The Xperiment – Chapter 6

Disclaimer: The following blog is a fictional story created based on pic collections available free across the web. The events as depicted in the narrative are 100% made up, and meant to provide tantalizing context to the pictures provided. A picture may say a thousand words, but without a narrative, they don’t give you a story to tell. This blog is an attempt to create that narrative. 

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Alright, so what normally happens in a stable marriage? You leave your wife at home. She spends the whole day chilling at home watching the kids. You finally get home only to have to put the kids to sleep. After all, that, if you’re in the mood, the pair of you quietly have sex in your bedroom. If that’s the case, then what’s so taboo about banging your babysitter? Your wife/baby momma will do the same job and no one thinks twice about wrecking their wife even when the kids are asleep in the next room.

Is it the money? Eh… it’s probably the money. Well, for my next Xperiment, I wanted to try something a little nontraditional. I had hired strippers, prostitutes, and even managed to get a masseuse to have sex with me. I had managed to bang five chicks around the span of a month. So, naturally, I wanted to see where else I could find my next pussy. Looking online for porn, I ended up in this babysitting website. Not a babysitting porn website, just the standard kind of babysitting. I thought that was a little weird, but I also had watched my fair share of babysitter porn, and thus I was genuinely curious about whether this was a fantasy I could ever fulfill.

Thus, I started searching for a local babysitter. I was looking for a girl who was young, but not too young. I wanted to get right into that impressionable demographic without slipping into the jailbait territory. Naturally, I wanted her to be a decent babysitter, but more I was interested in her side curricular. I sent emails to many different babysitters, and after they responded, I checked out their profiles. I had come to realize the kind of girls I was looking for. The kind that looked easy!

Eventually, I found a chick that looked promising. First off, she sent me a picture right off the bat. You wouldn’t think babysitting would be the kind of job where appearance mattered, but she must have sent me this because she thought she looked professional in it.

Look, she can read!

This was kind of funny because a quick look at her profile and I could see pictures of her knock out drunk. She was quite the party goer and seemed to have a boyfriend every week. I immediately realized she was one of those babysitters that only got hired by parents who didn’t know how technology worked. Anyone else would have seen their ass in the air with markers drawings from their friends all over there legs and thought it smarter not to post that image. So, she probably only worked for ignorant parents… and me.

So, I emailed and scheduled her to watch my kid. I actually was feeling pretty cheap, so I scheduled her for only one hour, late at night at like 8 pm. I mean, my kid would already be asleep at that point. I just told her I had a workout class I had to go to and wasn’t comfortable with the kids being alone. In reality, I just wanted to come back at 9 and bang her. So, I set the conditions.

Mind you, most babysitters have a minimum number of hours. They won’t work unless you put them on the clock for a certain amount of time. I’ve had jobs before where one hour was all you needed. Those jobs really suck, because you drive out there and then have to leave. It ends up disrupting more like 3 hours of your day because you have to get ready for work, drive there, drive home, strip, it’s a pain. However, she didn’t seem to have a problem with only coming for one hour. Apparently, that’s because she had a method to her madness.

When she arrived, she had her coat on, and I didn’t really notice anything. I have her the spiel, the tour, and then the TV remote, and I left. I went to the corner and got a slushie at the speedway, and then when I was done, I returned. I was a little impatient, so I returned quickly. When I walked in, I found the girl sitting on my couch and I just couldn’t help but grow aroused.

Yup, that’s no panties.

She clearly has her pussy almost hanging out. She totally didn’t realize it and had no clue why I snapped a picture. Ah… the young and the stupid. That’s how she managed to avoid needing to get dressed, by the way. She just didn’t. Come in your oversized shorts and no panties, and it’s reel quick to relax once you get home.

So, at that point, I’m thinking this girl is totally down to fuck, because, you know, no panties. I smirk and tell her that I can see her pussy. She blinks at me a few times and then covers up. No blush. No embarrassment or scream. Just an… oh, shift. I was a bit underwhelmed, so I told her to take off more, that I’d love to see her naked.

This is the first point when I realized the night wasn’t going that great. She put on a look like “WTF did you just say?” At that point, I had two options. I could back off and try to laugh it off as an awkward joke only to never talk to her again, or I could double down. Since the Xperiment only works with success, I decided to double down.

“Take off your clothes and suck my dick, and I’ll double your money,” I said, slapping down $200 (the original was $100 for kids). She looked at the money, which I hadn’t taken my hand off of yet. Only looking back did I see it might have been taken as coercion. That I was threatening not to pay her at all unless she stripped. So, to my excitement, she pulled off her clothing for me. I told her to smile for me. It almost looks genuine!

Her mouth says yes, but her eyes say fuck you.

So, I pull off my pants and sit on the couch, and she lies down and starts sucking it. To be fair, she was a pretty good cocksucker. Her mouth felt incredible. She was pretty quiet though. Some girls moan and gasp as they suck it. I like the ambiance. Got none of that from this blowjob. Either way, I had been looking forward to banging this babysitter, so I told her to spread her legs.

What can I say, she sucks.

“Uh, you said just a blowjob.”

I wanted to roll my eyes. Why else did she think she was naked? I mean, yeah, I didn’t say we had sex… but a girl who gets naked and sucks someone’s cock and isn’t at least expecting it to go in that direction was weird. I still had the hopes that I could lightly push her in that direction. Look, I’m not some perve, okay, I just wanted to get her to see the personal value of fucking me. For that, I needed to get her hornier.

“I just want to see it,” I said.

This was a reality porn trick I’ve seen before. If the girls not into it, just get her to say yes to something minor. After saying enough yeses, she’s less likely to suddenly say no. So, I made her sit back, I made her spread her legs. I got down real close. I made her spread her pussy. I asked her to play with it. Everything was going good. I had my hard dick in my hand and she was spreading her pussy for me. What more could I want?

Penetration. I could want penetration.

So, I’m thinking this is a slam in the ballpark. The balls being my balls and the park being her pussy and the slamming being my balls against her pussy. I go to put it in, and she immediately freaks on me.

“Woah, Woah, Woah… what the hell?” She backs up and closes her legs like Fort Knox.

However, I don’t want to give up. I’m five for five, bitches, I was not going to get nothing. I told her to calm down and we’d just go back to head. That was apparently the wrong thing to say. She stood up angrily instead instead. I managed to click one last image.

The moment I realized I dun fucked up.

Immediately after taking the picture, she shoves her hand in my face and waves it really obnoxiously. Well, not my face, but my camera.

“Take any pic you like! Take any pic you like!” She snapped, then spun away. “Asshole.”

That was the moment I realized that I would not be getting sex. To be honest, I was too stunned to do anything else. She got dressed in a rush, grabbed the $200 off the stand, and then walked out the door. I didn’t try to email her again, and she didn’t try to contact me. So… um… at least I didn’t get sued? Haha… I think that’s about the best I can say out of this. I was so close to pussy highway, and then it snapped shut like the gates of heaven.


Technique: Babysitter

Ease: 6/10

Cost: $200

Cleanliness:  8/10

XXX Success: No

Female Beauty: 6/10

Quality of Sex: 0/10

Extras (Anal, BJ, etc…): BJ, no sex ☹

Overall Thoughts: The babysitter method did not work. Maybe I grew too cocky, no pun intended. My desire to bang an attractive babysitter fell apart completely. I felt so defeated by this. You can understand why it took me so long to send this follow up. I’m not even sure what I want to do for my next experiment. Do I try a second babysitter? Do I test out a new method? I just don’t know. Whoever said my Xperiment wouldn’t have drama?

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