss wasn’t looking at her.

She reached out a grabbed some curtains, closing things up.

“We’ll have to be quick.” She breathed, falling down to her knees.

This feels like a downgrade…

To my surprise, she started sucking my cock with som vigor. It’s always strange to me some women won’t kiss you, but will suck your cock. Like, betweem the two, one of these in more intimate than the other. While she did that, she hadn’t fixed her underwear, so I reach back and managed to play with her twat. At this point, I think she was genunely starting to get turned on. It seemed like it was more than the money that drove her. She was moaning and had to stop sucking to breath hard a few times.

At this point, I knew I was going to fuck her. So, with the curtains drawn, I stood up. She didn’t complain at all, immediately lying back and getting into position. I immediately stuck it in and started fucking her.

Houston, we have a landing.

She was real quiet about it because she probably knew she’d get in some trouble if she got caught. Well, I had never been to this stripclub before and I never planned to go to it again, so I decided to just enjoy my time. Her pussy was actually pretty nice. It was kind of hot and loud, and I was sweating so bad that she must have thought I lacked any sexual endurance at all.

I finally spun her over and started taking her from the back door. It was mostly because I didn’t want her to see me dripping with sweat. Why the fruck do they keep strip clubs so hot? It’s the naked women… it’s the naked women, isn’t it.

She did not like posing. 

So, I got her into doggie and started going faster and faster. Her pussy was so tight and damn did she feel the best. She was totally cool under pressure. Not a peep out of her. In fact, that was probably the worst part. She kept her mouth shut, didn’t even pant. Like the prostitute, it was all about the money for her.

No, seriously, she held the money the entire time. 

I considered just blowing it inside her, but I was worried. To be honest, all of her egging on made me real nervous and I ended up cumming quickly on her butt. I honored the pull out method satisfactorily! She stood up, wiped off her ass, and pulled her underwear back in order real quick. I was really glad it did end then, because not two minutes later her manager came in and peaked. Of course, she was already leaving, the money squared away where ever they leave that sort of money.

To be honest, it wasn’t a good cum. I guess the stress got to me and it was one of those situations where I would have liked to keep going, but time made it impossible to give it another go. Well, I banged a hot woman, and isn’t that what is important? It may not have changed my life, but it was fun. Onwards we go!

Technique: Pay a Stripper for Sex

Ease: 6/10

Cost: $200

Cleanliness:  7/10

XXX Success: Barely Finished

Female Beauty: 9/10

Quality of Sex: 6/10

Extras (Anal, BJ, etc…): Yes, BJ

Overall Thoughts: Strippers are hot, but expensive. I was still a little surprised it worked so easily. I really thought the whole thing was going to be a bust. I mean, strippers probably grow desensitized to men objectifying and throwing money at them. I guess I have to give this one up to being in the right place at the right time. Soon though, I got to move away from these bottom feeders and start nailing the women that truly make the Xperiment worth it.

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